Part 20

The bunker had all the comforts of home. Despite being underground it was warm, dry and comfortable, and most importantly it was somewhere safe for Joshua to recover. When Justin had woke up the day after he had carried Joshua to safety, he was dismayed to find his young lover soaked with fever. Frantically he had ripped the shelter apart looking for any antibiotics that may have been left behind by the shelters last occupants.

He dissolved the pill in a cup of milk and encouraged Joshua to sip it until it was all gone. He then smothered the broken and bruised skin on Joshua’s feet with a salve he found in the medical box, bandaging them to keep germs at bay. Three days past before Joshua’s fever finally broke, but he had been left weak so Justin forbid him to get out of bed.

Justin had been very attentive, going as far as even carrying Joshua to use the bathroom; placing him on the seat and then lifting him back off. Joshua finally called a halt to his husbands hovering and trying to help when Justin grabbed a handful of paper intent on ‘helping’ his husband clean himself up. Firmly and sweetly Joshua informed Justin that there were just some things that even a breeder needed to do on his own.

After that Justin allowed his young husband some privacy.

That had been nearly four days ago and now with his strength returned Joshua was positively bouncing off the walls with boredom. Justin had been missing from his side for hours so determined to be useful for a change Joshua swung his long legs out of bed. He tested his weight, catching his lip between his teeth in anticipation of the sting he expected to feel. Pleasantly, he was surprised to find that he could stand quite pain free. His heels and feet were still quite skinless but nowhere as bad as they had been.

Joshua walked barefooted into the main living room. “Justin?” he called. The room was in darkness and he felt along the walls looking for a light switch. “Justin,” he called again. There was no reply only a deafening silence. The teen felt a prick of panic but forced it back as he carried on feeling his way around the walls. His fingers found the switch and he flicked it down, sighing with relief as the room was illuminated.

Justin had been busy. All the photos that had been piled on the floor when they had first arrived were now hanging neatly on the walls. Joshua looked up the dark stairwell that led to the world above. “Justin?” he called softly. When he got no answer for a third time he picked a book off of a shelf, made his way over to the couch, curled up and began reading.

Time passed slowly and Joshua kept looking up at the small digital clock that his husband had fixed to the wall. He sighed deeply and tried once more to get into the book he had chosen. The characters were much too shallow and the so called hero was nothing but a bullying bigot that dominated his hapless lover with a rod of iron and although he claimed to love his husband couldn’t possibly have done so in Joshua’s eyes. He snapped the book shut and tossed it on the small wooden table. He got up and went into the kitchen, rummaging around in the tall refrigerator looking for something to eat.

“Baby what are you doing out of bed?”

Joshua spun around, “Justin I woke up and you weren’t here.”

“I’m sorry baby. I didn’t want to wake you. But I had to go and get these.” Justin pulled a large bowl from behind his back.

Tentatively Joshua took a step towards his husband and peered into the dish. He licked his lips and looked up meeting Justin's eyes. A smile formed on his lips.

“Am I allowed?” he asked naively.

Justin grinned lazily and held the bowl out, nodding. “Just one mind you. I have plans for these suckers.” Joshua reached into the bowl and took out a strawberry. He bit into it, his eyes closed. His smile grew as he chewed on the sweet fruit.

“Good?” Justin asked.

“Oh yes. I always knew that they would taste good.”

Justin put the bowl of fruit on the work surface. “Baby are you telling me that you have never eaten strawberries before?”

“As a breeder I had a responsibility to only eat food that was approved by the government. My father was very strict with me. No candy. No wild fruits, only the oranges that were grown without pesticides and artificial preservatives.”

“And of course full of folic acid,” Justin said sarcastically.

Joshua nodded. “Very good for breeders. That and lots of things like cabbage, broccoli, nuts and seeds. “

“But no tasty treats.” Joshua shrugged. “I guess what you have never had you don’t miss.”

“Well tonight my darling you will experience decadence in its worse form. Now that you are over your illness I intend to enforce my conjugal rights.”

Joshua’s eyes widened and he sidled up to the military man seductively. He reached out and fingered Justin's collar, his eyes lowered. Justin stiffened and licked his lips hungrily as Joshua looked up at him through thick black lashes. “And what exactly are your conjugal rights?”

Justin laughed and grabbed his husband around his waist, crushing him to him. “You Jezebel. You know what I want from you, and I’m going to take it. “

“What if I said no?”

Justin laughed. “You wouldn’t.”

“What if I did? Would you rape me, force me to have sex with you?” Joshua brought his lips close to the older mans. His breath sweet and smelling of strawberry, wafted over Justin's mouth.

“Never darling. I would never use force against you. If you were to deny me I would beg, plead, crawl to you on my bended knee if need be. But never, never would I hurt you. I’m not a southerner taking the innocence of a breeder incarcerated on a breeding farm. I’m a unionist making love to the man I love and cherish, that man just happens to be fertile as well as beautiful.”

“I wouldn’t say no,” Joshua said shyly. “Not to you.”

Justin covered his husband’s mouth with his own, sucking gently on the soft strawberry stained lips and playing his tongue over them until Joshua let them part and invited him in. They stood for ages, just making out in the brightly lit kitchen, too lost in the moment and each other to care about the passing of time. Eventually Justin broke the lip locked embrace and tilted Joshua’s face up so he could look into his eyes once more. He traced his thumb over the angry looking red whisker burn on the younger mans chin and over the kiss swollen and bruised lips.

Joshua gazed up lovingly, his face a picture of complete trust and devotion. Slowly the teen closed his eyes once more and lifted his lips for his husband to possess. With a aroused groan Justin crushed his mouth down over Joshua's and swept the boy up into his arms, carrying him back to the bedroom still joined at the lips. He lowered his teenage husband to the plump mattress and slid over the bed next to him.

He propped himself up so he could study his lover. Joshua's faced was flushed and his lips infused with blood, giving them a rose red glow. His steely eyes sparkled with arousal and his chest rose and fell with building excitement. Justin stroked down the side of his face, trailing his finger tips over Joshua's neck. He played along his bony collar bone then slipped his hand down over his chest. Joshua let out a slow sigh and arched up into the caress, his eyes now open again and glowing.

“Teach me,” he breathed. “Teach me everything you know. Teach me how to please you.”

Justin gave a whimpered gasp as Joshua took hold of his hand and guided it down to his erect cock, closing it tightly around him.

“Jezebel,” Justin breathed again as Joshua used his own hand to move his husband’s hand over his cock, helping his husband to jerk him slowly. The brunettes head rolled back as the pleasure took him and he let his hand fall to his side. Justin smiled gently and continued to masturbate his husband. Joshua's mouth parted and his pink tongue flicked over his lips. Justin couldn’t take his eyes off it. Not giving himself time to think he straddled Joshua's face and pressed his cock against his luscious lips. Joshua stiffened in surprise and gave an inaudible gasp. As he did Justin pushed his cock all the way into his mouth then leaned down and swallowed Joshua's cock. His ears were filled with piteous mews and whimpers as his inexperienced husband tried hard to please him, following Justin's lead on what to do. The older man groaned as his clever little minx of a husband began to grow in confidence, pushing his tongue into Justin's slit and sucking at the juices that had began to flow. Then he found he was no longer inside the searing heat of Joshua's mouth and his balls were being swathed by a long wet tongue, lapping hungrily at his sack, tasting every inch, every millimetre. The boy was a quick study that was for sure. Justin hooked Joshua's legs with his arms rolling him up so his tight little buns were staring him in the face. Not missing a beat he buried his face between the peachy cheeks and began to lap at Joshua's opening. The teen squeaked and began to tremble making Justin smile wickedly against his hole. He thrust out his tongue penetrating Joshua completely, rolling his tongue in and out, lathering his ass hole until the teen screamed in ecstasy and came hard, shuddering and whimpering for mercy.