Part 47

Justin bounded into the living room of the house that they had been staying at during the kidnapping crisis. “Joshua,” he called.

It had been over a month since they had tracked down the kidnappers that had abducted Ben and Caleb and he was anxious to see his husband again. He dashed through the downstairs of the house looking for Joshua.

”Joshua,” he called again, “Trystum, Lonnie?”

A door opened upstairs and then the sound of someone descending the stairs.


Trystum stopped at the bottom of the stairs, his eyes reddened from his constant crying.

”Trystum?” Justin asked his mouth going dry. He looked around the room and then ran up the stairs calling for his husband.

”He’s not there,” Trystum sobbed. “He’s gone, missing. Lonnie has gone too.”

Justin ran back down the stairs and grabbed his father-in-law by his arms and shook him. “Where is he?” he demanded. The rage in his voice just made Trystum cry even more.

”I don’t, don’t know,” the old breeder stuttered.

”Well how long has he been missing? Can you tell me that, minute’s hours?”

”Nearly four weeks.” Trystum sagged in Justin's arms. “I tried to find you, to tell you but no one knew where you were. I told them that Joshua was missing and they just said they would inform you. I tried Justin, I really tried.”

The soldier sank down into a chair and covered his mouth with his hand, shaking his head in disbelief. Joshua, his beautiful Joshua was gone, disappeared while he was out playing hero for someone else’s husband.


The soldier looked up seeing through tear filled eyes that Lance and Joey had arrived home then covered his face once more. This time he was lost. He didn’t know what to do anymore.

”Justin,” Lance said firmly. “Listen to me. The kidnapping ring had to be smashed.”

Justin wiped the snot that was running from his nose on the back of his sleeve and looked at Bass. “What?”

”We couldn’t tell you. We couldn’t even tell Joshua.”

Fury raged through Justin's veins. “Tell me what” he demanded to know.

“That we have a man on the inside. We know where Joshua is Justin and we are going to get him back.”


Joshua shifted uneasily as he tried to get comfortable which was difficult as he had no mattress or bedding at all. He couldn’t even lay straight as the pen wasn’t big enough to even lie down in. He could hear small moans in the darkness and then a sudden yelp as the breeder was punished for breaking silence. He felt the cold seeping into his bones and tried to remember how it felt to be warm. How long had it been? The days and nights had all bleared into one. There was no day, there was no night. Just endless dusky dim light and the smell of urine and other waste. His pen was opened and he felt a sharp tug to his ankle and he was dragged out into the room. He stayed on the floor, not attempting to get up and being careful not to look up.

“Knees,” was the sharp command and Joshua scrambled to his knees before he was punished for tardiness. His hands were tied behind his back and a choke chain was slipped over his head. His jailor gave his leash a hard tug and Joshua's air supply was temporarily cut off. As he writhed on the ground trying to catch his breath his keeper growled at him.

“You have a visitor. Be nice or you will pay.”

Joshua half crawled and was half dragged to a side room and thrust inside.

He cowered on the floor too afraid to look up at the man he knew was there to use him. Gentle hands lifted him up and carried him to the bed and covered him over.

“Get some sleep,” Lonnie said kindly. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

Joshua didn’t know what to think he was sure that he was going to be raped and all that had happened was he was being put to bed.

Lonnie kissed his forehead. “Don’t be afraid darling. Keep faith and everything will be okay.”

Joshua's former bodyguard took off his clothes and got into bed with him and the breeder stiffened and began to cry. “Don’t cry my pet. I won’t touch you but it has to look like I have if someone comes in.” The gentle giant pulled Joshua into his embrace and held the shaking boy. “Go to sleep now.”

Joshua snuggled into the pillow grateful just to be warm. He was still torn between his real affection for his former bodyguard and the fact that he had betrayed him. Lonnie put his arm around him and pulled him close and Joshua froze again.

“I’m not going to impregnate you, I promise.”

Joshua forced himself to relax once more and closed his eyes. He was so tired; all he wanted was to be warm and to sleep. Soon the gentle embrace and feeling of safeness in the arms of his former bodyguard and the comfort of the bed lulled him to sleep.

He woke much later when he was roughly turned over onto his belly and Lonnie got on top of him. He began to panic as he felt Lonnie’s massive cock slip between his cheeks. The bodyguard lifted himself up on his elbows and glared at the door that had opened.

“What do you want?” he snapped angrily at the intruder. “I want to have privacy while I use him.”

The interloper backed back out of the room. “I’m sorry,” he stuttered. “I was told to see if you wanted a break and to put the breeder away till you wanted him again.”

Lonnie grunted his annoyance at being disturbed. “When I have enough I’ll return him to his pen myself. Now get out and stay out.”

The keeper hurried away and closed the door behind him.

As soon as he was sure he had gone Lonnie rolled off his former charge and checked him over. “Did I hurt you?” he demanded to know. “I didn’t penetrate you did I?”

Confused Joshua shook his head.

“Good, I had to make it look real. If they think that I’m not impregnating you they will give you to someone else that will do the job.”

Joshua sat up and Lonnie gathered the bed sheet around him. “ I don’t understand Lonnie. Why did you betray me? If you aren’t going to use me then why do it?”

Lonnie touched Joshua's face gently, stroking his thumb over the teen’s full lips. “I wish I could tell you but you have to trust me. I know that is a lot to ask but please try.”

Joshua chewed his bottom lip and blinked his tear heavy eyes. “Okay,” he whispered and laid back down to sleep.


“You did WHAT!” Justin jumped out of his chair and bore down on his captain.

“Calm yourself Justin,” Lance said in his soothing southern drawl. “We had to break the kidnapping ring and to do that we had to have a breeder that was worthy bait.”

“BAIT!” Justin screamed. “BAIT! Joshua is not bait; he is my husband, the father of my child. You had no right to endanger him without my knowledge or permission.”

Joey rubbed his beard. “We couldn’t ask you; you would have said no and we couldn’t ask Joshua because we needed him to be scared out of his wits, confused, betrayed and much as we hold Joshua in high regard I don’t think he is that good an actor.”

“If any harm comes to him ….”

“Lonnie is with him,” Lance reassured him. “If it’s any consolation Lonnie was set against using Joshua in such away and at first refused to do it. But when we explained that Joshua was the bait with or with out his help he took the sweetener and agreed.”

Justin scowled at the southern born officer. “And what was the price of my husband’s virtue?”

“Lonnie won’t allow Joshua to be violated sexually,” Joey answered and skirted the question.

“That’s not what I asked Joe. What price was Joshua worth?”

“Breeding rights,” Lance interjected. “Nothing less than that would persuade Lonnie to risk Joshua.”

“Lonnie has given us the location of the breeding farm. All the boys that have been abducted are accounted for and are being held there. We are raiding tonight. There is room in the chopper if you want in,” Joey's voice trailed off as the younger man stared at him, his eyes slits of hatred.

“You are fucking right I want in.”