Part 1

Sunrises, sunrises were not all they were cracked up to be. Joshua used to miss watching the sun go up. But not now. Now he didn’t care. He gazed over to where his lover lay cold in death. There was no gentle rise and fall of his chest, no murmured words of love. Just death. His attention was drawn from the sleeping boy to the corner of the room by a tiny whimper of fear. He’d almost forgotten the bound young man cowering in between the wall and the king-sized bed. He advanced on the boy grabbing him by his hair and twisting his head giving him better access to the vulnerable throat. His fangs elongated and the boys eyes widened in terror as the vampire bit deep and drained him sucking the coppery flavoured blood, savouring its taste. He’d have their slaves dispose of the body later. He threw the carcass across the room and climbed naked on to the bed laying down next to his lover, joining him in his sleep.

The green eyed blond wrapped the thin blanket round himself, curled up in a ball and tried to sleep. The chain attached to the metal collar that was fastened round his neck clinked softly as he moved. He didn’t know how long he had belonged to the two vampires, but he had caught sight of himself in the hall mirror earlier and he was old. Joshua and Justin were still every bit as beautiful as they were when Justin first changed and became a creature of the night. Lance groaned as his body betrayed him sending arthritic pains shooting into his hips. He still remembered that night so clearly watching the pretty curly haired boy writhing on the floor as his body died, Then Justin’s face as he prepared to drink him dry. His former lover though had been reborn every bit as evil as David the vampire he replaced, and stopped just short of killing him. Lance had belonged to them ever since. He had lost count of the days long ago. He had been forced to become completely nocturnal serving his masters throughout the darkness hours. He knew they slept now, Joshua always chained him just before the sun rose and he always asked the same question.

“Do you beg for death Lance?”

“Yes master, Please let me die.”

Then he’d swipe his tongue over his jugular and bite shallow drinking no more than a mouthful before thrusting Lance from him and saying

“Not tonight my lamb, you haven’t suffered enough for trying to take my Justin from me.”

Then he would go leaving Lance alone in the damp pitch blackness of the cellar. He squeezed his eyes tight shut and thought of how his life used to be, tears dropped slowly down his cheeks as he realised he couldn’t remember.

While the sun rode high in the sky the vampires slept peacefully undisturbed, Their pale bodies un-moving. Rarely did one of them wake during daylight hours, but Joshua woke suddenly his body snapping upright. He could feel them. Someone was in the mansion creeping in one of the downstairs rooms. He wished he knew how close to sunset it was. He slid out from between the silken blood red sheets and silently slipped out of the bedroom. He moved stealthily down the hall to the large staircase. An intense look of concentration crossed his face and he levitated from the ground, just a couple of inches not too much, he needed to conserve his strength. He didn’t know how many intruders there were. He considered going back and waking Justin, but that could take time. He floated silently down the stairs. His ears pricked, straining to determine where they were. When he reached the ground floor he lowered himself carefully till his bare feet landed on the plush carpet. The sun streamed through a gap in the blacked out windows. Suddenly he felt vulnerable, making a mentle note to instuct Lance to paint out the offending hole he carefully passed the deadly stream of light and walked silently towards the noise emanating from the lounge room.

Two teenage boys were rummaging through the dresser, looking for valuable items they could sell to feed their drug habit. Already they had a sack bulging with pilfered gold and silver heirlooms. Joshua blended into the shadows and moved in closer. One a short ginger haired youth picked up a silver frame containing a picture of Justin, giggling madly as his baby brothers crawled all over him. He threw it on the floor and stamped his heel into the glass. Joshua killed him first.

Lance clasped his hands to his ears to block out the sounds of the intruders screams, they had invaded the vampires nest, more fool them. He heard the dull thuds of each body falling lifeless to the floor. He curled up as small as he could and pressed himself against the cold stone wall of his prison. Soft footfalls sounded on the steps leading to where he was captive and the door swung open. Lance crawled to his knees his head lowered not looking at the beautiful but deadly creature. He shuddered as fingers walked with a featherlight touch down his spine.

“Master” he whispered.

The hand cupped his chin lifting his face he tried not to look at the steel blue orbs blazing before him, they scared him, they scared him more than Justin’s eyes did. He knew the curly haired blond hated him and took every opportunity to show that hate. But Joshua, Joshua was different. Lance never knew what the dark vampire was going to do.

He was lifted to his feet by his chin, choking as his feet left the ground. He kept his arms hanging loosely at his sides, it was no use trying to escape from the grip, that would only happen when Joshua was ready. His feet were suddenly back on the ground and his lips were crushed under the vampire’s mouth. He opened his mouth allowing Joshua access, knowing it was expected and demanded. The vampires hands possessed every inch of the dirty flesh that was the animal once know as Lance. Grabbing his cock and twisting it savagely as he continued to assault the blondes mouth. Lance stifled a cry of pain as his balls received the same treatment. He was shoved to the floor and flipped expertly on to his stomach, his legs spread widely. He suppressed a hiss as Joshua plunged deep into his ass and began pounding away, pulling almost completely out only to drive back in again deeper and harder. The vampire jabbed Lance’s prostate again and again.

“Control yourself”

The hiss in Lance’s brain was overwhelming making him grit his teeth as he struggled to obey. Then his ass was empty and he was yanked back up to his knees, A thick dripping cock was forced between his lips sliding down his throat as he did his best to suck and lick his master. He had to please him, needed to please him. He swallowed hard as Joshua shot rope after rope of hot sticky salty cum into his throat. The cock was replaced by firm demanding lips and tongue, licking and kissing till Lance was breathless. Joshua pulled away from the blond his eyes resting on the solid erection nesting in the darker blond curls.

“Sleep now.”

Lance groaned but replied

“Yes master”

“Do not relieve yourself, I forbid you.”

Joshua planted a tender kiss on Lance’s forehead then left leaving the blond to suffer his throbbing hard cock and his heavy full balls until he was ready to take pity and empty them.