Part 2

In the thirty years since the original owners Joseph Fatone and Christopher Kirkpatrick had disappeared Fellatio had changed hands several times, none of the businesses had survived now the club was getting ready for yet another opening night.

Justin swung his arms wildly as he spun round and round in the middle of the dance floor his eyes flashing with excitement as his older lover leaned against the railings grinning from ear to ear.

“I can’t believe you bought this place Justin!” The blond stopped spinning and sat in a heap on the floor smiling widely.

“This is going to make hunting easier Josh. No more prowling the streets looking for food, from now on our food comes to us.”

He jumped to his feet and rushed the slender brunette knocking him to the ground. Justin straddled him quickly pulling his hands up above his head and pinning him by his wrists with one of his pale strong hands Justin used his other hand to pull down the older mans pants. He reached inside the smooth fabric and rolled the palm of his hand firmly over the now struggling brunettes rapidly thickening cock.

“I know you visited Lance today.”

He breathed gently in Josh’s ear. Josh froze recognising the anger in the voice. The blondes hand tightened mercilessly on his balls squeezing and twisting hard. Josh yelped his eyes watering from the searing pain.

“Justin please.”

The younger vampire licked slowly up the side of his face from his chin to his eyebrow leaving behind a wet smear. He dug his long sharp nails into the sensitive sac and twisted again, grinning savagely as Josh howled.

“Justin, please stop, stop.”

He leaned his face close to the almost crying older mans.

“Now why would you fuck that worthless piece of flesh when you could have me?”

He twisted his hand again earning himself another satisfying yelp.

“Explain it to me Joshua.”

“You ... you were sleeping. Oww Justin please stop. I Killed .. killed two intruders stealing your belongings , you. .. you ... Owww, were sleeping, I needed relief, he was convenient that’s all. Jussstinn please stop now.”

Justin grinned and went back to rolling his lovers balls gently in his hand and kissed away the tears of pain that rolled down his lovely face.

“You are mine Joshua, all mine. If you feel the need to fuck your victims go ahead but don’t fuck with that slave again or I’ll make you sorry.”

He squeezed savagely and yanked hard once more on the full balls to emphasise his words causing Josh to scream out once more. Justin leaned his mouth back to Josh’s ear.

“Have I made myself clear my Angel of Darkness?”


The blond crushed his lips to his lovers working his tongue deep into the reassesses of Joshua’s mouth. Licking the walls and roof in-between engaging the brunettes tongue in a game of war, fighting for dominance that he knew he would win. When a vampire was born he would inherit ‘gifts’ Justin had inherited strength and agility he had the strength to hold down bigger men than the reed thin man beneath him, he could move super quick and be as silent as a cat , but he also inherited David’s need to possess Joshua, to control him and he did so with ease. He pulled the slender brunettes pants all the way of and forced himself between his smooth thighs and thrust deeply into the tight ring of muscle.

He lifted himself up, loving to watch the beautiful face as it contorted in pain. He pounded in again and again till Josh wrapped his legs round his young lovers waist and began to push back. Sweat gleamed over their hard bodies as they rutted on the dance floor mouths possessing mouths Justin’s teeth biting any flesh he could reach as he held Joshua’s hands tightly not allowing him to gain any advantage. The brunette succumbed to climax first screaming and throwing his head from side to side as he writhed uncontrollably beneath Justin. Then Justin was coming filling the hot tight cavity of Josh’s ass with thick creamy jizz. He held Josh for a few moments longer before climbing off him and walking over to the brand new sparkling bar and poured himself a drink.

“I’m calling it The Feeding Ground” He lifted his glass


Downing the whiskey in one mouthful. Josh started to giggle his laugh getting more and more uncontrollable. He wrapped his arms round his waist gripping his stomach hard and bringing his knees up tight as he rolled on the floor unable to stop laughing.

“What’s so funny Joshua?”

“The.. The Feeding Ground! Who the hell wants to go to a place called The Feeding Ground?”

Justin downed another beaker full of scotch and arched an elegant eyebrow.