Part 4

Kevin paced back and forth stroking his beard deep in thought. It had been three days since he followed Joshua to the park and still he was no closer to possessing him. Howie sat his legs crossed on top of a gravestone watching his lover. He grunted and threw a stone at the headstone opposite him.

“What’s so special about this one?”

Kevin stopped pacing and looked at the long haired brunette as if he was insane.

“I was just asking!”

“Joshua is the one the scrolls talked about, I need him.”

Howie raked his fingers through his hair working out a tangle. “You won’t get him away from the golden one, He watches him like a hawk watches his prey. Are you sure it’s Joshua that is the maker here?”

“The scrolls said ’He is a creature of such beauty, but of the undead, who gave his sire for that, that was not of his kind. ’ Joshua killed David to save his human lover . He IS the ONE.”

“I want you to go to the Feeding Ground, watch the blond, when Joshua is alone I want to know.”

Howie climbed off the gravestone “Are you going to fuck him?”

“OBEY ME” the words echoed through the younger mans head causing him to clasp at his scull as the force rushed through him.

Howie dropped his head in obeisance “I obey master”

Kevin rubbed at his beard once more knowing that his rival would soon be in his keeping.

The two vampires danced and the rest of the club watched. Justin pushed his leg between Joshua’s thighs and the brunette ground himself hard against it. Their hands roamed each others bodies squeezing asses and groping cocks as their mouths attacked each other. Lust hung thick in the air as Justin lifted his lover off his feet and had the older man wrap his legs round his waist as they humped against each other, totally disregarding the audience they had gathered. Howie sat in a back booth and waited till the pair spilt up seeking new partners. Two identical blond twins bumped and ground with the curly haired blond, grabbing at his cock and ass, one sucking on his neck as the other lapped at his rosebud lips. Justin was so totally engrossed in the attention that he never noticed that Joshua had allowed himself to be drawn into the elevator by a well built older man of African decent. The black man had his hand closed possessively round the brunettes arm pulling him close as the doors closed. Howie sent a mental call to his master.

The black man grasped at Joshua’s body, his arms encircling his waist tightly as he held him pinned to the wall using his extra body weight against the slight man. The vampire moaned softly as the older man banged his pelvis hard into his groin, crunching and crushing Josh’s erection with his own. He groaned as his hand made contact with a 9 inch phallus and smoothly slid down the giant length his fingers barely reaching round its girth. The ebony stud flipped him round bending him savagely over a low gate. His huge hand reached for Josh’s zipper and in one fluid motion had removed both pants and underwear leaving it to pool in a heap around Josh’s ankles. The vampire stepped quickly out of the tangled clothes and spread his legs wide Hissing with delight as the solid cock rubbed teasingly at his tight opening before a burning sensation flooded through him as the massive man buried himself un-lubed up to the hilt inside his ass.

He never gave Joshua any way of escaping his constant pounding, holding him by the back of the neck with one hand and Josh’s slender white wrists in his other. The brunette felt himself tear as the African thrust into him ferociously. He tried to pull away he’d had enough of this treatment he wanted to feed, IT was the black brute that was meant to bleed not him but he was held fast, the more his struggling became frantic the harder he was impaled. He screamed in frustration his teeth not able to reach any flesh at all. Suddenly the groping hands dropped from his abused body and he hung panting over the short wooden gate. Fingers walked determinedly up his spine caressing in tiny circles as they journeyed upwards. Strong hands grabbed his shoulders turning him and he readied his fangs.

Steel blue met cold jade and before he could react Joshua spiralled down into blackest black. His head snapped back as the single punch connected.

The slave flew backwards across the living room tumbling over the couch as Justin backhanded him across the face. The furious vampire threw open the large oak door and scrutinised the surrounding area then up at the rapidly lightening sky.

“Where is he slut?”

Lance backed on his ass into the corner using his feet as leverage. He never answered, it wasn’t expected. He rested his forehead on his knees wrapping his arms round his legs. His mouth was filled with blood from the heavy blow so he had no choice but to swallow. If Justin smelt the blood he would attack him and there was still no sign of Joshua to stop him from killing him this time.

The blond vampire stared out into the gloom stepping back sharply and slamming the door as the sun broke over the horizon shooting streams of brightness directly at him. He chewed helplessly on his nails, worry lines forming between his eyebrows.

“Joshua.” He whispered. He dropped to his knees tears dripping down his cheeks.

“My Joshua.”

He looked up and saw the slave huddled in the corner and crawled towards him. He ran his hands over Lance’s alabaster arms, lifting one and turning it over, smirking at the shudder that engulfed the frightened man. Justin traced the teeth marks that ran from the pale wrist to the pit of the arm. “Are you afraid of me James?” The slave jumped at the proximity of the voice not realising that Justin’s teeth were just inches from his neck. The vampire sat back on his haunches and lifted a deathly white wrist to his lips, licking at the tender bruised flesh.

“Whats it like James. To know you’re going to die. ..... Joshua is gone I tolerated you only because it gave him pleasure to see you age. He always said he would let you go free when you were an old man. I on the other hand have no such patience.”

“Master ... you ... you’ll need me more ... master you need someone .... loneliness is a terrible thing .. I know ....master please just because Joshua isn’t back yet .. I mean He could still be alive, Maybe .. maybe he found shelter, Your old crypt maybe he’s in your old crypt.”

The blond slave cringed as a kiss was placed on his upturned wrist. Then his lips were crushed beneath Justin’s his tongue thrusting deep into the terrified slaves mouth tasting the blood he had tried so hard to conceal. Justin sat back from the kiss and licked his lips a sardonic smile crossed his face. “Holding out on me James?” He lunged at the green eyed slave fastening his mouth to his soft lips. Lance went limp in his arms as the vampire fed.