Part 5

A strong smell of melted wax hung in the air mixed with the heavy scent of blood, he could hear it fresh and dripping, echoing through his head. His mouth watered as he struggled to open his eyes. The blood was close, very close, an open wound and he knew from the sweet aroma it was human. He blinked against the light of a thousand candles that surrounded him their heat burning his skin. His eyes focused on the source of the blood, a young woman in her late twenties was strung up by her wrists, a large gash across her stomach. Joshua licked his lips the bloody scent driving him crazy. He tugged at the iron shackles that held him immobile fighting the heavy chains as the sweet aroma sent him into a frenzy, consuming him. He bared his fangs and screamed in frustration as he watched the precious fluid pool on the floor.

The Torture was unbearable as he watched the hot blood ooze slowly from the deep cut, the young woman groaned and a spurt splashed over Joshua’s chest. He howled again and pulled and twisted against the metal links fastened around his wrists and ankles. He salivated uncontrollably howling once more sounding more animal than the human he resembled.

"Show yourself mother fucker." He screamed "Show yourself see how long you live!"

A slow hand clap echoed round the brightly lit chamber. "Bravo, Bravo, so brave, so confident."

Joshua snarled at the tall dark man spitting at him as he came within his range. Kevin casually wiped the spittle from his face and turned his attention to the bleeding woman. He wiped his finger across her bloody midriff and sucked it into his mouth, his eyes closed and his head tilted back as he smacked his lips with exaggeration. "Mmmmm delicious." He scooped up more of the scarlet fluid and offered his finger to Joshua. The bound vampire tried to turn his head away but was held fast as his captor wiped the blood over his lips. He stared into the jade green eyes of the dark man determined not to lick his lips even though the smell so close to his nose was driving him insane. Kevin grinned at his stubbornness and ran his hands over the naked body strung up before him, chuckling at the way Joshua’s flesh reacted to his touch. He flicked his finger tips over the soft brownish pink nipples making them harden as he pinched hard twisting them, He dropped his hand between the prone mans legs cupping his balls, crushing them slowly between his strong fingers. Joshua gritted his teeth and hissed "Who the fuck are you? What do you want?" The grip tightened and twisted causing the bound vampire to howl. Kevin leaned his face into his prisoners and drew his tongue deliberately over his blood stained lips.

"I’m your master."

The tall man turned and walked away "Sleep well my Angel we’ll talk again once the sun sets. Joshua’s anger reverberated throughout the dank crypt as Kevin went back to his coffin to sleep.

* * *

Justin sat cross-legged on the floor flipping playing cards into a dish while the blond slave thrashed about on the floor, his body dying inch by agonising inch. Lance’s back arched and a agonised scream tore from his throat then he was gone. Justin picked him up and carried him to the dark red satin sheeted bed laying him out gently on the silken fabric. He watched amazed as the blondes skin smoothed out, the lines of age disappearing like ice on a hot summers day. Justin placed a kiss on the pale dead lips.

"Soon my pet, soon you’ll wake and you will be mine. You are right about me not wanting to be alone, Joshua is gone, dust to dust, ashes to ashes." A single tear trailed down his face as he settled down by the dead slave and slept.

* * *

The sun set low beneath the horizon. Joshua hung helplessly in his chains severely weakened by his lack of sleep. He needed to sleep during daylight hours but the heavy scent of the bleeding woman had kept him awake. Her blood pooled around his bare feet, seeping between his toes. The bound vampire’s skin had greyed from his lack of rest and his stomach groaned in hunger. A smooth hand ran over his buttocks, fingers inching their way in-between them, stroking at his puckered opening. Hot breath blew over his ear.

"Surrender to me."

The voice was whispered but extremely powerful.


a finger was forced upwards into his passage wriggling round as it buried itself deeper and deeper jabbing at Joshua’s prostate.


Kevin began to laugh as the younger vampire attempted to force his will telepathically. He crushed his lips to Joshua’s as he spoke directly with his mind. "Don’t try to play your mind games with me little boy, You are totally outclassed."

Kevin’s voice exploded through Joshua’s head making his point.


The captive man had no choice but to obey.