Part 6

Cold jade eyes stared down into his steely blue as the tall vampire thrust himself deep into his ass. If he could Joshua would have cried out at the invasion, But he was held immobile by the dark mans mind. He couldnít fight back, turn his head not even a sound could pass his lips. All he could do was lay on his back Kevin forced himself into him. He couldnít twist away from the pain as his ass was pummelled. His prostate hit over and over again. The same control that held him helpless also denied him sexual relief. Holding his orgasm painfully at bay.

"Wider. Lift higher"

Joshuaís legs opened even wider and his hips tilted forward and up as his body obeyed the telepathic control of his abuser. He wanted to close his eyes not look at the creature fucking him, not have to see the impassive green eyes looking down at him, but even that was denied him. Kevinís mouth closed over his sucking his tongue into his mouth pressing hard with his own. His deep southern voice stroked smoothly over his brain like silk, smothering his will making it Kevinís own as he mentally commanded Joshua to thrust back. Joshua tried to focus his mind, he didnít want this, didnít want the dark handsome vampire inside him, but he was weak, His captor had starved him for the three days and nights he had been held. He needed to feed and soon. His once luminous skin had greyed his lips that were full and pouty were cracked and thinned. Kevin shuddered and shot his cum deep inside of Joshís ass, he lifted himself up off the younger man. Leaving him with a raging hard on refusing him the climax he sorely wanted. "It doesnít have to be this way Joshua, surrender to me. You are the key together we could rule."

Joshuaís lip trembled as he struggled to find his voice. But he was held silent by Kevinís will. His lips were once more captured by the older mans his mouth filling with the dark mans tongue before he climbed off him and got dressed. The taste of blood was in his mouth, human blood. His captor had feed before coming to him. Suddenly he was freed of the disgusting touch of the mind control and he lunged at Kevinís throat. His only thought was to escape to find food. His head struck the wall as a single backhanded blow sent him spralling across the cell. He pulled his knees up to his chest and buried his face beneath his arms.

Kevin laughed long and loud at how easy his prisoner had given up the fight

"Maybe another night without feeding will convince you to be nice." His tormentor was still chuckling when the door slammed and the heavy lock clicked loudly into place leaving Joshua alone in the dark.

* * *

Justin pined for Joshua, He refused to believe that his sire was gone, His skin crawled whenever he thought of his beautiful lover caught in the sunlight his delicate white skin blackening as he was slowly consumed in flames, his screams of agony going unheard. Lance slithered up behind him wrapping his arms round his waist,

"What are you thinking about?"


"Heís not dead Justin."

The blond vampire stiffened in Lanceís embrace.

"How do you know?"

Lance turned him round in his arms and nuzzled his neck. "I met someone last night, I just finished with the Angel boy."

"Ashley." Justin smiled at the idea of Lance ripping out the young singers throat.

"If thatís his name then yes." Lance brushed his lips over his makers. "Now where was I ? Oh yes. I met someone, one of our kind, He was drunk heíd dispatched some tramp who was high on meths, and was flying high as a kite. He told me his sire was forsaking him, that he had a new piece of ass to occupy his nights."

"Joshua?" Justin clenched his fists "Iíll teach him to desert me."

"Like you have really missed him! anyway itís not that simple, Joshua is being held against his will, Howie, thatís my informants name, Howie says his sire is convinced he can impregnate Joshua and the offspring will conquer the human world, reducing them to our slaves." Lance de-tangled himself from the stunned younger man.

"Itís not possible. Even if it was possible for a vampire to give birth Joshua is male. He canít get pregnant never lone give birth" Justin raked his fingers through his short curls, his eyebrows pulled together in worry for his lover

"I pointed that out to Howie. But he said that three days from now Kevin would impregnate Josh Thereís this spell, Howie didnít know how it worked but Heís sure Kevin can pull it off. It doesnít matter if its by force or not. Justin ....Thereís something else" Lance rested his hand on his new friends shoulder. "It will kill Joshua, He wonít survive the birth, Howie says the writings predict that the child will tear itself free of its hosts body, then feast on its flesh."

Justin swallowed hard, his face blanching at Lanceís words. His beautiful Joshua consumed by his own child. It wasnít going to happen, he wouldnít let it happen.

"I ... I have to find him."

Lance smirked and downed a shot of whiskey, "Betcha glad you didnít kill me now!"

He closed his eyes and pressed his ass back against the younger blondes as his waist was encircled by two strong arms. "Help me Lance and I promise you when we find Joshua and kill this Kevin, Howie will be yours. But for now you are mine." Their mouths sought each others licking and sucking as they sunk to the floor.

* * *

Joshua lay huddled on the floor a thin blanket wrapped round his nakedness, it was getting harder to resist Kevinís proposition. He needed to feed, he knew he was dying, well technically he had died already, but he was the living dead, he could seize to exist. He could barely lift his head, Kevin no longer had to use mind control to hold him immobile, he was too weak to fight back, too weak to use his own telepathic powers even on the other dark one that stood watching him, taunting him with his kills fresh and bleeding. He didnít have to open his eyes to know he was there now watching.

Howie stood and watched Joshua through the bars of his prison, the sun would be setting soon and he wanted to act before Kevin awoke. His jealousy raged, He hated this pathetic creature that was taking his sire away from him, He didnít believe the scrolls. Man could not impregnate man, He knew this creature would break soon and he planned to get rid of him before that happened. He unlocked the barred door and advanced on the stricken man, hauling him to his knees by his hair he twisted Joshuaís head back and forth scrutinising the ashen features.

"What are you doing sweet D?"

"I was .... I thought he had gone. I was just checking him." Howie stuttered guiltily and dropped Joshua back on the floor, backing slowly away from his master.

"I want you to go keep an eye on this pretty ones lover, Iím told he has been curious and inquiring about others of our kind as well as asking questions as to his whereabouts. Before you go make sure no-one disturbs us, Joshua and I need to get re-aquatinted." Howie bowed low from his waist and hurried away breathing a sigh of relief that his sire was too pre-occupied with his captive to probe into his mind and find out what his true intentions had been.

Kevin dropped the squirming sack he had thrown over his shoulder and gathered the fragile brunette into his arms. "Surrender to me Joshua, Surrender and Iíll let you feed." Joshua was helpless in his arms not even possessing the strength to open his eyes. He wasnít stupid, he knew he couldnít survive much longer.

"I surrender master."

The words were faint, but the stronger vampire heard them loud and clear. Kevin reached for the sack and ripped open the cord that fastened it tightly, He reached inside and pulled out a small male child, He bit into the boys neck and pressed it to Joshuaís lips. Hunger took over as the slender vampire sucked greedily at the fresh innocent blood. The rush was sudden and he gripped the boyís body tightly as he drained him. It had been thirty years since he had killed a child, Justinís brothers being the last. He threw the child from him and glared at Kevin who now stood gloating at his victory. He reached into another sack he had at his feet. Joshua gulped as another child was throw before him. His hunger was overwhelming and he fell upon the small boy his fangs bared. "Thatís enough for tonight my pretty." Joshua snarled at him and crouched ready to lunge then his featured smoothed out as he remembered his promise. He fell to his knees his head bowed.