Part 7

Christina moved catlike through the crowded lover floor of the Feeding Ground looking for her victim. Her sire was watching her and had hand-picked her intended prey. So the slender blond was out to impress. Justin could be lavish with his rewards, but disappoint or fail him and one could find themselves taking a walk in the midday sun.

The curly haired vampire nodded at her discretely as she passed by him. Her target was leaning on the hardwood bar swigging beer from a bottle. She swung herself up on to a bar stool and reached over him to grab a handful of peanuts. The barman knew who she was and served her with a shot of tequila. Christina threw it back and indicated for a top up.

The young black man eyed her appraisingly, It came as no surprise to her. Her leather pants were tight, her top barley covered her chest and was fastened in place with tiny shoestring straps that for the most part left her back almost completely bare.

She smiled sweetly at the man and lowered her lashes before lifting her bright blue eyes to his. "Hey baby" She drawled lazily "Wanna get dirty?" The young black man finished his beer and started towards the exit. He stopped briefly to call over his shoulder. "Coming then."

Justin grinned as Christina left with the gang member know as Nelly. He knew Joshua wouldn’t approve of any of his new converts but if he was to take on Kevin’s nest then he had to increase his own. He knew his lover was against bringing females into their family but that was because Joshua insisted on making the nest himself so he was the undisputed ruler and he hated the thought of a female feeding from him. Luckily Justin now had Lance, Lance was BI-sexual, he had recruited the lithe blond with gusto on one of his first hunting trips, and she in turn had brought a new class of convert to the fold. Ones like Nelly who were strong and dumb, unafraid to fight having lived all their lives in the street gangs. Justin knew when Joshua was liberated there would be leadership issues but by then his nest would be established and the vampires would look to him as their leader, Joshua would be made to tow the line like the rest of his minions, he was confident he could control his sire.

A short blond in baggy blue jeans and a white t shirt he had been talking to leaned forward and shouted over the music "So, err ... Do ya take it up the ass or what?"

Justin rolled his eyes at the coarseness of the youth and gave him his million dollar grin.

"Its Marshall isn’t it?"

"Yo just call me Shady man."

Justin concealed a smirk "Well Shady, I’ll take it up my ass, in my mouth or where ever the hell you wanna put it." He licked Marshals lips tasting the beer he had recently drank.

"So, my office is just over there shady. I have a real tight ass." He reached between the blondes legs and squeezed his dick making him groan before he led him from the relative safety of the club into the spiders web.

* * *

Lance snuggled up with Howie in the rainbow rooms of the Feeding Ground. Their hands groping freely at each others genitals. Hungry open mouthed sloppy kisses rained over each others necks and faces. The darker vampire pulled the blond on to his lap grinding his cock into him. He un-popped the button on lance’s jeans and pulled down the zipper, sliding his hand inside the tough fabric. Lance moaned into Howie’s mouth as the vampire began to stroke his erection. Drawing his hand slowly over the throbbing head, spreading the pre-cum that oozed steadily from it’s tip. Their breath cam faster and faster as Howie unzipped himself and pulled his rock hard member free of its constraints. Lance slipped his jeans to his knees and turned so his back was pressed to Howie’s chest. Easily he lowered himself down , impaling himself on the solid phallus. Howie thrust upwards as Lance rode him, wrapping his arms round the panting blond as he pumped up into him hard forcing his cock inside him right up to his balls. Lance cried out as he cum, his ass spasmed and sent Howie spiralling over the edge at the same time. The two stayed attached Howie’s cock up Lance’s ass for sometime after till the could both catch their breath. Lance kissed his new lovers lips using his tongue to tempt Howie’s mouth open. They broke away and adjusted their clothing oblivious to where they were and that they had gathered a small audience, who were now rapidly dispersing.

"Won’t Kevin be angry with you getting yourself a new fuck buddy?"

Howie tucked himself back into his pants "He’s too busy casting his spell to care what I’m up to. All ready he’s preparing Joshua, and the poor fool has no idea what Kev has in store for him."

"That’s typical Josh, blind to everything till its too late. How do you think he fell into David’s clutches. And me and Justin we were going at it like rabbits for about a year before he found out, then Justin had to tell the fool." Lance became serious "Don’t misunderstand me, he was mortal then, but now I wouldn’t underestimate him. He’s a vicious killer only Justin can manipulate him. And he will stake Kevin the first chance he gets."

the two men kissed tenderly their mouths smacking together noisily "Howie, do you think he can do it?"

"Mmmm err what? who?" The dark vampires brain had began to melt as his cock began to hardened again under lance’s hand.

"Kevin. Do you think he can knock Joshua up?"

"He thinks so."

Lance drew lazy circles over Howie’s chest.

"Just how big is your nest?"

The older man eyed the blond suspiciously. "Why?"

"I was just wondering Howie baby. Justin is full of himself, thinks he’s a leader but he’s nowhere near the leader Josh was."

Howie grinned and pecked a kiss on Lance’s mouth. " About 23. Are you thinking of defecting baby?"

Emerald green eyes sparkled mischievously "Why not Joshy boy kept me enslaved for over thirty years. I owe him nothing and Justin less. Besides I think I’d like to see that devil child tear itself free of Joshua’s body and eat his heart.

* * *

Hundreds of candles surrounded the vampire and the bound male child as he recited the ancient incantations. The cursed child struggled against its restraints as Kevin daubed rats blood over its forehead. The shadows flicked over the wall as he threw a powder into the flames causing a small explosion and a thin column of smoke to twist into the air he grabbed the child’s head and forced his mouth open and the smoke wound its way down the small boys throat. Kevin threw the spluttering child over his shoulder and opened the cell door. Joshua was sitting cross-legged on the floor. On seeing his master he scrambled to his knees. The tall vampire dropped the child to the floor then bent down, bit deeply into his jugular and pressed the wound to Joshua’s lips.

The brunette drank obediently, taking his time, not spilling a drop. When the child was empty he removed his blood stained mouth. "Why do you feed me infants?"

Kevin brushed unruly curls from his captives eyes "You deserve the best my pet, the best is the blood of innocents." He opened his arms and indicated that Joshua should enter them. The brunette obeyed allowing the older man to lower him to the ground. He closed his eyes and spread his legs, tilting his pelvis upwards to allow his owner easy access to his opening. The stronger vampire rubbed his cock between Joshua’s cheeks till he found the tight orifice. He pressed against the ring of muscle till he entered with a faint pop. He held still letting the slim man adjust to his girth before thrusting in and out gently to start, building up the pressure and power till he was pounding mercilessly. Joshua kept his eyes shut , biting hard on his bottom lip as he tried to control his breathing, able to do nothing but endure the humiliating ordeal.

Kevin shot his load deep into his captive, he pulled out and guided Joshua’s to his penis. Making him lick his softening member clean. When he was satisfied he kissed Joshua’s forehead and whispered "Go to sleep my pet." The whisper was forced into the slender brunettes mind overpowering any thoughts of his own. Joshua curled up on the shabby mattress he was now allowed and wrapped his thin blanket around himself.