Part 8

He reached out with his mind, hiding in the deepest recesses of the long haired vampire that was standing glaring at him through the bars of his prison. He knew he had to be careful, HE had warned him not to try and use his mind power again and that HE was watching him carefully. Joshua watched silently through Howieís eyes as he left the sanctuary of the nest. He didnít have long, soon it would be time for HIM to bring his food, he had to be back. Hopefully he would get a chance to let Justin know where he was and that he needed help. His hopes were answered as Howie walked into Justinís night-club. He could smell the smoke, sex and alcohol that hung in the air. He got brave and pushed himself forward commanding his hosts body, weaving it through the thronging crowds, searching for his boyfriend. Strong hands gripped him from behind swinging him round. Hot passionate lips found his as the hands moved down to squeeze his ass hard. "Mmm Baby you taste so good. Where have you been, I thought youíd never get here." Lance leaned in for another kiss, Josh held him back startled to see his former slave walking around free and looking in remarkably good condition for a 50 year old, he didnít look a day over 22.

"What are you doing here?"

Lance smiled his crooked smile his green eyes lit up by the flashing disco lights. "Howie, whats up dude you seem surprised to see me? We arranged to meet remember? Did you see Kevin, did you tell him I want to leave Justin and join you?"

Joshua staggered slightly as he realised that Lance was no longer mortal. "Whereís Justin?" the question was barely audible over the pounding dance music but Lanceís keen hearing picked it up no problem. He laughed out loud "Heís out whoring as usual. He got used to having Joshy boys ass on demand, But now the horny son-of-a-bitch is having to find his kicks elsewhere. Howie are you ok you look ......" The rest of Lanceís words were lost to Joshua as he lost contact with his hosts mind, ripped forcefully back to his own body. The world swung wildly round him leaving him disorientated. A sharp stinging sensation attacked his cheek then again harder. He blinked rapidly attempting to focus his eyes as the stinging shot through his face again. HE stood over him, HIS face black with rage. He fisted Joshuaís hair and slapped him again.


Joshua screamed, recoiling in horror, his head began to crawl as HE wormed his way deep into Joshua imposing HIS will, like a hand gripping tightly at his mind, fingers digging slowly into his brain, stabbing at him, twisting deeper and deeper.

Joshua crawled on the floor tears blinding him "Stop, please stop." He tore at his head ripping out clumps of hair as he tried to pull the invading thoughts from his head. Kevin took hold of the younger vampires hands and pulled him to his chest, pushing Joshuaís hands behind his back, holding them in place. "Hush now, the feeling will subside soon my pet." Joshua fell against him, his head resting on the tall vampires shoulder as he continued to cry. "Joshua, Joshua I hate to do this to you but you broke your promise, I canít trust you now."

"Please, get out, get out of my head."

Kevin kissed the messy golden brown curls on top of the stricken mans head. "Iíll release my grip when I feel I can trust you again." He held Joshua for a little longer making soothing noises and stroking his hair with his free hand.

"Please, please, I wonít do it again. I wonít I promise."

"I know you wonít Joshua, I wonít give you the chance. Now rest. Youíll be fed soon, rest till then." He let go, letting Joshua drop to the floor in a heap. He shook his head feeling pity and contempt for the younger man. "How the mighty have fallen." He whispered. He knew of course that it was the spell taking effect that was causing the huge personality change in Joshua. He kind of liked the softer more feminine nature.

The spell would be completed tonight and he would possess Joshua for the last time, impregnating him with the heir to the world. He entered his chambers drawing the door shut behind him. There in the centre of a pentangle drawn in human blood was a boy child, bound and gagged, his face red and swollen with tears of terror. Kevin lowered his head, his features darkening and he began the final part of the spell.

* * *

Justin laid Shady back over his desk, swiping away papers and books in his haste to de-bag the hot blond. He engulfed his cock, almost swallowing it as he eagerly sucked it into his mouth.

"SHIT, OH SHIT." Shady was panting. "Let me fuck you. Let me do you right now!"

Justin rolled his eyes at the young mans coarseness for the second time that night. He dropped his pants stepping out of them and leaving them screwed up on his office floor before climbing on top of the stocky blond, straddling his cock and lowering himself down, impaling himself on the throbbing organ. He rode him hard and fast making sure that the solid phallus dug firmly into his prostate with every thrust. The office door swung open. Shady jumped out of his skin and tried to push Justin off of him. The horny vampire clung tightly with his knees and carried on pumping.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" The blond swore loudly as Lance closed the door behind him and sat on the large easy chair next to the desk making sure he had a good view of what was going on.

"Howie says the spell will be completed tonight. There was something strange about him earlier, I canít quite put my finger on it." Lance cocked his head to the side watching Shadyís cock slide into Justinís ass. Justin groaned, he wrapped his hand round his own cock and began pumping in time to his thrusts downwards.

"Is ... there .... there .... a ... way to .... to ...... Oh god .... w... wait." Justin threw back his head in a silent yell is mouth hanging open as he came long and hard spewing ropes of cum over the stocky blondes chest and face. Lance sat patiently waiting till his sire had regained the use of his voice.

"So, is this spell reversible?"

Shady pushed at Justin again. "Get the fuck off me fag!"

Lance shook his head, "Tsk, tsk, tsk. where do you find these fuck buddies Justin. Canít you pick one with manners for a change?" Justin seized Shadyís head and twisted it sharply to the right snapping his neck then letting it fall on the desk with a thud.

"Asshole, He called ME a fag. Heís the one with his dick up my ass." Justin got off the desk and picked up his pants, shimmying back into them.


Lance licked his lips at the sight of the pretty vampires softening cock as he tucked himself back into his jeans. "Mm, Oh yeah, reversal." He shook his head "Howie thinks not, but heís not sure. Justin what are you going to do if Kevin actually pulls this off?" Justin pulled up his zipper and poured himself a large scotch from the crystal decanter that somehow had managed to survive the rampant sex that had just taken place just inches away from it. "We wonít let him. Joshua is mine, Iím not going to let that Kentuckian asshole to knock him up." He drained his glass. "Go back to their nest tonight, I need you inside when we attack."

"Which will be when exactly?"

The curly haired blond wrapped his arms round Lanceís neck and pecked him on the cheek. "Itís better you not know just be ready." Lance nodded in agreement.

"And Lance, Find out where they have Joshua stashed, I doubt heís being allowed to wonder round free and gratis. I want to know exactly where he is, I donít want to put him at anymore risk than is absolutely necessary."

Lance kissed Justin, twirling his fingers through his hair. A long wet kiss mouths and tongues lapping at each other before they broke away both slightly flushed. "So Iíll expect you whenever." They kissed again then Lance left in search of Howie.

Justin pushed a small black buzzer set just under the rim of his antique oak desk and sat back on his leather chair his feet crossed on top of the wooden surface. A short black haired man with deep set eyes came into the room.

"Bry gather the clan. There will be a meeting in the mansion, 1 hour. Make sure everyone is there. We are going huntin."