Part 9

Kevinís nest was hidden just outside the towns limits, the mouth being hidden by thick undergrowth. Howie swept away the dense vegetation and pulled at the concealed trapdoor. It opened easily and noiselessly. Lance chanced a quick look around, he knew that one of Justinís minions would have followed them. He followed Howie into the dark opening pulling the door shut behind him. The nest mouth lead to a steep stairwell, at the bottom Lance was confronted by a vampire wielding a baseball bat. Howie stepped in front of the startled blond and snapped "Heís with me asshole, leave him be." The vampire snarled and bared his teeth. "Does Kevin know you are bringing in outsiders?"

"He will as soon as I speak to him. Where is he?"

"Locked up in his chambers, not to be disturbed. He has the final piece of the spell and its done nothing but howl for the last three hours, Iím about ready to kill the little fucker myself."

The long haired vampire smirked as a childís terrified shriek rang through the caverns. "Come on" He put his arm round Lanceís waist "Iíll show you around" He lead him through to a larger room where fifteen or so vampires of mixed sexes sat around wasting time, their nerves frayed by the constant wailing of the frightened child. "You didnít tell Justin you were leaving him did you?"

"No" Lance chuckled "Heíd have killed me, besides he wonít miss me heís got a new plaything, a little blond name of Christina."

Howieís mouth dropped open.

"Yep Justin is trying out for the other team, It would destroy Joshua if he knew heíd been cast aside for a woman."

Howie cocked his head and fluttered his huge brown eyes "Well maybe itís not fair of us to keep such a upsetting piece of information from him, I mean if he doesnít know how can he fight for his man?"

Lance laughed out loud and slapped Howie on the back. "Oh you are cruel, Lets do it I want to see him squirm." They pulled each other close and kissed Howie thrusting his tongue into the deep hot mouth of his blond lover tasting his recent kill. "Weíll have to be quick, If Kevinís started with the child then heís almost ready to fertilise his little slut." He guided Lance into an empty room, thinking it was a trap Lance spun on his heel ready to defend himself. "Relax honey and grab that torch." Howie twisted a candle holder mounted on the wall and a secret door swung open. "Be careful its steep and dark." The decent into the depths bellow the caverns was creepy, cobwebs hung from the low ceiling, brushing unexpectedly against faces and necks. Lance wondered how Joshua had coped being locked down here for so long. The passageway opened up into a small chamber, Thick bars were set into the ground and ceiling creating an effective cell. Lance lifted his torch throwing illumination over the dank room. He looked at Howie and opened his mouth about to voice that the room was empty when his lover picked up a piece of wood and ran it back and forth over the bars.

A bundle of rags moved in the corner of the cell and a shaggy brunette head poked out blinking against the light. Joshua got slowly to his feet and stood with his back straight his butt tucked in. He had his head lowered to his chest and his feet shoulder width apart. He held his wrists behind his back, crossed over one another as if they had been tied. He didnít speak, he didnít look up. His bottom lip trembled as he shivered, the cold of the chamber washing over his nakedness.

"See how well my sire has trained him!"

Joshuaís shoulders stiffened at Howieís voice but still he didnít raise his head, knowing that HE would be told if he dared to. He could still feel HIM lurking in the depths of his mind, waiting for him to step out of line.

"I wanted to play with him but Kevin guards his jealously. No-one is allowed to touch him, not till the spell is complete. A small gasp escaped from Joshuaís mouth. A spell, he should have known. He chewed at his bottom lip shaking angrily.

Lance leaned his head against the bars holding on to them with his hands.

"He seems smaller."

Joshuaís head snapped up his silver blue eyes blazing in fury as he recognised the voice of his former slave. Quickly he dropped it again his fists clenching and unclenching behind his back. Inside he was seething. Justin had betrayed him. Turned directly to Lance and now the green eyed slut was taunting him with his freedom. While he who used to be master was now reduced to slave.

"Kneel" Howie snapped and Joshua fell to his knees his shoulders shaking in silent anger. Lance has some news for you. Donít you Lance?

Lance looked down at his former master. "Justin has forgotten you."

"No" Just a whisper left Joshuaís lips.

"Yes he has. Heís not coming for you. Youíve been replaced."

"By you! Heíd never pick you over me."

Lance laughed "You have a short memory Joshua, Remember your 26th birthday. He left you for me remember, you were nothing to him when he was human, youíre nothing to him now."

"No, No, Youíre lying. Justin will come, he will." Joshuaís eyes filled with tears he hung his head lower not wanting his tormentors to see the pain he was in.

"As it happens itís not me. Iíve left Justin. Howie and I are together for now" He leaned in and kissed the dark haired vampire by his side.

Joshua lifted his head and looked into Lanceís jade eyes expecting to see them full of victory and triumph, instead he saw the immense sadness he was hiding behind his harsh words.

"Remember the little blond bitch you ordered him to kill."

Joshua nodded "Christina"

"Well she rules your nest along side him, as well as sleeping in your bed."

"LIAR" Joshua leaped to his feet and rushed at the bars his hands out-stretched reaching for the blondes throat "LIAR, LIAR, LIAR." Joshua suddenly began tearing at his head, falling to his knees.

"No, Iím Sorry, Iím sorry, Iíll be good. Please get out of my head. Iím sorry." He sobbed as Kevin enforced his will having sensed his outburst from his chambers above.

Lance watched shocked as his former master fell to pieces before him. "Whatís happening to him?" The hushed question hadnít quite left his mouth before Howie started to explain. "Kevin is a powerful telepath and Joshua tied to use his own mind games against him and got knocked on his ass so hard it made his fangs rattle, Didnít it sweetie? Heís been de-clawed, heís nothing but a pretty little kitty now. Doesnít even bite his own food, he feeds from an already open wound, Pathetic creature."

Joshua shook in humiliation and rage "Iíll enjoy ripping your throat out." The threat was far from veiled even though he was still recovering from the mental onslaught he had been subjected to minutes before and his voice was still shaky. He glared menacingly at the two vampires on the far side of the bars. "You too slut."

Lance locked eyes with him forcing the brunette to look away first "After tonight Kitten you wonít be able to kill a fly. Make all the empty threats you want to Joshua, kid yourself that you will be able to follow them through. But the truth is you are nothing, finished. Justin has replaced you, brought females into the nest knowing you was against it. Heís the leader now and he likes it. Heís never going to give that up."

Joshua hid his face in his hands shaking his head no.

Lance held on to the bars again leaning towards them "Itís sad to see how far you have fallen Joshua. For thirty years I suffered, you took my life from me. Iím going to enjoy watching you crawl. Lance blew the crumpled man a kiss and followed Howie back to the upper levels.