Part 11

Lance punched out knocking the vampire to the ground, quickly following up with a powerful thrust of his sword into the fallen creatures heart. He swung around and received a mighty blow to the chin, knocking him backwards. He regained his balance and faced his assailant. A slow lob-sided grin spread across his face. “Hello lover.” He purred.

Howie bared his fangs, “Judas!” He screeched and leaped at Lance’s throat.


Justin fought his way to the small room. He had Nelly and Christina protecting his back, he wasn’t worried. He stabbed a tall black-haired vampire through her heart and she imploded in a ball of dust. Seizing the candleholder he twisted it violently and sprinted for the opening stairwell. He took the steps three at a time. Behind him he could hear Christina and her pet gang member as their killing frenzy increased. Below him he could hear his beloved whimpering, moaning in protest at the rough handling he was receiving. Justin burst into the chamber, his blood boiling in his veins. He threw back his head and howled at the sight of the tall southern vampire straddling his lover. He leaped the distance between them in a single bound, ripping the aggressor from Joshua’s prone body, slinging him against the wall. Kevin shook his head, clearing his vision and grinned.

“What’s wrong Justin? It’s not the first time your honey has wrapped his legs around another man?”

Justin hissed and stalked the crouching man. “You took him by force. Only I lay rough hands on him.”

The dark haired man threw his head back and laughed. An intense look crossed his face as he stared in Joshua’s direction. The thin man arched up off the floor, his hand slipping between his legs, rubbing himself hard, groaning as his body obeyed the powerful vampire’s mind.

“Leave him be! “Justin pounced, his fist connecting with Kevin’s cheekbone, sending the tall older man sprawling backwards, making him break mind contact. Kevin rolled and came back into a crouch. “Is that the best you can do, even the kitten could manage more than that, well before I de-clawed him that is,” He smirked

“You’re dust Richardson!” Justin howled and charged again, this time he was the one sailing through the air as Kevin met his attack with one of his own. Justin’s head hit the wall with a sickening thud. He snarled and threw himself back at the green-eyed man his fangs bared sending them both rolling across the floor.

JC moaned, drawing his legs up to his belly, the child’s blood starting to curdle in his belly. He pushed back with his feet till his back was against the wall. He wrapped his arms around his legs watching through wide round eyes as his lover and captor fought for control of his life.

Justin dug his claws into the side of Kevin’s face raking hard as the southern vampire twisted out of his grip. Kevin’s fist made contact with Justin’s belly, bending him double, knocking the wind out of him and sending him staggering back into a pile of packing cases. The wooden crates toppled forwards burying the younger vampire.

Kevin smirked and drew himself to his full height. His eyes rested on JC cowering against the wall he took a step towards him, intending to drag him along in his escape. Justin groaned and shifted beneath the heavy cases. The older vampire hesitated and pushed his thoughts into the younger brunettes head, stroking him intimately with invisible fingers, making him cringe with repulsion. “Soon sweetness.” Kevin’s southern drawl sliced through JC’s brain. “You’ll be mine again. “ He took a final look at where Justin was slowly digging himself out of the wreckage before turning on his heel and striding over to the far wall of the small cell. Pulling a lever he revealed a hidden passage. “We’ll meet again Timberlake and when we do you won’t live to tell the tale.” Taking a chance he dashed back to where JC was still hunched in a ball, he wrenched him to his feet, crushing his lips beneath his own then dropped him, letting him fall heavily onto the cement floor before making his escape.

Justin threw the last of the wood from him, his eyes darted round looking for his adversary, growling deep in his chest when he couldn’t find him. He let his eyes rest on the willowy man slumped in a heap, hissing he seized a handful of his hair, bending him painfully backwards exposing his throat. With his nostrils flaring he inhaled his lovers scent, his nose moving slowly up from the hollow of JC’s throat to his right ear. All the time a growl reverberated through him. JC trembled staying as still as death, recognising the blood lust that still raged through Justin’s veins, knowing full well that the berserker was still in control of the youthful blond.

JC closed his eyes while Justin’s face came ever closer to his. A pink wet tongue snaked over his skin, tasting him, and the threatening growl rumbling inside Justin lessened.

JC breathed.

Without warning fangs sunk into his throat, forcing him down onto his back, he held still, allowing his lover to dominate him. Justin’s body moved slickly over his, wriggling between his legs. One thrust and JC was impaled, he gasped helplessly as Justin’s fangs sunk deeper into his throat while the lithe blond pounded his ass. Justin shuddered and came. With his release he retracted his vicious teeth and JC whimpered as once again he felt Justin’s loving tongue lapping affectionately over his wounds until they disappeared.

They lay unspeaking, entwined around each other listening to the sounds of the battle above them until the screaming stopped. Justin got to his feet and adjusted his pants. Reaching down he pulled JC up, hooking his arm under his legs, sweeping him up into his arms. The brunette wrapped his arms around in his lover’s neck, and hid his face as he was carried back up the stairs. Lance gave him a satisfied smirk and Justin nodded approvingly to him, they had taken the whole of Kevin’s nest without losing one of their own. Justin frowned at the line of six prisoners kneeling, their hands tied behind their backs.

“Insurance.” Lance explained. Justin nodded again in understanding; he grinned catching sight of Howie, blood stained and on his knees, a leash fastened about his throat. Lance just shrugged and smiled.

“It will be sunrise soon, return to the mansion, take the prisoners with you.” Justin instructed. “Jessie, Nelly, check for any human prisoners, we will need to feed, my beloved is near starving, if there are none here then hunt. Joshua will feed before he sleeps.”

Lance stepped forward, “One level down in that direction there are holding pens, they are full, Kevin was planning a feast to toast his victory over Joshua.”

“Traitor.” Howie hissed, only to be struck hard across his face by Christina.

“Silence!” She snarled. “You only live because he wishes it.”

Lance grabbed the Hispanic man from behind, wrenching him up, choking him by clamping his hand around his throat and squeezing tightly. He whispered in Howie’s ear. “Don’t piss off the pixie, she bites.” He snapped his teeth next to the bound mans ear, then kissed him tenderly on his jawbone. “I’ll take him back to the mansion, I have a nice little spot picked out for him.”

Justin grinned back, “within the hour then,” he ordered, and using long legged strides he walked out into the night carrying his lover with him.