Part 12

Justin’s brood sat and laid around, their eyes shining with excitement as their sire attempted to tempt his own sire to eat. He slit a pretty blue-eyed youths throat and held the wound to Joshua’s lips. The vampire tried to turn his head away. “You must feed my pet,” Justin whispered softly, “You are grey with hunger.”

JC hacked back a breath and let the tip of his tongue taste the stream that flowed from the boy. His eyes widened, and snarling he fastened his mouth to the youth’s throat, sucking furiously as the fresh blood rejuvenated his body. His strength renewed he shoved Justin away from him and swooped onto the group of cowering humans, pouncing on a man in his late thirties sinking his fangs into his flesh, sucking him dry, he shrugged the dead body from him choosing another unfortunate. Justin pulled him away grabbing his wrists making him relinquish his hold on the near hysterical boy. “Enough my sweet, feed again in an hour or so.”

“I’m hungry.”

Justin nuzzled his lover folding his arms around his waist and pulling him back so they spooned each other. The lithe older vampire struggled in his firm grip. “I said no more Joshua, you will be ill if you guzzle so.”

“But he starved me,” Joshua complained pathetically. “He gave me only a small infant each day, and they didn’t taste right, he did something to their blood. I didn’t want to feed from them but he forced me.“ JC’s eyes blazed as he fixed his sight on Howie. “And that one watched.” He pointed at the bound man, “His life is mine. I demand it.”

Lance stepped in front of the cowering prisoner, “No, he belongs to me. Justin gave him as payment for helping find you.”

“YOU!” JC lashed out at the green-eyed blond, teeth and claws bared, Justin held him back as he snarled and snapped.

“Now my pet, Lance was instrumental in your liberation. He discovered where you were being held and by whom.”

JC hung in Justin’s arms, his strength spent. “You made him,” He whispered. “You knew that I wanted him to suffer and still you went behind my back and brought him into the family, my family.”

“And you my sweet slaughtered my entire family did you not?” Justin kissed JC’s still naked shoulder.

“You betrayed me, I wanted you to feel the hurt I did when you cast me aside for HIM.”

Justin nuzzled his lover’s soft skin. “And how you made me suffer my pet, and how I still suffer because of what you made me into. You took the sun from my life.” JC shuddered sensing the menacing undertones in Justin’s voice, “And replaced it with the black of night. Now the tables have turned my sweet, I am master now and I will bring any that I choose into our fold. And you my dark prince will accept it.”

“And if I will not?”

“Kevin is not the only vampire to know magic.” he lifted JC’s chin so he was looking back at Lance. “Lance’s gift.” He said of way of explanation. “Superior intelligence and sorcery. Think of it my pet. The three of us will be unstoppable, your mind games, my strength, Lance’s magic.”

“Who rules the nest?”

Justin laughed. “I do, he whispered. “They answer to me, and only me.”

Joshua sucked his lips into his mouth moistening them as he relaxed back into his lover’s tight hold. “You brought in females.”

“Lance brought in females pet. Like you I can’t stomach the thought of one feeding from me.”

JC studied Christina and Jessie, “They are ruthless?” He asked.

“Deadly. And they bring a new element to our brood; they recruit men that we could never hope to. Men like Nelly and Bry. With them we are strong my pet.”

“I’m hungry.” Joshua rubbed his face against Justin’s.

The blond vampire grinned and kissed him softly. “One more my pet. Then I must allow the others to feed.”

“And I want to question the prisoners, I want to know what Kevin did to me.”

“As soon as we have fed my love, I give my word.” JC sighed and breathing deeply brought forth his fangs once more and with a parting squeeze from Justin dispatched his chosen victim, relishing the fresh blood as it trickled down his parched throat. He dropped the boy and turned back to Justin, crushing his lips under his own. Justin hitched him up so that JC could wrap his long shapely legs around his waist, then they rutted against each other while the rest of the nest fed.