Part 14

“I want everyone awake. Now!” JC pushed Lance’s body off of him and pulled his jeans up over his slim hips. “Wake them,” He demanded. Lance shrugged and tipped the coffin nearest to him on its end sending the occupant scrambling and screaming in anger. The blond high school jock recently turned vampire snarled and rushed Lance. JC tripped him. “Desist,” His minds voice echoed around the entire nest, making all the remaining sleeping vampires hurry from their coffins. Justin ran down the stairs stark naked his sword in his hands believing his home to be under attack.

Seeing JC sitting calmly on top of a coffin. He dropped his weapon letting it point to the floor. He gave JC a questioning look and folded his arm across his chest waiting for an explanation. The brunette looked at Lance sideways, “Get the prisoners.” The former slave gave Justin a brief look and was answered with a nod.

Justin glared at his lover “What is this Joshua? You disturb our sleep. It had better be good or I will punish you, we have all had a hard night.”

“And I have had a hard month, while you were sucking the town dry I was enslaved and starving,” JC hissed in response.

Lance returned with the renegade vampires, their hands chained behind them. JC looked over to the hallway. “Bring them,” he ordered, “and all of you come as well.”

He stood in front of the front door. “Don’t you miss it?” He asked.

“Miss what my pet?” Justin was confused.

“The sun, don’t you miss the sun?” Without warning he slung the bolt and threw open the door, light flooding in. Justin hissed and swore pulling JC backwards. He shrugged him off and went back to the open door. “The porch roof casts a shadow, its perfectly safe for now.” He gazed up at the perfect blue unclouded sky, tears gleaming in his eyes. Wiping them away quickly he turned back to the rest of the clan. “Lance told me that there is something inside me, but he doesn’t know what. Kevin knows. We have to find him.”

Justin and Lance edged closer to the open doorway unable to resist the draw of the sunshine. “We don’t know where he is pet.” Justin said as he sniffed his lover, he frowned and glared at Lance, JC stank of him.

Joshua smiled and patted his lover’s arm. “We don’t, but I’d lay bets that they do.” He walked over to where the prisoners knelt, their heads down. Scrutinising them he picked a young looking male, lifting his chin gently making him look into his eyes. “Stand up,” he said softly. The vampire obeyed drawn by the serenity in JC’s silver-blue eyes. “Where is Kevin?” He asked gently.

The younger looking vampire sucked his bottom lip and shook his head. JC guided him towards the open door, the boy whimpered. “It’s beautiful isn’t it? It has been so long since I looked upon such a sky.” He moved behind his prisoner. “How long has it been since you last saw the sun?” He asked quietly.

The trembling man stifled a sob. “Fifty years.” He whispered.

“Fifty years! Such a long time, yet you look so young.”

“I was barely 18 when I was changed.” The boy stared sadly into the sunshine.

“Where’s Kevin?” JC whispered softly.

The vampire boy started shaking, “please, I don’t know.”

JC sighed. “Oh well!” he said, “Fifty years is a long time not to see the sun, perhaps you should take a closer look.” He hit the boy in the middle of his back using the flats of both his hands, sending him stumbling out of the protective shadows and into the direct sunlight. The vampire screamed in agony as his skin immediately began to blacken and crisp. The stench of burning flesh hung heavy in the air as he rolled on the ground his agonised screams searing terror into the remaining prisoners. JC watched in awe as the unfortunate vampire turned to ashes and blew away on the light afternoon breeze. He turned a look of amazement on his face. “Did you know that happened?” he asked excitedly. Justin stepped back from the doorway nervously. Lance chewed on his thumb nail and nodded pulling the digit away just long enough to mouth the word yes. Before he edged away too.

“Well how come I didn’t know that happened. He strode over to the kneeling prisoners and pulled another one to his feet, dragging him over to the still open doorway.

“Kentucky!” the prisoner screamed, “He went to Kentucky.”

JC let go of the struggling man, pushing him at Lance, who caught him expertly and held him still.

“There.” JC said a satisfied smile gracing his lips. “Now we know where to start looking. I suggest everyone get some sleep, he have a long journey come night fall.”

Justin rolled his eyes and shut the door sliding the bolt into place. “Lock them up.” He took JC around the waist and steered him towards the staircase.


“Yes my pet.”

“I’m hungry.”


JC nodded and pouted, sticking his bottom lip out. “Just one little bite before I go to bed, killing always gives me an appetite.”

Justin hugged his sire to him and growled in his ear. “So does sex doesn’t it?” JC opened his mouth to say something and was silenced by Justin’s hand clamping hard around his throat. “Don’t you dare deny it, my angel, you reek of him.”

JC turned his silver-blue eyes to meet Justin’s “I am the sire here Justin, I’ll fuck who I want to.”

The grip around his throat tightened, “fuck him again and you will be the one writhing in the sunlight. Understand me Joshua?”

“Fuck you!”

“No my sweet I will be fucking you.”