Part 15

JC was slung on top of the bed and Justin straddled him quickly. The older darker vampire reacted with claws unsheathed, clawing at his lover’s pretty face and leaving four long bleeding gashes. Justin hissed through the pain and drew back his hand, slapping JC savagely across the face, snapping his head to the side leaving a bright red hand print on his pale skin, Justin slapped his straying lover again and again, spitting mockingly over and over “Who is the master Joshua? Tell me who is the master?”

“You!” JC exclaimed, his face burning and his sight blurred from the extreme force and strength that had been used against him.

“Say it again Joshua, say it and accept that you no longer rule this nest.”

“You are master.”

Justin held JC’s hands above his head and leaned down crushing his lips beneath his own. “Tell me what I want to hear my pet” he mewed.

“You are my master.“ JC muttered. He let his body go limp in submission, his chest raising and falling as he panted from his exertions. But only for this moment JC resisted the urge to smile at his thoughts, for all Justin’s strength, he had little intelligence.

“You allowed Lance to fuck you, now I must punish you.”

JC arched up bringing his lips within millimetres of Justin’s. “He wanted me,” he purred.

“All men want you Joshua, but only I will possess you.” Justin resisted the urge to kiss the soft exotic mouth so close to his own.

JC broke into a long barely there smile, flicking his tongue tip across Justin’s lips. “Wouldn’t you like to see him fuck me master, see his hands on my body, watch him force himself inside me, maybe fuck him as he fucks me.” Justin groaned and rolled his hips, rubbing his ridged cock against JC’s. The brunette gasped from the searing heat emanating between his legs. “Hearing me scream as he pounds his rod into my ass.”

“WHORE.” Justin groaned and forced JC’s legs apart sliding between them. He grabbed one of his lover’s slender ankles lifting it high, hooking it over his shoulder, his engorged cock rubbed against JC’s opening, leaking pre-cum. The flexible brunette lifted his ass higher. “Fuck me!” he hissed through clenched teeth, “own me like you think you do.” He squealed, his eyes watering as Justin rammed himself deep into the velvet softness.

“I do own you Joshua, you just don’t know it yet.” He pumped his hips faster and harder causing JC to yelp and try to wriggle away. Justin used his superior strength to hold his sire down as he ripped in to him. Justin ‘s fangs grew as his passion increased. He sank them into JC’s shoulder, drinking his blood as he fucked him hard. JC tried to repay the complement and was batted away. “No you will not feed from me. “ The older vampire screamed in anger and fought back until he was exhausted. Justin lifted his head releasing his bite and laughed at his worn out lover, knowing that his blood loss increased his weakness. “Submit my dark prince and I’ll let you feed when I have finished with you.”

Hate blazed in the silver-blue depths of JC’s eyes, knowing himself beat he closed his eyes and turned his head so that his jugular was exposed. Justin purred in delight and licked the exposed vein tenderly before biting. JC whimpered as he was fucked and drained simultaneously.

“Stop,” He begged, “too much, you take too much.” Justin broke his death grip; his mouth smeared in blood and lifted his flaccid lover into his arms.

“I know, it was my intention.” He thrust four more times into JC’s sweetness and came long and hard, spilling his seed inside him. “Sleep now my pet.”

“I need blood.” JC’s words were weak, barley breathed.

“When the sun sets, my love, not before.”

“Justin please!” JC begged.

The stronger blond snarled bringing forth his fangs yet again. “I said no Joshua, do you want me to take more?” He made as if to bite again making his sire squeak in fear.

“no master, no more.”

Justin smiled his fangs retracting. He kissed JC’s lips softly almost lovingly and lowered him back to the silk covered mattress, draping his arm over his ashen lover. His eyes rolled back in his head and he succumb to the sleep of death. JC too weak to resist did the same.

Lance watched as Justin dragged JC up the stairs, he smirked knowing that JC would suffer for his earlier indiscretion of allowing himself to be fucked. His cock swelled at the thought of the slim lovely being punished by Justin, the image of the two beautiful creatures and the memory of them rutting together earlier filled his mind. He moaned low in his throat and adjusted his cock trying to think of other things. So Kevin had run to Kentucky. But where in Kentucky? He smiled slyly to himself, the day was still early, night wouldn’t fall for at least another 12 hours. Just enough time to pay his sweet Howie a visit.

The Hispanic vampire was curled on the floor of the dungeon, well it really wasn’t a dungeon it was the Timberlake’s wine cellar. It was a place that Lance knew well, for thirty years he had studied those walls. Feared the soft footfalls on the stair. Bled and suffered at the unmerciful hands of Joshua. It was increasingly becoming harder and harder to think of him as JC. JC, the soft-hearted, dupable, sensitive poet. He had succumbed to the darkness because of a broken heart. Now he had no heart, incapable of love or hate, no morals, no pity and no regret. Lance sat on the bottom step his eyes closed. Visions of JC filled his head. His soft translucent flesh supple under his fingertips as he writhed and undulated under his touch. He opened his eyes, a feeling of repulsion swept over him, Howie was nothing. The real prize was Joshua, standing back up he ascended the stairs back up to where his coffin was. He sighed as he climbed inside, closing the lid over him. How he longed to climb the stairs to the upper level and sleep in the silk covered bed. It wasn’t the mattress that beckoned to him, it was the wasp-waisted creature that adorned the sheets. Reaching out, he made contact with Justin’s mind, hiding in the dark recesses he joined in their lovemaking adding his force to that of his sire’s, pleasuring himself with JC’s body. Silently he encouraged Justin to drink heavily from his lover, weakening him. “ That’s right Justin,” he whispered “Take his strength, allow the child to embed itself.” Lance lay back, his head resting on his hands, he smiled in the darkness of his casket knowing that the seed planted firmly in his former masters belly was not Kevin’s or even Justin’s, but his own.