Part 16

Kevin sprinted down the underground passageway, he felt secretly pleased with himself for having made plans for his escape if need be. He had an hour before the sun rose; hopefully his driver would be waiting for him at the entrance with his limousine. He said mumbled thanks to the person that invented darkened glass as he saw the car waiting. He climbed inside and banged on the drivers partition. It lowered, his driver, a man in his late thirties spoke. “Where are we going master?”

“Lexington, Kentucky. Time to go visit home I think; besides I need time to recover from the loss of most of my brood. It will take Justin time to find where I’ve gone and even if he works out I’m in Kentucky it will take him weeks to get there.”

“Do you want me to drive all day master?”

“Yes, I want to be there by nightfall.”

The driver reached his hand to the dark man. Kevin took it and sank his teeth into the offered wrist, drinking sparingly.

“Your will is mine master.”

“Drive, I want to put as much distance as possible between me and Timberlake.”

The driver hesitated, “What about master Howie and the slut Joshua?”

Kevin grinned, his teeth shining in the moonlight “They will be meeting me there.”


Justin woke first. He hitched himself onto his right elbow and waited, watching the pale man lying dead beside him. He stroked his thumb over the high forehead and down over the sharp cheekbones and long nose. Justin thumbed Joshua’s lips, pinching one between his fingers. He knew his lover would find it difficult to wake this night; he had almost drained him completely before he had allowed him to sleep. A dark evilness swept over Justin’s face and he straddled the still sleeping vampire. Hooking Joshua’s leg over his shoulder he thrust inside Joshua’s unprotected asshole. He rolled his hips, squeezing every inch of his incredible length inside his helpless lover. A scream ripped from Joshua’s throat as he woke from the sudden invasion. He arched up his head thrown back, his long claws attacking his abuser. Justin laughed out loud and slammed deeper into the weakened vamp. “That’s it Joshua, fight me. Fight me and come even closer to expiring than you are already.”

“Food, Justin feed me, I’m dying.”

Justin kissed Joshua’s blood red lips tenderly. “You’re already dead my pet. Don‘t you remember?”

“Justin please.”

The blond caressed his lovers face once more. “Wait here, I will bring you a nice juicy neck to suck on.” He slammed hard into the brunette vampires ass once more. “Remind me though my sweet. Who is the master here?”

Joshua panted and groaned as he was fucked harder. “You are, you are my master.”

Justin smiled, pleased that Joshua had remembered. “Don’t you ever forget it.”

As soon as Justin left Lance moved from where he was hiding in the shadows. Try as he might sleep wouldn’t come to him during the day and he had spent the daylight hours pacing and watching the object of his obsession lying lifeless on the bed. His emerald eyes burned with desire as he approached the bed.

“He didn’t feed you?”

“Lance, Lance help me.” Joshua tried to lift himself from the crimson silk sheets, but fell back weakly. “He drained me, I need to feed. Please Lance.”

The green-eyed vampire changed to his true face, his eyes drawing together and his fangs lengthening.

“Lance, don’t feed from me, please, I’ll die.” Joshua’s voice was weakening further, as he seemed to begin to fade.

“I have something or you.” Lance mewed as he bit into his own wrist and pushed it to Joshua‘s lips. “Suta, Embeda, Enternia.” Lance recited his incantation as his former tormentor sucked his blood. He stroked Joshua’s hair, “There, there,” he whispered soothingly. “See who loves you Joshua, see who feeds you.” He pulled his wrist from Joshua’s mouth. “That’s enough my dearest, that’s all you need for now.” He pulled Joshua’s mouth to his, probing his blood covered lips with his own, lapping the inside of his mouth.

They broke from each other, “I’m hungry.” Joshua whined.

“I know, Justin will feed you. I will provide him with a morsel so delectable that you will be satisfied for a week.” Lance kissed his former masters throat, scraping his flesh with his fangs and licking at the wound, tasting the sugariness of the leaking fluid. Lance smiled against Joshua’s skin, already his blood had begun to change, sweetening as the spell took effect. “I will find you a meal fit for a king my lord. I won’t let you starve.”

“Thank you Lance. I can’t fight him, he’s too strong. You help me to regain my nest and I will give you what ever you want,” the brunette vampire said, his eyes suddenly more serious than they had ever been before.

Lance smiled, “And what if I want you for payment?”

Joshua squirreled up to his former slave. “Give me back my nest,” he whispered “and you can have me.”