Part 1

The Maryland Muffins burst through the tunnel and onto the playing field, still hyper from winning the state finals for Bowie High. Taking pole position as usual was JC. JC was the Maryland Muffins. Ever since he had taken over the reigns they hadn’t lost a thing. The dynamic combination of Wade’s chorography and JC’s flexibility and leadership had taken them nearly to the top, now there was only one more hurdle to overcome, The National Cheerleading Awards. As the squad hit the turf they spontaneously began to do synchronised forward flips, to the roar of approval of the watching crowds.

The team of fifteen young men waved panting to the spectators as they reached their starting positions. The crowd went silent in anticipation, waiting for the first bars of music to explode from the many speakers that lined the playing field. A roar went up as JC was tossed fifteen feet in the air and the routine began.

From the back of the stands three sets of eyes were fixed on the lead cheerleader, watching him closely through binoculars. They let out a collective groan as the super slim teen was tossed and caught once more.

“He’s fucking amazing!” Chris took his binoculars away from his eyes so that he could get the overall effect of the squad and of JC. “We don’t stand a chance.”

“JC is The Muffins main weapon, without him they are total crap. Everyone is so busy watching JC that it doesn’t matter what the others do.” Justin explained as he watched JC perform a multi tumble forward then change direction going straight into a back flip. ”He has the strongest catchers that are on the squad and they train with him up to five hours a night just throwing and catching him again. The height they get is fantastic.”

Chris took a long slow breath in as JC was tossed high and did a triple twist before being caught again. “What does he weight?”

“About 115 lbs.”

“Shit! No wonder they can get that height.”

Justin shoved his binoculars back into his backpack. “We should get out of here before anyone spots us.” the two friends started to leave, stopping when they realised their friend, Joey was still transfixed by the lithe figure that was wriggling his hips as he danced.


“How does he do that? His hips sort of have a life of their own.”

“He practises … a lot.”

Joey gave a low whistle. “I’d like to practice a few moves on him, and how does he get into those shorts?”

“I wouldn’t let Nick hear you say that. He already would like to tear JC’s eyes out for upstaging him at the states last year. That’s why he transferred to our school, so that he could get away from him.”

“And what happens? He gets second place to Justin,” Chris laughed.

Justin rolled his eyes watching their main rival wriggle his ass in his tight pink silk shorts and cut off tee shirt that was the Muffins uniform. “We need the strongest leader we can get to beat JC and Nick’s not it.” the blond teen was getting just a little fed up of justifying his succession of squad leader over the more experienced slightly older boy. “Nick had his shot and he blew it, I won’t.”

The three rival cheerleaders left the football ground and got into Joey’s truck. “So we are going through with it then?” he asked.

“We got three weeks to prepare. We need to know where he goes, who he sees. What routines he follows and the best place to snatch him.” Justin reeled off the items of their plan. ”We take him no more than a day before the final and let him go when it’s over.”

“We could go to jail for this,” Joe pointed out.

“If we get caught,” Chris pulled a Ken mask out of his bag. “He can only identify us if he sees us.”

“So we are agreed, we kidnap JC, force the squad to go on without him or concede.” Justin held his hand out palm down.

Chris placed his hand on top of it. “Agreed,” he said.

They both looked to Joey for his decision. “Count me in,” he sighed. “But if we get caught I’m telling them it was your idea Timbers.”

Justin grinned. “We won’t get caught,” he said confidently.