Part 3

“Joshua.” JC paused on the bottom step, chewing his lip. He had hoped to sneak in and pretend that he had been home all along.

“Yes daddy?”

“Come in here please Joshua.” the teen sighed and walked as slowly into the living room as he could. “close the door please.” JC shut the door and stood with his back against it.

His maternal father pointed to a chair and he slinked into it.

His paternal father patted his son’s shoulder and sat down next to his husband.

JC looked at his fathers, the one that had given birth to him, his daddy, and the one that had sired him, his dad. “Joshua,” his dad began. “You’re 17 now and its time that you knew a few medical facts about yourself.”

His daddy took up where his dad left off. “when children are born, they are tested. Then they are tested again at 5, 10, and 16, just to be certain that circumstances haven’t changed. your test results came back a couple of weeks ago, me and your dad decided to wait till you were 17 before we told you.”

Seeing the look of concern on JC’s face his dad tried to explain. “It’s nothing to be worried about sweetness, it’s a test that we all have to have.”

“As your daddy said, its nothing to worry about. Basically it tells us about whether or not you are an aggressive or a passive.”

His daddy interrupted, “You do know what that means don’t you darling?”

“I think so.” His maternal father smiled and moved next to his son. “ it tells us whether you will carry a child or father the child. In your case the results say that you are a passive.”

JC burst into tears.

“It’s ok honey. It’s not the end of the world.” His dad moved to the other side of him so that they sat either side of the sobbing boy. “You always knew that one day we would have to know.”

“And I think deep down inside you already knew the results. We suspected. You were always so much more feminine than you should have been. It is usually a good sign of passiveness.”

“I … I don’t w.. want to be a passive.”

“Oh darling, I remember saying the exact same thing to my daddy, and I’ll tell you what he told me. You have been given a great privilege, one that less than a third of our population have. You have the unique honour of being capable of creating life inside you. And because of that you will be cherished and much sought after.”

“But sweetness you have to be careful,” JC’s paternal father took over. “And I need to ask you a question. It is very personal, we need to know if you are sexually active.”

JC burst into tears again, hiding his face in his hands.

“Did you use protection Joshua? We should get him a pregnancy test.” His daddy got up and picked up the phone, starting to dial the family physician.

“I.. I haven’t had sex.”

His daddy hung up, “Then why are you so upset darling?”

“Brad wants me to, he made me …”

“He forced you! Did he penetrate you honey?”

“No, no, he just made me. He made me give him oral.”

JC’s paternal father was incensed, “I’m calling the police.”

“No, Daddy please don’t let him. I could have said no, but I didn’t. The nationals are in a couple of weeks, daddy, dad, please don’t make this public,” JC begged.

“Well I don’t know darling.”

“Daddy he didn’t make me.”

“I don’t want you to see that boy again. Now we know you are a passive I don’t want him touching you. Do you understand why I‘m asking you to do this Joshua?”

JC nodded, hiding his relieved smile. “I understand and I promise daddy.”

JC had a spring in his step as he arrived at school the next day. He had been given the perfect excuse to get out of seeing Brad again. Lance trotted over to meet him. “You okay?”

JC smiled “yeah, I sort of got some news last night.”

“Test results?”

JC stopped dead. “How did you know?”

“I got mine last night too.”

“Can I ask?” JC hesitated, not wanting to pry.

“Passive. You?”

“Same. How did you react?”

Lance blushed slightly. “I cried like a baby, I really wanted to be an aggressive.”

JC stifled a half laugh, “me too. Both my dads say I’m not to see Brad anymore. They are scared he will get me pregnant.”

Lance couldn’t hide his grin. “I can’t wait to see his face when you tell him that.”