Part 4

“I got my results last night.” Justin confided in Chris as they sat waiting for Joey to show up. The competition was now only days away and the final plans were going to be laid.


“Aggressive.” Chris burst out laughing. “What’s so damn funny?”

Chris wiped his eyes. “Sorry, it’s just you, an aggressive. Shit are you sure you got the right results? That’s like telling Joe that he’s a passive.”

“It’s not that fucking funny, I’m fully male why is that so funny?”

Joe pushed his head through the car window, laughing having heard the tail end of the conversation. “Oh Chris, our baby has balls.”

“Fuck off both of you.” Justin sat pouting with his arms crossed over his chest waiting for his so called friends to stop laughing at him.

When they had calmed down Justin tackled the subject at hand. “what’s the best time to grab JC?”

“Well the good news is the gorilla that he laughingly called a boyfriend is out of there, apparently daddy and dad didn’t want their precious cheerleader playing with the big boys. So the best time to snatch him will be when he drives back to the hotel after final practice on Friday night.”

“That’s brilliant, with the competition on Saturday morning we will only have to hold him 24 hours.” Justin handed out the Ken masks. “We meet here Friday after practice, Joe you drive us to the best place to grab him. I’ve found somewhere to keep him. Once we have him in the car I’ll drive us. Chris bring some duck tape, we can’t drive around in the masks.”

“Till Friday then.”

“Till Friday.”

JC had just executed the full up liberty, expertly caught by Lance when the coach called practice to a halt. “Gentlemen you are as ready as you ever will be. Go home get good nights sleep. Tomorrow we bring home the trophy” The whole squad screamed and clapped in excitement.

“You taking a shower Jace?” Lance asked as they walked back to the changing rooms.

“No man, I’m going to soak in the tub when I get back to the hotel. I’ll see you in the morning, 9am don’t be late.”

“What and let some butterfingers catch our star flyer, not a chance.”

“Night Lance.”

“Night Jaycee.”

JC pumped up his radio and flipped through the stations till he found one that was actually playing music and not adverts. It was only a fifteen-minute drive to where the squad was staying, but most of it was out of town. He was stunned when his headlights caught a body lying in the road. He slammed on his brakes and sat panting behind his steering wheel. He rummaged around for his cell phone, cussing when he realised it was dead. Not knowing what else to do he got out of his jeep and went to the boy, turning him over

He pulled back as he was faced with a Ken mask. Hands grabbed him from behind and he began to fight, unable to scream because of the heavy hand clamped firmly over his mouth.

“Hold him Ken 1.”

“What do you think I’m trying to do Ken 3!”

“Where’s the fucking tape?”

“Oomph,” the tallest Ken went flying backwards from a well-placed kick to his gut. ”Hold the fucker Ken. I got his feet.” The shortest ken wound tape around JC’s ankles and between the three of them they managed to get him onto his stomach and pull his hands behind him.

“Shit! Fuck! He fucking bit me.”

“Tape his god damned mouth.” The three kens sat breathless on the ground JC, hog tied before them, struggling wildly. “Tape his god damned eyes so we can get these fucking masks off will ya Ken.”

Tape was pressed over JC’s eyes and he stopped struggling, knowing that it was useless.

The three pulled off their masks. “He’s a fucking wildcat, sweet innocent little cheerleader my ass. He’s a demon hell cat, all fucking claws and teeth.”

“Come on Kens, let’s get him in the truck before someone sees us.”

“What about his car Ken?”

“Drive it into the trees, lock it up. Hopefully they will think he’s gone walkabout.”

JC panicked as he felt himself being hoisted over the big ken’s shoulder and dumped unceremoniously in the back of his truck. Helpless, he lay perfectly still while he was driven to god only knows where.

The drive was relatively short but very bumpy. JC tried to gauge which direction they were travelling in but just ended up more confused. The truck stopped and the tailgate rattled down. His feet were seized and he was slid off the truck bed and hoisted over someone’s shoulder. His breathing increased as he realised he was being taken underground.

“How’d you find this place?”

“A friend told me about it.”

“It’s a bit dirty.”

“Well he’s only going to be here for a little while.”

JC bounced on the bed that he had been dropped on, he whimpered as a chain was padlocked around his neck. “Masks on Kens.” the tape was ripped from his eyes and mouth. Taking a deep breath he began to scream at the top of his voice.

The three Kens stood watching him. “Can’t we gag him again?” The tallest Ken asked.

“There’s no one around to hear him, let him scream if it makes him feel better.”

JC shut up and tried to kick the nearest Ken in the balls, making him jump backwards. “Vicious little shit.”

“I’m going to rip your fucking balls off! Do you know who you are dealing with. I’ll be missed. My fathers will rip your skin off inch by fucking inch.” JC kicked out again, missing the shortest Ken by mere inches.

“Feisty little fuck isn’t he?”

“Let me go you ass holes,” JC screamed loudly.

The middle sized Ken shook his head in an attempt to stop his ears from ringing. He reached forward , taking a handful of the hysterical brunettes hair. “Shut the fuck up now. Or I swear I will shove my fist down your throat.”

JC’s mouth snapped shut as he looked up at his captor with wide blue eyes.

“Listen to me. We are not going to hurt you. You are going to stay here for a little while, then we will let you go again.”

Justin, the middle sized Ken, let go of JC’s hair smoothing it back into place. “Are you going to behave or do we have to gag and blindfold you again?”

JC pulled his feet up, curling up into a ball. “I asked you a question JC.”

The bound cheerleader nodded reluctantly and muttered “I’ll behave” under his breath.

The biggest Ken turned on a battery powered TV. “So you won’t be bored,” he explained. “And you can watch the cheerleading finals tomorrow.”

JC wriggled to a sitting position. “You can’t keep me here that long, I’m squad leader. My school is counting on me. My squad is counting on me. Please, please I’m begging you. I won’t tell anyone. I promise just please let me go.” he looked pleadingly at his jailors.

“When the finals are over you can go.”

The bound cheerleader struggled to his knees. “It’s my last chance!”

“We will see you tomorrow afternoon.” The three Kens left leaving JC alone.