Part 5

“He loves me; he loves me not. He loves me; he loves me not. He loves me,” Joshua sighed. “He loves me not.” He stopped pulling the petals out of the daisy and grunted. “Of course he bloody loves me it’s a five petal flower.” Joshua gave another heart felt sigh and gazed out over towards Justin's kingdom. “Rescue me,” he breathed. He plucked the last petal and dropped it out of the window. “He loves me,” he thought happily.

Time passes slowly when you are waiting for your knight, or prince to come and that gives a princess, ok prince, time to think. Maybe what he needed was a ball.

He rolled off his bed and started down the spiral staircase that led to the main part of the castle. As he past his old bedroom he glanced in and watched his sister trying on a pair of his best pantaloons. He swore angrily and carried on down to the throne room.

“Daddy,” he said hopefully. “You know it’s my 18th birthday soon, can I have a party?”

King Royston thought for a while. “You can if it’s a joint one with Jasmine.”

“I really wanted a boys night. I wasn’t thinking of inviting girls.”

The king snorted. “Haven’t you got over that ‘all girls have cooties’ stage yet? You can have a ball but it will be for you and Jasmine. Now run along while I sort out the invitations.”

Yes daddy,” Joshua sighed. “Can we have a masquerade ball at least?”

“I don’t see why not. How does tonight grab you?”

“Isn’t it a bit short notice?” Joshua asked.

King Royston gave his son that ‘you poor innocent child’ look and gave him a condescending smile. “Just leave it to me darling and go make your mask.”

As soon as Joshua had gone back to his tower King Royston stood up and shouted at the top of his voice. “Fairy godmother where are you?”

A shower of silver sparkles drifted down from the throne room’s ceiling turning into the elderly lady dressed entirely in pink.

“You bellowed your highness,” she said smiling sweetly and draping herself over Royston’s throne.

“What did you do to my children?”

The fairy godmother looked positively hurt. “Me?” she protested.

“Yes you,” king Royston accused. “I have a daughter who thinks she’s Rambo and a son who makes Carson Kressley look butch.”

The fairy godmother opened her mouth then snapped it back shut again, he had her there. “Alright,” she admitted. “I sort of got their blessing mixed up, but it’s not as bad as it seems,” she added.

“Not as bad! Not as bad,” king Royston boomed. “How can it be not as bad? I have a son who’s a princess and a daughter who frankly frightens me.”

The fairy godmother floated over to where the old king was pacing nervously. “As we speak Joshua's saviour is riding towards the castle. When he arrives have him attend the ball. True love will bring them together.”

The fairy waved her wand and a rainbow of sparkles showered the room transforming it into a richly decorated ball room.

“Have faith good King Royston, Joshua will live happy ever after when his prince claims him.”

“What of Jasmine?” the king asked.

“Buy her a football jersey and sign her up with the Yankees.”

Justin reached the gates to the city and squinted at the notice that was pinned to the post through his bloodshot and hung-over eyes.


Organised by King Royston to find Prince Joshua
and Princess Jasmine boyfriends.

“I guess Joshua told his father that he likes boys better then Poppet.”

Justin's horse, Poppet snorted, pawed the ground and tried to throw him. Justin was really beginning to get on his nerves.

Justin leaned close to his horse’s ear. “Better find a bed and breakfast then,” he whispered. “Need to make myself all sexified for my baby.”

Poppet whinnied and head butted his rider knocking him onto the ground at last then trotted away with his tail in the air looking for a nice warm stable to sleep in.

Joshua placed his mask over his face. The gold face piece hid more than half of his fine features and the gold and black feathers complemented his outfit completely. He studied himself in the mirror knowing that he looked fabulous and that no one, man or woman would be able to resist him. In a small moment of bravado he squeezed his eyes shut and made a wish, the first wish he had ever made in his life.

“Please fairy godmother, if you are really out there bring him to me. Grant me this one wish and I will never ask for anything again.”

Pink sparkles rained down over him, disappearing when he opened his eyes once more. Forcing a smile he straightened his tunic of gold before venturing out into the party.