Part 1

A loud crash roused Josh from his sleep, he leaped out of bed and was immediately grabbed by his arms swung round and bent over , his arms yanked behind him and cuffed tightly. His heart pounded in his chest, terror engulfed him. “Don’t hurt me please.” He begged. Josh was pulled up by his hair to face his attackers. His bedroom was full of cops going through his belongings. “What .. what do you want?” Josh began to shake violently.

An officer held up his badge. “Joshua Scott Chasez. You are being arrested on suspicion of rape. You have the right to legal representation if you cannot afford this a attorney will be provided for you. You don’t have to say anything but anything you do say will be taken down and used in evidence against you. Mr Chasez do you understand your rights?”

Josh nodded too shocked to speak. He was frog marched out of his apartment only wearing his boxers to a waiting squad car. His head was pushed down and he was put in the back of the vehicle.

He sat in a stunned silence all the way down to the precinct, he let himself be lead to a holding cell. It was only when the door slammed and the lock slide shut with a loud clunk did he break down in tears.

The cell was cold and Josh sat shivering still dressed only in his boxers. It had been hours since he had been left there alone. The only person that spoke to him was an officer that wanted his lawyers name. The frightened brunette had to admit he couldn’t afford representation and now had to wait till a attorney was appointed to him.

He desperately wanted to call Lance but knew he couldn’t in case his wife answered the phone, he had no-one else. He had been disowned when he was nineteen, The day he had sat his family down and told them he was in love with another man. He closed his eyes as tears trickled down his face remembering the hate filled words.

Flash back.

“Mom, dad, I want you to know I’m in love and please be happy for me.” Karen Chasez threw her arms round her eldest child and hugged him. “Why sweetie I didn’t even know you were dating. Why haven’t I met her? Whats her name?”

Josh swallowed hard it was now or never. “His name’s Matthew, He’s really nice mom. A doctor, you’ll like him. I know you will.”

Karen shoved her son from her. “HE ...... You said HE?”

“You’re a fucking FAG?” His father jumped out of his seat grabbing his son by his throat and slamming him against the wall, He punched Josh hard in his gut bending him double as the breath rushed out of his lungs. Roy grabbed hold of his hair and dragged him to the front door throwing him out and down the five steps that lead to their threshold into the street. “You’re dead boy.” His father yelled “I didn’t bring you up to be a fucking faggot. So get the fuck out and stay out.” The door was slammed shut as Josh clawed his way back up to the heavy barred door. “Dad please ... please dad .. ... don’t do this.” The distraught teenager pounded on the door begging to be let back in. “Dad ... dad please. Mom ... Mommy ... “ Tears poured down his face, what should he do? .. he didn’t know what to do.” He sat on the steps sobbing into his hands. A window opened and his little sister leaned out throwing him a small holdal. “Its all he’ll let me give you Joshie. I put your bank book in there when he wasn’t looking. Be happy Josh.” She disappeared back into the house closing the window behind her leaving him alone. He sat on the steps for over an hour till a police car pulled up and two officers approached him telling him they had received a complaint that he was loitering on private property. He tried to tell them it was his home that he wasn’t loitering, but they made him move on threatening to lock him up if he didn’t. Reluctantly he stood up, gathered his meagre belongings and walked slowly away. He looked back only once but no-one was watching. He went to the only place he could think of. Josh banged on Matthew’s door, when he answered he collapsed in the older mans arms. Matthew gathered him up and took him inside. Fed him a neat brandy and rocked him gently till he cried himself to sleep.

End of flashback.

The cell door opened drawing him back to the present and a young man entered carrying a briefcase.

“Joshua Chasez?” He held out his hand and waited for his client to shake it. “I’m Justin Harliss, I’m your court appointed attorney.”

Josh gawped at the youngster and in Josh’s mind He was damned young. He had bright blue eyes with long luxurious lashes and a baby face framed by blond/brown curls making him look like a cherub. Like a young Ryan Phillipe .

“I’m sorry Mr Harliss but you can’t be more that what 18, What I mean is...”

“I’m 21 Mr Chasez and I’m qualified I assure you. Now shall we get down to it and by the way call me Justin, Mr Harliss is the prick my mom married.” Justin studied the man cowering on the cot. His head hung low on his chest longish brunette curls lay messily round his face his nose was probably too big for his face and his chin maybe a bit too sharp but he was really beautiful. Justin shook his head slightly Beautiful? but he was. Beautiful and scared. The blond attorney suddenly realised something “Where are your clothes?”


Justin walked over and wrapped his jacket round him. “You’re freezing. Where are your clothes?”

Josh blushed at the smooth hand that rubbed up and down on his skin. “I was sleeping when they came for me. I didn’t get time to dress.”


Justin yelled at the top of his voice and kicked the cell door over and over.

“What the fuck Harliss?” The duty officer opened the door “He’d better be killing ya.!” Justin stood nose to nose with the overweight cop. “Care to tell me why my client is next to naked in this freezing cell. This is abuse. Rest assured my report will include this mistreatment.”

“But ... But his clothes are all in forensics!”

Justin frowned and leaned his face closer to the policeman’s. “Ever heard of blankets?”

“I’ll get him one right away sir.” The officer pushed the cell door shut. “And soup. Hot vegetable soup. I want chairs too and a table.” Josh shivered involuntarily from the cold and Justin yelled out again. “Socks too thick ones.” Then he added in a lower voice that only Josh could hear “Asshole.”