Part 5

Joshua slapped his hands against the glass, begging and pleading for his life, his eyes locked on his former owner. Justin stared down at his hands, he was being torn apart. On the one hand, he had a future with Sam, a future that Joshua could never be a part of. But on the other hand the android was beautiful and loving, an innocent, almost child-like in his total trust and devotion. Joshua would never abandon him for someone else. He’d never stop loving him. Justin lifted his eyes meeting the silver blue of the android’s.

Joshua shook violently, his mouth trembling. He closed his eyes, still sobbing, resigned to the fact he was no longer wanted - no longer loved. His voice cracked as he murmured, “I forgive you Justin. I love you.”

The words were barely breathed, but they pierced Justin’s heart. “Let him out.” Justin whispered. “Let him out. LET HIM OUT. LET HIM OUT!” He threw himself at the case, yelling at the top of his voice and pressed his hand against Joshua’s open palm. “I’m sorry Josh, I’m so sorry. Forgive me. Baby I love you. I love you.”

The case slid open and Joshua tumbled out into Justin’s arms and buried his face into his neck, sobbing in with fear and relief, recoiling in pain when Justin inadvertently brushed the angry red burns on his shoulder and back.

“Don’t leave me,“ he sobbed. “ I’ll do what you say. I’ll stay in my room. It hurts Justin, please don’t let them burn me. Don‘t leave me here to die.”

Justin wept, crushing the naked distraught android to his chest, kissing his curly topped head. “I’m sorry Josh, so sorry. I have been such a fool. I don’t know what I was doing! I love you, you’re mine and I love you … so much.”

Joshua lifted his tear filled eyes, meeting Justin’s. “But I’m not real. I can never be real. I can’t give you children. I don’t want you to hate me because I can’t be real.”

“You are real Josh.” Justin laced his fingers with Joshua’s long slim ones. Lifting his hand to his mouth and pressing a fervent kiss to his palm. “I just didn’t see it.” Justin caressed the side of his androids face, brushing away his tears with his fingertips before kissing him lovingly on his lips. “Yesterday,” he breathed, “You asked me if Sam would be leaving.”

“You said maybe.” Joshua’s mouth trembled and he nuzzled into Justin’s neck, his tongue drawing lazy patterns over his skin.

“He’s leaving.”

Richardson smiled to himself and slipped unnoticed from the room, leaving the two alone. Justin had some tough decisions to make. As he closed the door, Daniel, his own JC model, wrapped his arms around him. “I didn’t know we couldn’t be turned off.“

“That’s because you were manufactured to be as real as possible, and your programming makes you forget that you are not.”

“ You won’t ever burn me will you Kevin?” he asked his brown eyes wide and scared.

Richardson pulled his android assistant and lover into his arms and kissed him tenderly “No baby, never,” he promised.

Moonlight bathed over the two bodies that were entwined together. They had returned to the picnic area where they had made love the previous day. They had yet to go home and face Justin’s human lover, something neither of them were ready to do yet. So Justin had laid a blanket on the ground and they had curled up together, making love all afternoon and into the night. The shaven headed man kissed the burns on Joshua’s shoulder, blowing them to cool the stinging that the android was so bravely trying to hide. Joshua shuddered and inched closer to his lover, lapping devotedly at Justin’s throat.

“Are you in too much pain?” Justin asked as Joshua winced.

“Not when I’m in your arms - no.” The android breathed a soft sigh as he settled into his lover’s chest, rubbing his cheek against Justin’s downy skin. “Justin?”

“Yes darling.”

“What if Sam convinces you to stay with him? What will happen to me?”

Justin squeezed Joshua reassuringly. “He won’t. I won’t let you burn baby. You were made for me. My soul mate. I lost sight of that once. It won’t happen again.” Justin’s cell phone rang for the fiftieth time that day and for the fiftieth time it lay unanswered.

“He’s still looking for you. He won’t give you up without a fight.”

Justin sighed, he knew that the android was right but he’d worry about that in the morning. Tonight he had much more important things to think about. He caught his breath, suddenly forgetting how to breathe as Joshua slid down his body and engulfed his cock in his marvellous mouth, sending him spiralling into ecstasy.