Part 2

The meeting

‘You made me love you,
I didn’t wanna do it,
I didn’t wanna do it,
You made me love you,
and all the time you knew it
I guess you always knew it.’

The strains of the song buried their way into Justin’s ears. He sighed and turned over fighting the consciousness that was nudging at him and landed on the floor with a dull thud.


He sat up using his hands for support. This wasn’t his room. Before he fell off he had been laying on a plush floral couch, Justin surveyed the room he found himself in. Rich busy wallpaper lined the walls and sunshine streamed through the windows.

‘You made me love you
I didn’t wanna tell ya
I didn’t wanna tell ya
You own my heart it’s true,
yes you do
yes you do
you know you do.’

The woman’s voice was coming from the old, no new gramophone that sat on the occasional table by the wall under a huge gilt mirror.

‘Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie, gimmie what I cry forbr
you know you got the kinda kisses that I’d die for
you know I’ll always love you.’

A loud bang sounded in the bathroom and Justin jumped to his feet frantically looking for somewhere to take refuge. He ran into a small cloakroom drawing the curtains behind him, leaving just a little gap so he could see who was there. An attractive woman with dark hair in her late twenties came skipping out of the bathroom dressed in her underwear, a small bed jacket over her shoulders. She began singing the song that had been playing re-wound the gramophone and went back into the bathroom singing along with gusto. Justin made a break for the door. He stopped dead his hand outstretched inches from the door knob as keys rattled in the lock and the handle began to turn.

A tall grey haired gentleman came into the room. He was dressed in tails, ready to go down to dine. He took off his top hat.

“Pumpkin are you ready?”

The pretty brunette came storming out of the bathroom.

“I am not.” She sulked as her husband switched off the gramophone.

“I swear Tiffany you become more exasperating every day.”

The grey haired man pulled back the curtain and placed his top hat on the shelf of the cloakroom. Justin almost screamed in frustration from his hiding place behind the couch. The couple began to argue and the man followed his wife into the bathroom. Justin saw his chance and ran for the door slamming it shut behind him. He spun round walking back towards it as he heard it re-open.

“I say young man did you see someone come out of this room?”

Justin swallowed and tried not to blush as he replied

“Indeed I did sir. A young fellow, ran off that way.” He pointed down the hallway.

The grey haired gentleman scratched his head and said

“I’ll be damned, I will report it immediately.”

He slammed the door shut before Justin could say another word. The young writer smiled to himself felling really clever at deceiving the older man. He made his way down to the reception, all round him people were milling around. He was impressed with the lovely gowns the women wore, everyone was so elegant.

A large ball knocked against his legs and he bent down to pick it up. A small boy about five years old with dark hair came running up and smiled at him holding his hands out. Justin leaned down and gave him back the ball.

“Joey, Not inside, I’ve told you before.”

Joey pouted and dropped his head, he sat down sulkily on the floor his back to the wall, the ball tucked between his knees. Justin grinned and shook his head

“So that’s Joey.” He walked confidently to the desk.

“I’d like a room please.”

The desk clerk pushed the register in front of him and asked him to sign in, he pushed a key to him room 245, Justin blanched.

“Oh, there must be some mistake are you sure this is the right key?”

The clerks counterpart chose that moment to come out of the office.

“Oh sir I’m sorry that room is already booked. I forgot to tell you Alfred, sorry.”

He slipped another key towards Justin He sighed in relief room 451

“It’s 10.30” Justin volunteered as the clerk pulled back the register. He handed the young blond the key. Justin almost hopped down the corridor that lead to where Joshua’s suite was situated. He stood outside the door his heart pounding in his chest. He practised a few things to say

“Mr Chasez, you don’t know me .. but you will. Mr Chasez I know you don’t know me. but you will. No, No. Joshua, Josh, I’ve come back 56 years to be with you. Be with me?” Justin took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

A very large lady opened it. The blond took a step back in shock and tried to peer round her ample frame.

“Erm, May I speak with Mr Chasez?”

The woman looked him up and down and slid her spectacles down to the end of her nose peering over the top of them at him.

“Mr Chasez is not here.” She spoke with a strong French accent.

“Could you tell me where his is please?”

“He is probably at the theatre He is appearing tonight and must rehearse.” Before Justin could thank her the door slammed shut in his face. He stood staring at the dark wood door for a few moments before giving a little skip and charging off to the lakeside theatre.

Rehearsals were in full swing as he entered the auditorium, an annoying loud mouthed man was screaming at the actor and actress on the stage as he paced back and forth his face getting redder and redder with every fumbled line. Justin coughed politely, then coughed again more loudly to get someone’s attention,


Justin jumped back a foot startled at the aggressiveness of the producer.

“I ... Erm ... I” He stuttered. “Spit it out man.”

The producer stepped closer to him, Justin took a step back.

“I’m looking for Mr Chasez.”

“If you have a message for him give it to me.”

The producer advanced on the blond making him take a few more rapid steps backwards.

Justin swallowed “I need to tell him myself, I have to wait for a reply.”

“NO, NO, NO, This is meant to be a comedy, lets not bury the playwright before he dies.”

The producer turned his attention back to the stage Justin forgotten. A young man tugged at the blondes jacket from where he stood.

“You’ll most likely find Mr Chasez walking by the lake.”

“Thank you.”

Justin rushed out into the sunlight and trotted gently down to the water slowing to a walk. He wondered along the lakes edge the sun glaring in his eyes. Then he saw him. Not clearly the sun still dazzled him but it was him. He was sitting on a small pier his pants rolled up to his knees dangling his toes in the clear waters. He looked up and his steel blue eyes connected with Justin azure ones. He quickly stood up pulling down his pant legs and grabbing his shoes. Justin rushed over to him afraid he would run, he looked terrified.

“Is .. is it you? .... Is it?” Joshua asked, his teeth worried on his bottom lip. Justin took a step closer and said


“Is there something I can do for you young man?”

The blond spun round as the stocky short brunette in his thirties spoke.

“Mr Chasez is not to be disturbed during his quite time. Come my dear.”

He held out his hand towards Joshua who lowered his eyes and took hold of the older mans hand. The blondes eyes widened as he recognised the brunette

“You’re Christopher Kirkpatrick.” He held out his hand “Pleased to meet you sir.”

Kirkpatrick looked at him with contempt and drew Joshua back to the path ignoring the outstretched palm. The two men walked along side by side as Justin followed about twenty feet behind

“What were you talking about?” Christopher asked


“You were talking I saw You.” Joshua started to look over his shoulder at the handsome young stranger.

“There is no need to look back he’s still following.” Kirkpatrick stopped walking

“You carry on back to the hotel. I’ll deal with this.”

Joshua hesitated and took a few more steps before stopping to watch his manager confront the blond.

“Your name sir?” Kirkpatrick demanded.

“Justin Timberlake.” He offered his hand again, again it was refused.

“And what do you do for a living Mr Timberlake?”

“Well I’m a very successful playwright.”

“Ah” Christopher Kirkpatrick looked over his shoulder to where Joshua was hovering uncertainly.

“Do I know any of your plays?” He asked condescendingly.

“Well I doubt it.”

“And I doubt I will ever see one graced by Joshua Chasez. Now keep away from him or I will have you removed from this establishment.”

He spun on his heel and returned to where Joshua waited, grabbing his arm and steering him back to the hotel.

“What did you say to him?” Josh whispered.

“I told him to keep away from you. Now shall we go to dinner Chasez?” Josh nodded and cast a quick look back at the handsome blond before following his manager into the dinning room.

The dinning room was full as Justin hovered in the doorway. He waited for the Matrie’d to look down at his seating arrangement before dashing quickly into the throng. He wove through the tables narrowly avoiding an oncoming waiter at full pelt carrying a stack of plates so high Justin was sure he couldn’t see over them.

“Did you find Mr Chasez?” The young man from the theatre asked as he strode passed. Justin blushed a little

“Yes thank you.” He turned to walk away then turned back to the young man.

“I’m meant to be dining with him tonight have you seen him?”

“He is just over there.” The young man pointed to a crowd milling round at the edge of the dance floor.

There was about six young men and women crowding round Joshua, he was being courteous and attentive for the most part, but I tiny look of panic was quickly taking hold of his delicate features. Justin took a deep breath and made his way over to the anxious actor.

“Excuse me, Excuse me” He said with an air of authority. “Mr Chasez must rest now, so if you wouldn’t mind.”

He reached past a middle-aged couple and grabbed Joshua’s hand. Pulling him close to his chest he pushed his way past the young mans admirers and into a corner away from everyone else. Joshua watched him with wide blue eyes, his bottom lip trembling slightly. His eyes darted round the room looking for his manager. Justin guided him into a chair and crouched down before him tenderly stroking his leg and making soothing noises.

“Are you alright?” Joshua’s eyes rested again on the blond curly haired stranger. His adams apple bobbed quickly in his throat and he nodded.

“I’m Justin Timberlake.” The actor nodded again,

“What do you want from me Mr Timberlake?” He looked as if he was going to cry any moment so Justin took a small step back to reassure him.

“I want to know what you meant when you said ‘Is it you’?” Joshua’s eyes darted round the room again before looking deep into Justin’s eyes.

“Chris told......”

“You again!” Kirkpatrick stood his eyes blazing in anger as he poked Justin hard in the shoulder. He called a large hotel worker over and pointed at the blond playwright.

“This gentleman is annoying my client please see that he is removed.” The huge man grasped Justin by his collar and threw him out of the restaurant. Joshua jumped to his feet and began to follow the enigmatic young man only to have a heavy hand clasp firmly on his shoulder restraining him.

“Chasez, No.” Chris’s dark brown eyes pleaded with the younger mans.

“Stay please.” Joshua watched as the blond was pushed unceremoniously through the door and sat back down.

Justin paced back and forth outside the dining room not knowing what to for the best. The more he saw Joshua the more he was convinced it was their destiny to be together. Gathering his wits about him he went back to his room hopefully after a few hours sleep he would come up with plan B.

Plan B came to him as he stared out of the window watching the sun set. He saw Kirkpatrick his hand holding Joshua’s arm as they walked down to the theatre to get ready for the performance. He poured himself a large JD and settled back to wait. He must have nodded off because suddenly his room was dark. He shrugged on his jacket, placed his hat on his head and made his way to Joshua’s suite. He knocked on the door.

The sound of shuffling was audible then the door opened a crack. Justin quickly removed his hat and clamped it to his chest.

“Mr Chasez?”

Joshua opened the door a little wider, but only enough for him to see Justin. Justin stared at the brunette, He looked stunning, Obviously just roused from a state of sleep, He wore baggy pyjamas the bottoms of which hung precariously low on his slender hips and dragged along the floor. He scrubbed at his eyes with the back of his hand as he spoke.

“Mr Timberlake, do you not ever tire of this game you are playing?”

“It’s not a game Mr Chasez, Joshua, I’ve come so far to be with you.”

Justin stroked the his hand down the side of the actors face as he drowned in the steel blue eyes. Joshua turned his face into the hand kissing it softly.

“You have to go.”

“Meet with me?” Justin breathed Joshua shook his head

“I can’t”

“Yes you can meet with me?”

The brunette closed his eyes


“My dear Mr Chasez if you do not meet with me my heart will seize to beat, My whole world will come crashing to an end, My mother will have to cry over my coffin as they lower me into the ground.”

The actor laughed out loud at the amateur dramatics the curly haired blond was subjecting him to.

“Really I can’t”

“Say Yes”




“Say yes” Justin clamped his hand to his heart and pretended to stagger against the wall. “Say yes Joshua”


The door slammed shut leaving Justin stunned. It opened again and Josh’s head popped out

“Tomorrow by the lake”

The door slammed again only to re-open immediately


This time when the door shut it stayed shut. Justin jumped in the air clicking his heels together then skipped down the hall a massive smile on his face. Joshua had said yes.

The sun was shining brightly as Justin made his way down to the lake. It glinted off his golden curls dazzling passer by’s as he nodded pleasantly nothing able to shake his euphoric mood. It was happening, he was really going to meet Joshua.

The object of his obsession was waiting exactly where they had first met the day before. Justin was startled to realise only 24 hours had passed since he had come back in time. Joshua turned and blinded the blond with a grin, he took ten quick steps towards Justin stopping just short of embracing him. he lowered his chin and looked up coyly a small smile playing at the corners of his mouth,

“Hi” Justin felt as if his heart would burst as he studied the beautiful man he had come so far to be with. T

he dark lashes that flickered in half moons softly on his cheeks, the pink tones that spread over his blemishless skin as he blushed under the blondes scrutiny. Justin held out his hand. Josh looked around them cautiously worry playing at his delicate features.

“Its only my hand Joshua.”

“Its not that, its just ... well its so public.”

“Its only holding hands Josh.”

His skin burned as long slender fingers slid into his grasp. Justin squeezed the hand reassuringly as they walked along the lake path, neither of them speaking just being with each other was enough. They soon became aware that they were being followed and Justin cussed to see Kirkpatrick just over 100 yards from them and gaining rapidly. He stopped and glared at the stocky man considering how hard he should hit him. Joshua tugged at his sleeve and said

“Come on I have an idea.” He dragged Justin to where a horse and carriage was standing with its owner. He climbed up into the drivers seat tugging Justin along with him. He shot the owner a grin as he was handed the reigns, he quickly urged the horses into a trot leaving a very irate manager swearing.

They drove for half hour before josh reigned in the two geldings. He climbed out of the carrage and walked round to fuss the elegant creatures.

“Aren’t they the most beautiful things you ever saw? I love the tan horses with the blond manes”

“Palaminos, that what they are called.” Justin joined in rubbing the soft muzzle of the nearest horse. “And no, They’re not the most beautiful thing. You are.”


“Don’t what Joshua?”

“I know what people say about me, How i’m a lover of men. But it’s not true. And if you came here because of that then i’m sorry you will be dissapointed.”

Josh started to climb back into the drivers seat and Justin wrapped his arms round his waist pulling him back down. He pressed his body length over the startled brunette and brought his lips close to the soft mouth he so longed to kiss. Their noses side by side

“Why did you ask me, Is it you?”

Josh’s tongue flicked over his lips, Justin fought the urge to taste it.


“What about him?”

“He knows things, things that haven’t happened yet. He told me, He said that a man would come that would change my life forever.”

Justin rubbed his nose against the soft flesh of Josh’s cheek.

“And did he tell you to be afraid of this man?”


Justin trailed his fingers over the perfect contours of the slender mans face, he brought up his other hand gently cupping josh’s chin tilting his head up. His other hand soon joined the first angling josh’s head into position as he brought his lips softly against the delicate creature’s in his arms. Barely a kiss, just a whisper of lips touching lips. Then Justin crushed the younger man to his chest, taking possession of the yielding flesh that moved against him. The kiss deepening as pent up passion and wanton need took over. Joshua’s arms snaked round Justin’s neck as his tongue danced freely in the blonde’s mouth. The kiss broke and they rested their foreheads on each others panting, their lips kiss swollen and bruised.

“Don’t be afraid, not of me.” Justin whispered as their lips met once more.

The afternoon passed quickly and soon Josh began to sigh that he had to return and rest before his performance.

“Come see me.” He begged “I want you to see me on stage before we move on.”

“Move on ... when Joshua .. when do you leave?”

The brunette lowered his eyes sadly

“Tonight, we leave for Denver after the performance tonight.” Justin raked his fingers through his hair.

“Don’t go baby, Stay with me.”

“I have to go, I’m under contract.”

“Leave here, now , with me. Baby I just found you. I don’t want to lose you.”

“Come see me act Justin, I’ll give you my answer after the performance.”