Part 3


It was a capacity audience for the final performance of ‘Not Now Dear Heart.’ Justin excitedly made his way down into the auditorium and sat in the aisle seat Joshua had reserved for him. The lights were extinguished and the curtain raised to Joshua standing his back to a wall his ankles crossed reading a newspaper. The audience applauded loudly. A thick set young boy entered the stage and greeted Joshua’s character. Josh shook the paper and folded it placing it under his arm and checked a bronze time piece that was attached to his waist coat by a shiny bronze chain. He sighed loudly

“What am I to do.” He vocalised precisely

“My father insists that I marry this girl, but I find her dog much more attractive.”

Everyone broke out in riotous laughter at the well delivered line.

“Unfortunately the poor soul is deludedly in love with me and is looking forward to our wedding with much more anticipation than I myself can muster.”

The thick set boy took off his hat wiped his forehead and delivered his first line

“Nathaniel, you talk as if your father has delivered you to the devil himself.”

“Not the devil” Joshua announced “Just his daughter.”

More riotous laughter filled the auditorium.

As the play progressed Joshua played Nathaniel to perfection, reducing the captivated audience into fits of laughter. All to soon the curtain came down as the interval began. Justin clambered out of his seat and made his way back stage. He watched in awe as Josh was sat down on a low stool. He was so beautiful, enigmatic. Joshua caught him staring and a slight blush coloured his cheeks and he turned his head slightly his eyes closed. His hat pulled low on his head as a small smile played at his lips.

“Hold it”

A bright flash lit the stage area and Justin realised that this was the picture that had captivated his heart, he had often wondered what Joshua had been thinking at the precise time the photograph had been taken and now he knew. He had been thinking about him. Love ripped its way through Justin’s soul. He took a step towards the handsome man he intended to spend the rest of his life with. Only for Josh to shake his head his eyes darting about him to see if the encounter had been noticed. Justin sighed and touched his fingers to his lips then waved the kiss in the actors direction. Joshua smiled a smile of an innocent child stealing cookies after being told he couldn’t have any. A sharp pitched bell rang and everyone was ushered off the stage and Josh took up his starting position, but not before throwing Justin a discreet kiss back.

It was halfway through the second half when a small messenger boy handed Justin a letter, He tore it open baffled at who would be writing to him. He read the artistic handwriting and then got up out of his seat and left the theatre. Kirkpatrick was standing where he had said he would be, a long cigarette holder clamped between his fingers

“Mr Timberlake, Thank you for joining me.”

“What do you want Kirkpatrick?” The manager indicated to the lake path.

“Walk with me Justin, do you mind if I call you Justin?” the blond shook his head

“I ask again. What do you want.”

“I want you to leave him alone.”

“I can’t”

“You must. This is not Europe where a young man may find companionship in the arms of another man while waiting to marry. This is America, If his sexual preference was discovered he would be finished and the both of you would face imprisonment.”

“I can’t give him up. I love him.”

“Can’t or won’t?” Chris spat.

“Both, besides who Joshua spends his time with need not concern you anymore. He is leaving with me tonight. I’ll take him to New York, he will shine just as bright there under my own guidance.” Kirkpatrick grabbed Justin’s shirt and pulled him up to his face.

“Do you really think I will let him go that easily? I have spent years protecting him from men like you. He is ill equipped to deal with your sort alone. I will not stand by while you destroy him. He is mine. I own him and I am warning you to leave now while you still can.”

Justin pushed the shorter man causing him to stumble back.

“We will be leaving tonight and there is nothing you can do to stop me taking him.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.”

Justin struggled as two men jumped out from behind the trees holding him tightly. Kirkpatrick brushed down his jacket the approached the blond playwright.

“I’m sorry Justin really I am, I had hoped that you would see reason and just leave.” He nodded at one of the men and blackness smothered Justin’s consciousness.

Joshua had seen Justin get up and leave and spent much of the latter part of act two waiting for him to come back. As the final curtain fell he ran from the stage, refusing to return for his curtain calls. He tore off his costume as he entered his dressing room, grabbing up a pair of slacks and a button down shirt.

“He’s gone Chasez” Joshua stopped dead his eyes filled with tears.

“He wouldn’t leave. We were going together. He wouldn’t leave me.” Chris handed the distressed young man a letter.

“I’m sorry Chasez. I’ve taken the liberty of having your things packed up. Your room has been vacated.” The managers voice softened

“Sometimes Joshua things happen for the best. We will be leaving for Denver in 15 minutes.”

The stocky brunette left closing the door with a loud click. Josh sunk to the ground his heart breaking.

Light, blinding light. Justin’s head felt as if he had a 20 piece brass band practising in his brain. A horse snorted somewhere to his left and he tried to get up only to find he was bound hand and foot, he’d also been gagged. He spent the next hour rolling about on the stable floor trying to get free. He managed to dislodge the gag and screamed in frustration for assistance. Eventually he managed to free one of his hands and therefore the rest of his body. He clambered to his feet still feeling woozy from where he had received the blow to his head. What time was it? It was light, Oh god no, Joshua..... He sprinted back to the hotel not slowing his pace till he reached the actors suite. He pounded loudly on the door.

“Joshua, Joshua , Josh please Josh be here!” A chambermaid opened the door cautiously

“Can I help you sir?”

“Yes, Mr Chasez, Where is he?”

“Mr Chasez and his company checked out last night sir.”

Justin slid slowly down the wall tears flowing freely from his stormy blue eyes. He was gone. It had all been for nothing, He’d lost him forever. The distraught blond forced himself back to his feet and sorrow tearing up his heart made his way down to the lobby. He sat his head in his hands by a window that gave a lovely view of the water, But he knew he could never look at the lake again without seeing Josh as he had that first day, pants rolled up dipping his toes in the cooling waters. Never again. He pulled himself together a little and walked out into the bright sunlight, His head hung low between his shoulders, blinded by tears that wouldn’t stop falling. He’d failed. He had lost Joshua again, and he had lost himself as well.

Joshua walked by the lake, the weight of his sadness causing him to stoop. He looked up towards the hotel. He yelped as he saw him. He ran towards the crying blond his hat flying off his head unheeded. Justin heard the anguished cry and lifted his head too stunned for a moment to move.


The two men ran together, falling into each others arms, Mouths meeting in a wild frenzy of relief and passion.

“He said you left me.” Joshua sobbed openly as the blond kissed his lips, forehead, face anywhere his lips could reach. “He said you left me!”

“Never, Never Joshua, I’ll never leave you. I love you.” Josh fell into Justin’s arms tears streaming down his face.

“I love you Justin, I love you.”

The world took a backseat as they somehow reached Justin’s room. as soon as the door closed tightly behind them they were on each other. Touching, kissing. Justin laid Josh back on to the bed. “I’ll be gentle, I promise.” he whispered. The brunette chewed his bottom lip a little afraid of what the older man was going to do to him.

Justin began stripping Josh slowly, examining every inch of flesh that he exposed before kissing it tenderly. When he had stripped his lover completely he sat back to admire the perfect creature laying waiting for his touch. He lowered his lips to Josh’s with deliberate slowness, making him wait for the caress, hovering millimetres away from the hot pink lips. Steely liquid blue eyes stared back at him as he brushed his tongue tip over Joshua’s mouth causing the younger man to gasp. Then lips were touching lips as Josh entangled his fingers in the golden locks.

“Beautiful, so beautiful.” Justin mouthed into the mouth of his lover.

He reached down and run his fingers over Joshua’s swollen phallus causing the brunette to jump as if he had been burned and moan loudly. The older man pumped gently at the lovely cock that throbbed in his hand. All the time kissing and licking at the beautiful mouth that kissed and licked just as eagerly back. Josh cried out as he spilled his seed over himself and Justin. The brunette looked as if he was going to cry at his lack of self control.

“Its ok baby, Its what I wanted to happen, now I can really make love to you.”

Justin kissed his way down Joshua’s body till he reached the sticky mess. He sucked it up into his mouth then slid back up his lovers body kissing his soft lips hard and depositing half the hot cum into Josh’s mouth. Joshua shuddered at the taste but swallowed it dutifully as Justin’s tongue danced wildly in his mouth.

“Roll over my angel.”

Josh obeyed shivering with anticipation unsure of what Justin was going to do next. A loud groan ripped from his throat as Justin’s tongue found his tight hot opening. Justin rolled his tongue round the puckered entrance realising just how tight his lover was and struck by the sudden realisation that Josh was a virgin. He dipped inside his lovers ass, careful not to hurt or frighten the young man squirming frantically beneath him, He wet him down methodically using his probing muscle to tease and stretch until he felt he could go further.

He removed his mouth and replaced it with his finger, just one to start. Justin mumbled words of reassurance and he slipped in another digit. He removed his hand and rolled Joshua on to his back quickly replacing the fingers and working in and out stretching Josh till he was ready. His own cock was leaking madly and he spread it over himself mixing it with spittle, he wanted to be sure there was enough lubrication, the last thing he wanted was to tear his way into his beautiful lover.

The blond positioned himself at the brunettes entrance and pressed firmly on the tight ring of muscle. Joshua bit his lip, in an attempt to hid the pain. Justin looked down at him concern marring his fine features

“I can stop.”

The brunette shook his head

“I want this Justin, I want you.”

The older man pushed the rest of the way inside, waiting till his lover adjusted then rolled his hips , building up to a steady rhythm. Joshua’s eyes widened in shock and bewilderment as Justin hit his prostate not knowing that the place that was sending surges of ecstasy through him had even existed.

Justin hit his lovers prostate again and again , digging deeper and deeper with every thrust. Joshua screamed out in wild abandonment as he shot another load coating both himself and Justin in the hot sticky mess. As Josh came for the second time his ass convulsed around Justin’s cock causing him to throw back his head and scream as he filled his lover. They collapsed in a tangle of sweaty bodies, arms and legs entwined, not knowing or caring who’s hands were where. Justin propped himself up. and leaned in for a slow long tender kiss.

“I love you Joshua.”

The brunette lifted his long brown lashes and said “I know.”

They spent the rest of the morning into the afternoon exploring each others, bodies and minds. Justin discovered Joshua’s artistic streak went deeper than acting, He loved to draw although he insisted he was awful at it, and he could sing. It took the older man twenty minutes of petting and persuading to get Josh to sing for him. He found himself totally captivated by the strong clear voice that moved up and down the scale effortlessly. Josh listened to all of his lovers play ideas nodding enthusiastically when Justin suggested a musical. Hunger soon took them over and Justin pulled on his pants to go and order something for them to feast on.

Josh sat on the bed naked a sheet wrapped round his body as he watched the man he loved more than anything button up his shirt and slip on his waistcoat.

“Pass me my watch my sweet.”

Josh picked up the lovely time piece turning it over and over in his hands, his fingertips tracing the engraving.

“Its beautiful where did you get it.”

Justin grinned at his lover

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you my angel. While I’m ordering our food I’ll tell them we are leaving.”

Josh wrinkled his nose as Justin pulled on his jacket.


The younger man twisted the watch chain round his fingers.

“When we get to New York Justin the first thing I’m going to do is buy you a new suit.”

“What’s wrong with my suit?” Josh giggled

“Apart from the fact its 10 years out of date nothing.”

“There is Nothing wrong with my suit!” Justin said defensively

“Its a great suit. The pants fit perfectly, the jacket hangs right. And look pockets, loads and loads of pockets. There’s deep one’s and even a coin pocket look.”

Justin pushed his hand into the small pocket and pulled out a coin. 1977. The world started to spin around him as Josh seemed to get further and further away, his lovely face marred with terror. The blond reached out his hand to his lover if he could just reach him this wouldn’t be happening.

“Justin ..... Justin ..... JUSTIN.”