Part 4

Justin came down the stairs that led from the office back to the restaurant. He pushed away the twisted sneer that had taken up residence on his face since he had seen the waiter upset JC and joined his boy at the small round table. “Hey baby, how was dinner?”

JC smiled sheepishly. “It was good.”

“Are you still hungry?” Justin inched his hand beneath the hem of JC’s shirt, stroking his thumb over JC’s heated flesh.

JC shook his head and looked up through his long lashes. “No. Thank you.”

Justin grinned; his mood had instantly lightened when his boy had smiled at him. “What for baby?”

JC blushed slightly. “For looking out for me. For giving me something to eat.” The teen caught his breath as Justin leaned in and swiped his tongue over his lips.

“Mmmm, you taste of lasagne and coffee ice cream.”

Embarrassed JC wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, his eyes lowered.

“Can I bring you anything Mr. Fatone?”

Justin gave a slight laugh and glared up at the waiter that was interrupting his time with JC. “I’m glad you know who I am . . . ?”

“Tony sir.”

Justin smiled but his eyes didn’t. “Tony . . . Have you looked after my guest Tony?” The undertones of the simple question made the waiter stutter worriedly.

“I . . . I think so Sir.”

“That’s good . . . Tony.” The smile slipped from Justin’s face and he stood up and helped the apprehensive JC to his feet. “Come on baby, I want you to look at some designs.”

Lance passed the stunned waiter, hitting him with his shoulder as he passed. He turned and grinned bringing two fingers to his temple he mimed one word. “Bang.” Tony turned white and dropped the pile of plates he was holding, letting them crash noisily to the Mediterranean style tiled floor. The waiter fell to his knees picking up the broken crockery as quickly as he could, he would have to pay for those plates. He dared to look up, one last look at the trio as they walked out into the street. Paying for a few plates was going to be the last of his worries.

They had been driving for five minutes when Justin broke the silence. “What did he say to you baby?”

JC paled, “He . . . he suggested that I pay for my meal by,” JC choked back a sob, “by.”

Justin pulled JC into his body, making the younger boy rest his head against his shoulder as he played with the loose brunette curls. “It’s alright JC, I’ll make sure that no one ever talks to you that way again.” They never spoke for the rest of the journey that took them back to Justin’s apartment. When they arrived JC followed silently as Justin got out of the car. Lance followed two steps behind him. The blond bodyguard’s eyes darted around him as if he expected something or someone to jump out on him. He made JC feel very nervous so he moved closer to Justin. He knew he was Justin’s plaything, a toy till something better came along but still he felt safe near the older man.

“Sit on the couch.” Justin pointed to the over stuffed bottle green piece of furniture that sat in the middle of the room. JC did as he was told, drawing his knees up so he could hug them to him. He shifted slightly so that his weight was on his left cheek; the right was still sore from the ink work.

“Help me set up Mississippi.” Justin dragged a bench from his closet while Lance set up a small table with Justin’s inks and needles.

“Take off your clothes JC,” Justin instructed as he adjusted a rest on top of the bench, adjusting its angle to best support JC’s torso. Justin looked up noticing that his canvas hadn’t moved and was staring at the needles lined up on the table. “JC I told you to take off your clothes, then come and straddle this bench.”

JC stripped slowly his eyes never leaving the tattoo equipment. A single tear leaked from his eyes as he sat as he had been instructed. Justin adjusted the rest once more. “Press your chest against the rest Jace and stretch your arms down the struts.”

Nervously the teenager swallowed and did as he was told. Lance strapped his wrists in place making him whimper as he realised that he was going to have no choice at all but to sit still and be tattooed. He shuddered as his back was washed with alcohol.

“Did you make up your mind what you are going to do?” Lance asked as he pawed through a bundle of drawings.

“I was thinking that I would go with the flow, see what inspired me. He has such beautiful skin.” Justin’s fingers walked down the ridges of JC’s spine, mapping out his starting point. JC gave a little cry as Justin marked the spot with his pen. “It’s just a pen baby, I’ll warn you when I start to mark you.” Justin placed a gentle kiss against JC’s back then twisted in his seat and loaded his tattoo gun with black ink. Turning back to JC he smoothed the index finger of his left hand over the spot he had marked. “I’m starting now baby,” he said as the needle met JC’s skin.

Lance stood watching for a while, then he rested his hand gently on Justin’s shoulder. “I have to meet Kirkpatrick and the boys. Will you be alright here alone?”

Justin turned off his gun and gave his bodyguard and friend a dazzling smile. “ I won’t go out I promise, cross my heart and hope to.”

“Don’t you dare say it Tennessee, not even in jest.” Lance crossed the room and moved a picture hanging on the wall to one side revealing a safe. The bodyguard twisted the dial a couple of times and the door sprung open. Lance reached inside and took out a gun, slipping it into his belt. He closed the door and replaced the picture.

“I’ll be a couple of hours.”

Be careful Mississippi. Keep that pretty blond head low.”

Lance laughed. “You know I will, besides I wanna see what that will turn out like,” he said humorously before sighing deeply and leaving.

Justin waited till he had gone then turned his attention back to the design outline that he was etching on JC’s back. He started the tattoo gun again and dragged the needle over his canvas’ skin. JC whimpered and pressed his torso hard against the rest, trying to escape the sharp tearing sensation. Tears rolled silently down his face as he sat helplessly. The older man ignored his reluctant models pain and carried on working, too deeply engrossed in his art to really care.

Time passed and the light had begun to fade, making Justin look up and check the time. He was surprised to see that more than three hours had passed. JC sagged boneless against the rest his eyes and face red and swollen from crying. The flesh around the tattoo was red and inflamed and suddenly Justin felt remorse. He hadn’t meant to spend so long on the first session. He poured some alcohol onto a clean cloth and carefully cleaned away the excess ink.

JC hissed in pain and pressed harder into the thickly padded rest, his wrists that were still bound to the struts were red and raw where he had strained to get free so Justin used alcohol and a clean rag to cleanse them too.

“JC, I’m going to leave you here for a little while, just a couple of hours just till your back begins to scab.” Justin pulled JC’s head back so that he could kiss his lips. “I’ll bring you a drink, a brandy. It will make you feel better my darling.” Justin kissed him again, licking his tongue over JC’s lips before going to get him a drink.

Justin glanced over to where JC still sat. The young brunette had fallen asleep, his arms bound and stretched down the struts that held the rest in place.. JC’s cheek was squashed against the soft padding and his frail frame shuddered every now and then with soft sobs. The handle of him front door turning made him jump and he snatched a carving knife from the kitchen worktop, holding it protectively in front of him.

The door opened.

“What the hell good is that going to be if I had a gun?” Justin let out the breath he had been holding and sagged down against the work surface.

“It was all that was to hand,” he snapped. “Next time Paddy knock before you walk into my apartment or you might end up with a knife between your ribs.” Justin tossed the carving knife into the sink. “What do you want anyway? Doesn’t Joey miss you licking his boots?”

Chris laughed his chocolate eyes sparkling with mirth. “Well its better than kissing his arse like Lancy-poo does with you.”

“Mississippi, why can’t you and Joe call him Mississippi? Everyone else does.”

Chris grunted not really paying attention. His eyes were fixed of JC’s naked back. “Is that the street rat?” he asked

“Yeah, that’s JC.” Justin joined Chris by the still snoozing boy’s side.

“That’s going to be bloody nice when its done.” Chris gently traced the black ink lines that went down JC’s spine.

“I’m thinking of colouring it in , rather than leaving it just in black. What do you think?”

“I’m thinking that if the mobster business ever dies down, you could open a tattoo parlour. Ya have a customer here for one.” Justin grinned happily at the complement that he had just been paid, then it hit him.

“Where’s Mississippi?” he asked. It wasn’t like his friend not to come straight back. They must have finished with the Russians because Chris was back, and for that matter what was Chris doing at his apartment anyway?”

“Lancers took a bullet to his shoulder.” Justin paled and grabbed for a chair as his knees buckled beneath him. Chris caught him and guided him down. “Now don’t cha be threating. Ya lad’s hard as nails. He’s been treated and will be back later. Joe just wanted to make sure that cha was alright here. I’ll be staying with cha till he gets back, Joe’s bringing him when he’s comes round.”

“What went down Chris?”

The older man crossed the room to the liquor cabinet and poured Justin a large brandy, passing it to the shaken blond. “Drink that Jay. The Russians had been tipped off that’s what went down. It ended up as a shoot out. Lance took one to the shoulder, but not before he took three of them bastards out first.” Chris poured himself a scotch while he talked. “Joe is raging. We have a traitor in our family Justin, but we’ll find him and when we do I’ll teach him the importance of loyalty.”

Justin shuddered, he had seen the results of the Irishman’s lessons. “Do you have any . . .”

“Idea? . . . Aye I do. And when I get my proof his arse will be mine. You ya wanna play cards?”

Justin stared at the hit man blankly, lost at the sudden change of conversation.

“Cards - while we wait for ya brother and boyfriend,” Chris clarified.

Justin shook his head, “Yeah sure, cards are in the top drawer.” He chugged back his brandy and stood on shaky legs, walking over to check on JC. The slim brunette had been woken up by his and Chris’ conversation and was shifting uncomfortably on the bench. “Hey baby, do you feel better for your nap?”

JC blinked and chewed his lip an unasked question written across his face.

“What is it baby?” Justin asked softly.

“Bathroom,” JC whispered. “Please.”

Justin swallowed a chuckle; the skinny boy looked so cute asking to use the toilet. “You should have said before baby,” Justin said reassuringly. He untied JC’s wrists and helped him to stand up. “Come straight back ok and leave the door open so I can see you. Don’t try to look at your back, I’ll show you when its finished not before.”

JC hung his head. “Yes sir.” His legs shook like jelly as he used the furniture as support to walk the short distance to the bathroom, he jumped and staggered back as the bathroom door opened and Chris walked out still doing up his fly.

“Evening street rat.” Chris pulled open a drawer and got out the deck of cards. “We’re having a couple of hands of poker, shall I deal for you?” JC stammered and looked at Justin for guidance.

“Leave him alone Paddy and deal.” JC ducked inside the bathroom and began to close the door. “I said leave it open Jaycee.” Justin smiled to himself when JC opened the door as wide as it would go. He licked his lips and reached between his legs to adjust himself as the naked teen stood in front of the pan to relieve himself.

Chris watched, his eyes dark. “Have ya fucked cha boy yet?”

“No, I’m preparing him though. When I fuck him I want to be looking down at a work of art.” Justin grinned as JC came back into the room; he patted his knee inviting JC to sit on it. “Hold my cards baby” JC took the five cards holding them so Justin could see them. His eyes widened as Justin slipped his hand under his ass and wriggled two fingers into his opening, brushing his prostate. “Concentrate on the cards baby, don’t you come unless I say you can.” Justin licked softly at the teen’s neck, placing small kisses on his jugular. “I’ll take three cards Paddy.” Justin indicated with his free hand which ones he wanted JC to discard, twisting his fingers inside him when the breathless boy didn’t react fast enough. JC squirmed, whimpering as pleasure cascaded through him. He gritted his teeth and picked up the three new cards then collapsed back against Justin’s hard body, writhing on the older mans fingers.