Part 7

For two hours JC had sat huddled on the couch in silence. His legs were drawn up to his chest and he had rested his forehead on his knees. Chris had taped a piece of gauze over the even line of stitches that now ran the length of JC’s face. What had started off as a display of affection had ended up in a brutal attack. The teenager stiffened as Justin trailed his fingers over his collarbone. “Let me look at your back JC.”

JC took of his tee shirt and turned so that Justin could examine his tattoo. “Do you feel up to another session?” Justin asked.

Not saying a word JC stood up and walked over to where the tattoo bench was standing, the rest still angled perfectly to support JC’s torso. He straddled the bench and rested his left cheek on the plump padding. Amazed at the docility of his canvas Justin loaded his tattoo gun.

“I’m going to be working on your lower spine and hips baby, so I want to lean you forward just a little more.” JC allowed Justin to adjust the rest so that he was leaning further forward. He closed his eyes when he heard the familiar buzz filling the air. He forced himself not to pull away as the needle touched his skin. “That’s good baby, just relax.” Justin’s voice soothed his jagged nerves as he started to sing softly. He blinked back a tear, not one of pain but one of utter despair. He had seen what Richardson had done to his face, Justin had made him look and now he was scared, scared that Justin wouldn’t want him now that he was mutilated. Justin’s soft song filtered into his sub-consciousness lulling him to sleep, his back now numb from the constant scratching. Abruptly the tattoo gun turned off and the sharp sting of alcohol followed by the cooling caress of the protective gel brought him back to alertness.

“That’s it for today baby.” Justin cleared away his inks then turned and smiled. “Do you think you could eat something now?” he asked kindly.

When JC didn’t answer he crouched down beside him. “There’s something on your mind.”

“What’s going to happen to me Justin when you finished with me?” JC kept his eyes adverted, he knew that the scar was unsightly and he turned his head so that it was turned away from his lover.

“I haven’t decided yet, I’ll be honest with you.”

JC blinked rapidly and turned his face completely away so that Justin wouldn’t see the sorrow etched on his fine features. “I think I might have a lie down, if it’s alright with you that is?”

Justin sighed, “sure baby. I’ll call you when Joe and Mississippi get back.” JC got up and walked aimlessly into the bedroom closing the door behind him.

“You know what’s wrong with him don’t cha?” Chris said. He was leaning against the door jam that was between the living room and the kitchen. “He thinks you won’t love him now that he’s scarred.”

Justin glanced at the bedroom door. Surely JC knew that he wouldn’t be that superficial, but then JC was still an insecure teenager. He had never been loved unconditionally before. “May be I had better . . .” he inclined his head towards the door.

“It’s probably a bloody good idea. The laddie needs a little bit of reassurance, a few sweet words whispered in his shell like. Make him feel special.”

Justin chewed his lip, “you think I should fuck him?”

Chris looked shocked. “Jesus no. Make love to the boy. For god’s sake don’t call it fucking, that will just make him feel like he‘s your whore”

“I really don’t want to fu - make love to him yet,” Justin scratched at his scalp. “I want it to be special, to mean something. I want . . .”

“You want him to ask for it don’t you? How much is the bet?” Chris pulled out his wallet and started to count out the notes.

“There is no bet.” Chris looked at Justin and frowned, raising his eyebrow. “$200.”

“There’s two hundred, pay off Lancers and screw ya boy into the mattress. I’ll put the Telly on and turn it up. That way ya can make the street rat scream as loud as ya like.”

Justin reached out and took the bills a dazzling grin spreading slowly across his face. “I think I might go for a lie down.”

JC was lying on the bed with his back to the door when Justin came in. He pulled the quilt tighter around him and pretended to be asleep. Justin slipped onto the bed next to him and touched his shoulder gently. “Hey baby.”

“I’m sleeping,” JC said sulkily, “and my back hurts.”

“It doesn’t hurt that much does it?” Justin slid his hand beneath the quilt and traced the raised scab. “I could kiss it better.”

“Nothing can make it better. It’s never going to go away.” The hurt in JC’s voice was unmasked and it almost broke Justin’s heart.

“Look at me Jace.” When JC never moved Justin physically turned the teen’s head so that he was facing him. “I said look at me baby.” Justin trailed his fingers over the rough stitches, then leaned in and kissed the scar tenderly. “You are beautiful JC, the scar doesn’t distract from that. As soon as I see your eyes, I don’t see anything else. I could drown in your eyes baby. They are windows to your soul. Let me love you JC. I want to love you.” Justin brushed his lips over JC’s mouth. “Tell me what you want JC,” he breathed the words into JC’s mouth. “Tell me you want me.”

“I want you,” JC’s breathed sigh was music to Justin’s ears and he attacked the brunettes luscious lips with relish. He played his tongue over the soft cushioned mouth, flicking the tip at the corner before capturing JC’s bottom lip between his teeth. The brunette let out a quiet moan and brought his right hand up, stroking it over Justin’s bristly chin. The older man pulled JC into his body, pressing their chests together as his arms wrapped possessively around the smaller teen as he kissed his lips once more. Laying JC down Justin straddled his body and rubbed his thumbs over his collarbone. He run his hands down his arms and grasped his wrists, lifting them above his head.

“Hold on the frame for me baby. I want to look at you.”

JC gripped the metal bedstead trusting Justin completely. The older man ran his hands down JC’s sides and over his thighs, down to his ankles. “Hold on tight baby,” he whispered as he pulled JC further down the bed, stretching out his body to its fullest. Justin then spread JC’s legs as wide as he could without causing the teenager pain. He sat back and took a deep breath in as he began to study the beauty laid out and exposed before him.

“I’m not going to make love to you, not yet. I just want to look at you, touch you, taste you.” Beneath him JC was breathing hard, his face flushed. His cock was already infused with blood and standing rigidly to attention, leaking small pearls of pre-cum onto his belly. The older blond leaned over JC and pressed his nose into his armpit, inhaling deeply, getting intoxicated on the teenager’s boyish scent. His lips brushed across JC’s chest followed by his tongue drawing circles over his pectoral muscles.

JC squeaked when Justin’s tongue swept across his right nipple. Justin lifted up and looked into JC’s steel blue eyes. “You like that!”

The teen shook his head denying his true feelings but Justin just grinned wickedly. “You liked that,” he said again. He leaned down and dragged his tongue over the erect bud again, this time keeping his eyes on the younger mans reaction.

JC did a full body shudder and Justin laughed heartily “I’ve found one of your weaknesses baby.” Justin attacked the nipple with vigour. Sucking it into his mouth and nipping it with his teeth. Instinctively JC’s hands released the bed frame and grasped Justin’s curls in an attempt to prise him away and stop the sweet torture, forcing Justin to grasp his wrists and release the hard bud temporarily. “Now baby, didn’t I ask you to hold on to the bed?”

JC was panting as Justin pulled his hands back above his head and forced him to wrap his fingers once more around the cold brass. “If you let go again I’ll tie your hands to the bed.” it was half joke half threat but JC didn’t want to find out which. Justin stroked his left hand down JC’s body and found the teen’s left nipple, hiding a smile when JC stiffened. He pinched it hard, twisting it. As JC reared up his mouth was covered and filled with Justin’s tongue. His nipple was twisted again and then engulfed with Justin’s mouth. The blond was playing JC like a musical instrument, his fingers travelling over skin like they would the keys of a piano, encouraging forth little sounds, moans, whimpers and groans in a symphony of need.

JC bucked and twisted as he was fondled and licked. Justin’s tongue travelled and explored every inch of JC’s pale flesh, under his arms, his nipples, his abs, his pelvic bone, his groin. Then down the inside of his thighs, playing, teasing until the teen’s legs were shaking and trembling with wanton need.

“Beautiful,” Justin breathed as his mouth mapped out JC’s body. “So very beautiful.” His mouth hovered over JC’s cock, his eyes fixed on the small bead of cum oozing from the pink slit. The temptation proved too much and he leaned in scooping the creamy fluid with his tongue.

JC gasped and bucked his hips. Justin placed his hands on the bony pelvis, pushing him back down into the mattress. He dragged his tongue up JC’s shaft then blew gently over the wet trail making the brunette shiver.

Justin lifted up and smiled down at the teen. “You okay?” he asked. JC nodded his reply unable to find his voice. “Good,” he licked up JC’s length once more, then ran the tip of his tongue under the rim, circling the purplish pink head. He made another swipe at the slit smacking his lips at the salty flavour, savouring JC’s taste before engulfing the teen’s cock down to his balls.

JC screamed with pleasure and came immediately, filling Justin’s mouth. The older man swallowed every drop then slid back up JC’s body and kissed his lips hard, thrusting his tongue into his mouth, sharing the taste of the cum with him.

“Are you ready baby?” Justin asked as he stroked JC’s face tenderly.

JC sucked his bottom lip into his mouth and nodded slowly . Reaching into the bedside drawer Justin pulled out a jar of lubricant. Carefully he unscrewed the lid and dipped his fingers inside, replacing the lid and putting it onto the tabletop. He kissed JC lovingly and reached between JC’s legs, stroking his fingers over JC’s tight opening. He pushed in one finger, circling it inside the heated confines before pulling it out and adding a second.

“Lift your leg for me baby.”

JC bent his knee and Justin lifted it further, hooking it over his shoulder. He lined himself up, his cock rubbing against JC’s anus. “Breathe in deep baby.”

The teen took a deep breath in and Justin pushed forward, penetrating his lover. JC whimpered and squeezed his eyes tight shut against the burning sensation. After a few seconds he realised that Justin wasn’t moving, but was holding still and waiting for him to adjust to the new feeling of being completely filled. He dared to open his eyes and was captured by Justin’s baby blues looking back down at him, filled with concern.

Ever so slowly Justin began to move, rotating his hips, sweat dripping off his forehead. When the pain began to subside the slow thrusting began to feel more and more pleasurable for JC. He reared up suddenly as Justin jabbed hard, hitting his prostate.

“Justin!” he screamed as his fingernails dug painfully into the older man’s back. “Oh god Justin, I love you. I love you.”

Their mouths met in a frenzy of lust, tongue entwining with tongue, lips clashing brutally as Justin quickened his pace. Pounding into JC’s tender ass with a violence that was wanted, needed by the both of them. JC’s head fell backwards and he howled in ecstasy as he came, spurt after spurt of hot cum that glued the two sweat covered men together. Justin’s thrusting never slowed, he held the naked limp-limbed teen in his arms, his mouth grazing his ear, sweet declarations of love filling his consciousness. Fireworks exploded behind Justin’s eyes and he came with a violence he had never experienced before, his balls tightening to the point he was sure they would burst.

The lovers lay pasted together in the semi darkness, the only sound was their panting and strained breathing. Justin rolled off his young lover and pulled him to him, giggling a little when JC began to lick at his neck.

“What is your real name JC?” he asked his voice barely audible.

“Does it matter?” JC asked softly.

“No, I just wanted to know.” Justin kissed the brunette curl covered head that now rested on his chest.

“Joshua.” Justin nearly missed JC’s breathed reply.

He smiled and hugged his lover tightly. “I’m in love with you Joshua. I’m never going to let you go.”