Part 9

JC swallowed the cooling fluid, letting it ease his parched tonsils as it tricked down his throat.

"Thank you." It was only just audible.

"Howís your hand?" The youngest of the kidnappers stroked the bound brunettes face, playing his thumb over his skinless and bleeding lips causing JC to hiss slightly at the stinging sensation.


The kidnapper sat down on the floor cross legged in front of his prisoner. "Youíre a mess."

JC never answered him instead he hung his head in shame. He hadnít washed since he had been abducted, he hadnít even been allowed to clean his teeth or comb his hair. His scalp felt as if it was crawling and his chin was covered with a rough stubble.

"Youíre prettier without the beard. I personally always liked the little chin strip you had. What did your fans call it? I remember the kitten strip. " He ran his hand over JCís thigh. The naked man drew his legs up to his chest defensively and the kidnapper chuckled softly. "you think Iím going to rape you . donít you?"

"Arenít you?" Trepidation sounded in his voice, his bottom lip quivered as he cringed backwards feeling the man move closer to him. Breathing in his ear.

"No.... Iím not."

The man moved away again. So tell me, My colleague says youíre a fag. Are you?"

JC nodded. "Iím gay .. yes."

"So you got a boyfriend?"


"Whatís his name?"

JC gulped he didnít want this conversation but was too afraid to refuse to join in. He depended on this man to keep him alive. The soft voiced man was fighting in his corner. So he had to be friendly to keep him on side.


The kidnapper whooped and clapped his hands "Oh respect the man, Your fucking Justin Timberlake. So tell me do you do him or does he do you?"

The bound man flushed, embarrassed at the personal query. He was kicked on his leg.

"Answer the question JC."

"He ... um ... he does me."

"Does it hurt? You know ... taking it up the butt."

"Why donít you ask your colleague Iím sure heíd give you a demonstration." As soon as the words left JCís mouth he regretted them, his defence mechanisms had kicked in. His face stung as he was bitch slapped. "Heís right youíre just a dirty fag." he was dragged backwards by his hair.

"Iím sorry ... Iím sorry ... please, I didnít mean to be bad ...... please." JC begged as he slid helplessly across the tiled floor. "Iím sorry. Donít let them kill me please....... Iíll .. Iíll tell you anything you want to know, Everything. I donít want to die" His last sentence was screamed, pleadingly. His hair was released, His chin cupped in a vice like grip and lifted up. Soft lips covered his, licking tenderly at the brutalised flesh.

" I wonít let them kill you JC. I was angry with you, thatís all. I forgive you." He kissed JC again. "Itís not personal JC, it was never personal. It was always about the money. You have to go back in the box now."

"Let me go."

"Do I have to gag you or will you stay quiet?"

JC sucked his skinless lips into his mouth letting his head drop forward "Iíll be good."

* * *

"It wasnít him."

!Oh sweet Jesus!" Chris dropped like a stone on to a chair grabbing up a cushion and clenched it to his face not wanting his friend to see him cry.

"Does Joe know?"

"Yeah I called him." Lance handed a large JD to the older man before pouring himself one.

"Howís Justin?"

Lance sighed. "He started crying, shaking, damn Chris he fainted. I put him to bed as soon as we got back. Iím worried about him, Have you noticed heís not eating?"

Chris drained his glass then played with the glass turning it over and over in his hands.

"Yeah I know. Itís killing him not knowing. In a way ... if it had been him ... well at least it would be over and Justin .... we all could start living again." Chris lifted his big brown eyes seeking the cool jade of Lance. "That sounds selfish doesnít it? I want him back just as much as the rest of you ... I just want to know ... I want it to end for him. The thought of him being hurt ... Theyíre not going to let him go are they?"

Lance pulled the older man into his embrace and kissed his hair. "I need another drink!"