Part 17

"What the fucks going on in here?" Justin stood in the doorway to the bedroom his eyes flashing angrily at the two men draped over each other. Lance jumped up confronting the furious blond as JC wiped away his tears.

"Justin calm down"

"Calm down fuck. What you doing all aver my boyfriend Bass?"

"itís ... itís not what youíre thinking Justin. I was upset ... Lance ... Lance was just comforting me, you wasnít here ... I know who it was Justin."

"What the fuck are you talking about? You wonít touch me but youíll touch him."

"You are out of line Timberlake. JC knows who raped him you asshole. He needed to be held, you were off on the fucking golf course."

Lance faced the shaking brunette and wiped his thumb under his eyes. "You going to be ok?"

JC nodded, his head hanging low. "You should take more notice Justin of whats going on around you, you didnít even know that heís in pain most of the time, what about his physiotherapy, are you helping him? NO."

"Lance please itís not his fault I didnít tell him"

"Iím going to call Gosman, then cancel my date. We need words Justin. Later" Lance stormed out the room slamming the door behind him.

The two young men stood in silence JC with his arms wrapped round his waist, hugging himself as he stepped slowly from foot to foot swaying slightly his head hanging as he bit his bottom lip waiting for Justin to speak. The younger man wrung his hands his head tilted to the side as he contemplated his next words carefully.

"Iím sorry"

JC shrugged and suddenly found his toes really interesting.

"Jace, baby I said Iím sorry, itís just seeing you on the bed with Lance, I was Jealous and Iím sorry."

"You know I only ever loved you."

Justin blinked back the tears that sprung into his eyes as Josh whispered the declaration of his love. "I know baby. Itís just ... with what happened ... I feel ... youíre slipping away from me Josh .... and I keep reaching for you but you just keep sliding out of my reach."

"I donít mean to."

"Baby I know. I donít blame you. Josh. Do you think that? ... well maybe youíd ... could we ...?"

"Make love?"

This time it was Justin that hung his head. Ashamed of what he had just asked for.

"I think Iíd like that .... yes."

The blondes head snapped up and he closed the gap between them before either realised what was happening, Justin cradled JCís face in the gentle palm of his hand. "Are you sure?"

Two tender pliant lips closed over his. "I want you Justin, love me."

Justin closed his arms around his lover, guiding him to the bed, their mouths locked as their tongues entwined. He swept away the golden brown locks that hung constantly in JCís eyes and stared into the cobalt depths. He swiped his tongue over the perfect cupids bow of Joshís mouth licking at the corner as he tempted the older man to part his lips. He laid his lover down straddling his hips as he attacked his throat and neck. He felt Josh stiffen as fear began to overtake him. He rolled him over pulling him on top, giving him an escape route, Josh immediately relaxed back into the loving caress and began to grind his groin on Justinís rapidly hardening cock.

"Touch me Josh, please." Justin begged, he unzipped his jeans, guiding his lovers slender fingers to his throbbing shaft. As JCís hand closed over him he thrust up unable to contain the intense pleasure of the beautifully soft touch sliding up and down his length. He groaned long and loud into JCís mouth and cupped his ass squeezing the hard buns.

"Justin ... I want ... can I .. taste you?" The blondes thought he would explode with joy as he nodded yes and JC moved his mouth down his belly, kissing the hard abs , dipping in to the navel, swirling his tongue round savouring the taste. He blew gently over the wet skin causing the fine hairs to stand on end making Justin shiver. He placed a small kiss on the throbbing head and run his tongue over the dripping slit. Moaning softly in the back of his throat "Taste so good baby." He took the whole shaft into his hot mouth, and Justin bucked up from the bed unable to stop himself as he was swallowed. JC took him into his throat humming softly as he pressed his tongue onto the super sensitive skin. He began to bob his head up and down, sliding the phallus in and out of his mouth each time taking it a little further into his throat.

"Oh Jesus Josh .... Iím .... Iím ..." Somehow Justin forgot how to talk as he exploded into his lovers mouth. The slender brunette swallowed every drop. He licked and sucked at the slit getting every last droplet of the Justinís sweet juice. he dropped his mouth lower kissing the empty ball sac, caressing it with the strong mouth muscle, enjoying the salty sweat that he had worked Justin up to.



"Honey, stop youíre tickling me. And besides why do you get all the fun?"

Justin pulled JC up level with him and attacked his mouth, encouraging JC to share the taste of his cum with him. "Let me taste you too baby?"

The blond pulled down Joshís sweatpants and boxers in one go, freeing the hard organ, that sprung up smacking JCís stomach with a tiny thud. Justin dropped to his knees encouraging the slender brunette to sit on the edge of the bed so he could crawl between the lean muscled thighs.

He licked his lips in anticipation as a small droplet of pre-cum oozed from JCís slit trickling over the reddish head. He gazed up at his lover, his eyes locked to the steel blue almost dominated by enormous black pupils that dilated even more as he slowly dragged his tongue over the teardrop that leaked from the eye of his shaft. He closed his eyes as he treasured the taste rolling his tongue round his mouth ensuring the salty pre-cum reached all of his taste buds. He opened his eyes again locking JCís gaze to his own as he enveloped the throbbing bulbous head, sliding it down his mouth. Josh cried out as he touched the back of Justinís throat, then slipped in further as he was swallowed. His breath came faster and faster as he moved closer to climax. " God ... oh god Justin..... Iím .... Iím ..." Justin pulled away and JC screamed in frustration as he was robbed of the sweet feeling he was waiting for.

"No baby ... not yet ..." Justin captured the brunettes lips kissing him, his mouth moving over JCís with a heat like molten lava. "Make love to me Joshua."

He reached into the nightstand and pulled out a tube of lube. unscrewing the lid he squeezed a liberal amount into his hand and smoothed it over the gorgeous phallus jumping in front of his eyes. JC could barely talk " But ... But Ju ... Justin?"

"Itís ok baby I want this, I want you on me, inside me."

"con .. condom."

Justin squeezed the beautiful cock in his hands and whispered "No .... no condom, I want to feel you completely."

"but.... but Justin?"

The blond covered his JCís mouth again lapping at his tongue as he tried to speak.

"No buts angel, the tests came back clean, you are not going to harm me, and I want you to feel me like I have felt you in the past." He climbed on the bed pulling his lover on top of him grinding insistently up into him as he wrapped his legs round the too thin waist. He guided Josh to his tight virgin opening."

"Justin ... it will hurt, I donít want to hurt you." Mouths met again in a flurry of passion as Justin worked to ease his lovers fears.

"You wonít hurt me, you could never hurt me." He pushed up, putting pressure on his anus till the head of JCís cock penetrated him. He hissed as burning pain flooded him, Josh froze not wanting to move remembering how it felt when he was penetrated forcibly. The blond grabbed his face making him look into his eyes and began to move beneath him, he moaned with pleasure as the thick phallus rubbed against his sweet spot. "Oh god, oh baby, no wonder you always wanted to do this." JC hit the sweet spot again and again as he realised that Justin was enjoying the new sensations flooding through him.

"Oh baby so fucking tight, Oh JUSTIN I LOVE YOU." JC cum yelling Justinís name over and over. The feeling of his lover shooting deep inside him sent Justin spiralling over the edge once more coating both of them in a sticky mess of sweat and sperm. Josh lay over his lover, spent, unable, unwilling to move and break the contact that they had both been longing for, for so long. The younger man wiped away the sweat drenched hair from JCís eyes. "I love you so much Josh. I though Iíd lost you forever."

"Not lost angel, just mislaid, I love you too, I love you too." JC laid his head on his young lovers chest and smiled against the damp skin when Justinís arms snaked around him.