Part 2

Josh ran from the building disgusted with himself, he threw up in a trash can earning himself several looks of repulsion. He couldn’t afford the bus home so he started walking an hour and 45 minutes later he arrived at his apartment. Tony was already home. “How was the audition?” Tony asked as he slouched across the kitchen counter. “OK, I think I got it.” Tony straightened himself up downing the shot of whisky he was holding. “I meant it Josh. You don’t get this job I want you out.” He pushed past the young brunette. “”Where will I go?” JC never meant to say it out loud. Tony stopped and looked at his former workmate “That’s your problem, not mine. Get work or get out.” The tears flowed slowly from his pale eyes leaving their watery trail down his chiselled cheeks. “I tried so hard Tony.” His words were barely audible. “Go home JC. Go home . You tried, You failed.” The older man pushed his way past JC to his room slamming the door behind him with a loud bang.

One day turned into two, two into five and still no word came about starting work. JC called.

“Julian Bomnier, casting director.”

“Hi” JC ‘s heart pounded “I .. I’m Joshua Chasez. Err JC. I was auditioned for the coffee commercial last week. I hadn’t heard anything so I thought ....”

“The position has been filled. Thank you for calling.” He was cut off before he could react. It was filled. He buried his face in his hands and cried. He cried for two hours straight. Then he dried his eyes, packed his backpack, put his keys on the coffee table and with the grand total of $3.82 to his name stepped out into the unknown. Behind him the phone rang unanswered.

(in Orlando, Florida)

Justin held the phone to his ear as it just rang and rang. Chris sat opposite him waiting his dark eyes eager for an answer. “Well?” he asked. Justin hung up. There’s still no answer. “I’ll call Alec instead.” With those words Justin changed what could have been and JC was condemned.

Christian Bailey watched people, preyed on people. He could spot a kid in trouble from a mile away and this kid was desperate. This was the second time he’d seen him slink into the coffee shop, hiding in one of the back booths till he was spotted and forced to buy something. It was the same both times, 1 black coffee, strong. He would nurse that cup for hours not able to afford a refill. Bailey regarded the unfortunate boy sequestered away in the furthest booth. Piercing steel blue eyes that betrayed such sadness, high defined cheek bones, aristocratic nose, his hair roughly growing out of what was once a short crop beginning to curl prettily round his face. He was going to be a stunner Christian decided to himself, but right now he was awkward nothing but a boy. But a boy is what Bailey could use right now. Old men paid a fortune for a cute under aged piece of ass and this boy fitted the bill nicely. ‘Obviously down on his luck’ Christian thought to himself as he watched the blue eyed brunette palm a handful of sugar cubes and then a further handful of honey sachets. He watched as the boy tore open one of the small packets and suck hungrily at the contents.

“You want a refill?” The boy jumped caught in his petty thievery.

“Is it free?” he asked nervously.

“No, its fifty cents like the last one.” the waitress was on to him “Buy a coffee or go!” He knew it was pointless to argue so he left.

Christian followed him till he curled up on a street bench, sucked greedily on a sugar cube then closed his eyes, letting sleep wash over him, numbing him from the harsh reality of life. The older man followed the boy for the rest of the day, He only moved when the police forced him to. He watched as the boy was approached and offered money, but the youngster backed off shaking his head, eyes fearful. This was good, this was better than good. The boy was a virgin, untouched. Christian made a mental list in his head of who he could invite to the auction. Because he was going to own this little piece of ass and sell it to the highest bidder.

JC sat on the ground his back to the pillar watching people walk past not even looking at him, he didn’t exist. There was a time when he would have been recognised by pre-teens and teens alike. That was when he was alive. When he was Mickey mouse’s JC. He pulled out the handful of change he possessed $1.02. Two more days, he needed more money, maybe he should just accept the lewd offers he’d been subjected to.

“No never.” He wrapped his arms around his legs and rested his forehead on his knees.

“Are you alright?”

JC looked up slowly at the man smiling down at him kindly.

“Yeah” he whispered “Thank you for asking.” He rested his head back on his knees.

“Are you hungry?”

He looked back up at the man towering over him, not speaking he nodded his head.

“Come on, I’ll buy you dinner.” Josh eyed the man cautiously. He looked as if he could be trusted, late twenties maybe early thirty, pale skinned with dark brown eyes and close cropped hair. He was wearing an Armani suit in pale grey.

The brunette chewed on his bottom lip. “Why?” The stranger smiled “it’s my good deed for the day.” He reached out his hand offering help. JC took it.