Part 3

“My name’s Christian, Christian bailey.” He offered the information while JC was tucking into his bacon and eggs. “And you are?” He inquired.

“Joshua.” he mumbled between mouthfuls of food


“Where are you staying Josh?”

“Here, there, anywhere really. I used to share an apartment and go to school but I got kicked out cus I couldn’t pay the rent.”

“You live on the street then?” JC nodded his mouth full. “What about your family, can’t they help?” Christian used his most concerned voice. This time Josh shook his head.

“They don’t know do they?”


“Look I have a spare room in one of my apartment buildings, You can stay there for a few nights if you want, get a shower, a decent nights sleep.” The offer sounded genuine enough.

“I can’t pay.” Josh lowered his eyes and pushed his empty plate away. Christian called the waitress over, the same one who had thrown Josh out earlier in the day, and ordered two more coffee’s.

“Don’t worry about that, Christian by name and Christian by nature that’s me. Lets just see how you fit in with the others before we worry about payment. OK?” he wiggled his eyebrows making JC giggle.


The room was very small but clean. It had one small window that looked out onto the wall of the next building, a thick metal grid covered the outside of the glass, sunk into the masonry. It was in a building of twenty or so apartments most occupied by couples. He had to share a bathroom and kitchen but that was ok, he had a roof over his head and he was thankful just to have use of a proper washroom again. The first thing he did was take a long hot shower, sighing deeply as the hot water cleansed and relaxed his aching body. The second was to wash his clothes. He was still sitting on his bed a small towel wrapped round his waist when Christian checked on him.

“Josh can you get dressed I want you to meet a couple of friends of mine.”

“My clothes are all wet. I ... I washed them.” worry played across his face, He didn’t want to upset his saviour. The older man grinned putting him at ease “Don’t worry.” He pulled JC up to his feet, and out of the room. It was all Josh could do to keep hold of his towel as he was dragged down the corridor. “Your about the same size as Carlos, You can borrow some of his stuff.” He opened a door and pulled the stunned teenager inside.

The boy that was obviously Carlos was sitting cross legged and naked on his bed, reading a book. He raised a questioning eyebrow but said nothing as Christian rifled through his drawers and cupboards.

“Joshua here needs to use some of your clothes ok.” Carlos shrugged

“Whatever.” and went back to the book he was reading. JC shuddered at the needle tracks down the young Hispanic’s arms, Carlos looked up and saw him looking. He just shrugged again, smiled and gave Josh a knowing wink.

“Ok, put these on.” Christian handed him a pile of clothes. “Now Josh!”

He pulled on the tight fitting black jeans and gunmetal grey button down shirt and tried to ignore the appraising looks he was getting from the two men. It crossed his mind to ask for underwear but decided to be grateful for what he had been given.

“Stand straight.” Bailey and the Hispanic walked round JC. “Very nice.”

“Looks good.” Carlos observed oblivious to the fact that he himself was stark naked. The older man slapped Carlos’s ass hard making him yelp and leaving a bright red hand print on his cheek. “You. Keep your opinions to yourself, And get ready for work. After last night you got some serious catching up to do if you want ‘dessert’ later. A panicked look crossed the naked boys face

“I’ll do better tonight.”

“You had better, come Joshua, my friend are waiting to get you ready for a party I’m having this evening.” Carlos gave Josh a sympathetic look. “See you around then.”

“Yeah thanks for the loan.” JC followed Christian out of the room.

“No problem. Not like I own them.” he added after the door had shut. Carlos pulled on a pair of loose blue jeans and a cut off tee shirt. It was time to go earn his keep.

Christian took the seventeen year old further down the hall to another room where two men waited patiently. “Let these me do their job.” Josh gulped afraid of what was going to happen. He was made to strip naked and lay on his back on a table. The two men then set about waxing his body hair. Removing it from his legs, arms, underarms, chest, belly and groin. He bit down hard on his lip with every sharp rip as the hair was torn from his skin. they made him turn over so they could do the back of his legs and then they checked him all over ensuring they hadn’t missed one strand. They rolled him back on to his back and while one of the men held his head in a vice like grip the other spread the hot wax over his chin. By the time Bailey returned the only hair left on Josh was on his head, his lashes and eyebrows. He stood and admired the now extremely childish looking naked body before him. “I already told you once today Joshua stand straight.” JC immediately straightened his back holding up his slightly trembling chin. “Put your clothes back on now Josh, I have a car waiting to take us to my club.” He waited while Josh pulled on his pants and shirt then took his hand and lead him down to the waiting limo.

“Mr Bailey.”

“What Joshua?”

“I don’t have any shoes or socks on.”

Bailey looked down at josh’s bare feet then back at his innocent face. “It doesn’t matter, bare feet make you look more vulnerable.” JC stopped following and was hauled forward. “ Sir, where are you taking me?” The older man smirked at the frightened boy “You start earning your keep tonight boy.” He trust JC inside the waiting car.

“I want no tears, no scenes. You do what you are told with whom you are told and you will be fine.” He grinned nastily “You my pretty are going to be one of the best sluts I ever owned. AREN’T YOU Josh?”

JC dropped his head biting back the tears that he had been warned against and whispered “Yes sir” His fate was sealed.