Part 4

(Seven years later)

Justin, Chris, Joey, Lance and Alec, The boyband sensations know collectively as Nsync rolled into town. They had become huge over the past years, splitting with their record company and making the massive move to Jive records had really paid off. Their second album ‘Out on our Own’ had sold 2.2milion copies in the first week and their latest ‘Celebrity’ was going well. The limo rolled slowly down the road towards their hotel, they were all tired and looking forward to a relaxing evening watching tv or sleeping. Justin was looking out the window watching the world go by when he saw him. “Stop the car.” He yelled.

“What?” The other four band members jumped and looked frantically out the darkened windows trying to see what had got the baby of the group so upset.

“I saw JC.”

“Who’s JC?” Lance asked. Justin looked at him as if he was stupid. “JC, you know mouse club JC!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh” The guys just exchanged looks and shrugged.

“Justin we can’t stop here. It’s a notorious pickup area for male whores.” Johnny Wright informed him.

“But ... But it was JC. I’m sure it was.”

“Look Justin if it was him and he’s down here then you need to keep away from him.”

“He’s right Juju” Joey added “I knew JC too, It wasn’t him, he wouldn’t be around a place like this.” Justin sighed I guess you are right. He watched as the handsome man with the piercing blue eyes as he went down an alley with a fat balding man. “I hope to god its not you Josh.” He whispered into the window so no one else could hear.

Justin tossed and turned in his bed, every time he closed his eyes he saw the beautiful man with the piercing steel grey/blue eyes. He just couldn’t get the thought out of his head that it was his ex best friend going down a dark alley with a john. He slipped out of his hotel and flagged down a cab, instructing the driver to take him back to the red light district. He asked the driver to stop a little down the road, he paid the cab and got out, waiting patiently against a wall. After about half an hour he was there again. Tight black leather pants that clung to his ass, cut off black tee shirt that showed his navel. His hair was longer, curlier, but it was him. He watched as his pimp an older man in his late thirties approached Josh, slapping him savagely across the face, screaming at him, shaking him. Justin realised then that this JC was broken.

He watched as his old friend was dragged down the street and thrust into a waiting car.

“You looking for a little action cute buns?”

“Wh .. what?” Justin spun around to face the Hispanic prostitute.

“You want a good time sweet cheeks, Carlos is your man. anything goes with Carlos. for the right price of course.” He winked at the shocked young blond. Justin looked back at the car that JC had disappeared into. His pimp leaned against the door smoking a cigar. Carlos rested his chin on the blondes shoulder. “Oh I see now. You got your eye on Christians little bird. He’s more expensive that Carlos and not as tight.” he winked again

“If you know what I mean.”

The pimp opened the door and hauled JC out still wiping his mouth, money changed hands and the car pulled away. The pimp clipped a leash to the thick black studded collar round the brunettes neck and lead him back to the street corner. Carlos placed a little kiss on Justin’s shoulder. “Christian keeps his little bird on a leash, keeps him locked up during the day. Me I’m one of Christians sluts, but Joshua. He belongs to him.”

“How long have you known him?”

“Christian or Joshua?” Carlos asked.


“Six maybe seven years, he was so young, so innocent when Christian picked him up.”

Carlos smiled at the memory of the nervous young boy wrapped in a tiny towel. “Just 17, never been used. Pure as the driven snow. That bastard auctioned him. It was his first night under Christian’s loving wing.” Carlos laughed a short sharp laugh. “He was raped over and over again, sold over and over. By the time Chris brought him back he was battered, bruised, bleeding, torn to shreds. He cried all night in Carlos’ arms. He died a little that night.” Justin felt the tears burning his eyes as he watched an overweight man lift JC’s chin, examining the merchandise. He had suffered so much. If only JC had answered his calls, his life could have been so much different. He took a deep breath and leaving Carlos standing he crossed the road to where the pimp and his leashed whore was standing. The pimp looked him up and down. “Move on little boy, I don’t need anymore whores my house is filled. Justin snorted. “I want him.”

Christian stood back and appraised the young man, his face set with determination. “He’s out of your league blondie.” The pimp smirked “Come back when your balls have dropped.”


Christian stopped laughing. “You got that kind of money?”

“Yeah I got it. A thousand for him, for the night.” Justin shook at what he had proposed. JC never spoke he just raised his eyebrows expectantly at his pimp, no way would he turn that offer down.

“Not enough little boy, Not for all night.”

“$2000, but I get to take him to that hotel over there, the whole night.” He jutted out his chin and took a wad of bills out of his wallet. The pimp almost snatched his hand off in his haste to get the money before the boy changed his mind. He threw the end of the leash at Justin. “Room 461. He has the key. I’ll collect him at 6am. If you damage him its extra.”

Justin regarded the pimp as the dirt he was, “I won’t hurt him.” He lead Josh across the road to the hotel.

JC followed him into the room not speaking. If his john wanted him to speak he’d tell him. He’d been whoring too long not to know the basic rules. Do what you’re told when you’re told and you won’t get hurt, well most of the time that was true. He’d been beaten up a few time, but that was the risk he took every time he went with someone. Christian had been a good pimp in that respect he kept him safe for the most part. He wondered what this kid wanted with him. He could have had one of the others for a hundred bucks, yet he had parted with two grand to fuck him. He stood silently waiting for instructions.

“Your name is Joshua.” A statement not a question. Josh was surprised. How did he know his name? Christian never mentioned it. Generally he was just called little bird.

“I’m Justin.”

Still the whore stayed silent. He doesn’t recognise me the young blond realised as he unclipped the leash and threw it on the dresser.

“Don’t you speak?” He asked. The older man chewed his bottom lip “Only when told to.”

Justin sighed sadly “You can talk freely with me.”

“Ok” was the soft reply “What do you want me to do?”

“Take a shower first.”

JC went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, he stripped out of his clothes and stepped into the stream of hot water. Water always made him feel good, feel pure even if it was only for the short time he was under it. The curtain was pulled back and he realised this john wanted to watch. He had to put on a show. He let the spray hit him in the face tilting his head back, his mouth slightly open. letting it fill with the hot water before spitting it out. He reached for the courtesy shampoo spilling it into his palm, massaging it gently into his scalp covering his golden brown curls with the fresh smelling foam before rinsing it off. He picked up the sponge and squirted a liberal amount of shower gel onto it and began to wash himself. First round his neck and shoulders, down his arms, under his arms. He fixed his eyes on Justin as he spread the creamy foam over his belly, reaching his groin. He let his head fall back and groaned softly as he began to wash his cock. slowly and deliberately stroking the soap over his length. He suppressed a grin as the watching youngster threw back his own head and moaned, his hand inside his pants. The whore started to concentrate on his own thickening erection. swiping his foam covered thumb over the head, he lent back on the shower wall water cascading over his lean nakedness as he stroked himself into orgasm, shooting ropes of hot cum over his hand. He glanced over at the blond who was nearing his own climax capturing his baby eyes with his steel blue ones, he lifted his hand to his mouth licking his own cum from his fingers. Justin screamed as Josh’s actions pushed him over the edge, spewing thick cum over his hand and legs. He lent back on the toilet pan panting.

“JC, that was so hot.”

“What? what did you call me?”

Justin paled as the older man stepped dripping from the shower. “What? sorry?” Justin tried to cover his slip.

“You ... you called me JC. Why did you call me JC.”

Justin could see the panic building in the whores eyes.

“It’s your name, or it was when I knew you.”

Josh snatched up his clothes and ran for the door. Justin just a few steps behind him slamming it shut, trapping the brunette between him and the solid wood. He was stronger than JC and held him tight pinning his still naked body to the door.

“Let me go” JC begged

“No” Justin kissed the wet flesh of Josh’s shoulder.

“Don’t humiliate me please.” The plea was heart breaking.

“Never JC, I’ll never hurt you, I swear.”

JC trembled “Who are you?” He whispered.

“Justin” came the reply “Justin Timberlake.”