Part 5

Justin caught JC as his legs gave way from under him.

“You .. you were just a kid. How can you ... How could you do this to me. I never hurt you. Not ever .. we ... we were friends.”

The older man began to cry sobbing as his heart broke, Crying like he had the first time he had been raped. Justin held him tightly stroking his hair, making soothing noises. He lifted the naked man in his arms and carried him to the bed placing him on it carefully. His heart was torn in two as JC curled up into a tiny ball and sobbed into the pillow. Maybe this hadn’t been one of his better ideas after all. The whore Justin knew as JC cried himself to sleep in his arms his breathing interrupted by an occasional hiccup.

Justin woke suddenly opening his eyes to see two steel blue ones looking back at him.

“You paid for the night.” JC said bluntly.

“Justin brushed JC’s hair from his face “I know.”

“Do ... Do you want to ... I ... I mean you paid.” The older man stammered

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to Jace. I’ve loved you since the first day we met. You were just so perfect. But you only had eyes for Tony.”

“You .. You were only a boy.”

“So were you Jace.”

Justin lifted JC’s arm turning it over in his hands, his fingers traced the needle tracks scaring his tender flesh. The arm was pulled away in shame.

“Why Jace? you were afraid on needles. Why are you taking this shit?” He saw tears forming in the steely blue-ness.

“It stops the pain.”

“You’re wrong Jace, it doesn’t stop it.” Justin shook his head sadly.

“Ok, It doesn’t stop it.” JC snapped “But it numbs it for a few hours. Do you know what its like to have to suck the dick of a disgusting pervert, No you don’t. I’m made to wax my body and facial hair to make me look younger, Johns like them young did you know that? I’ve been made to do things, terrible things.”

He crawled off the bed and stood by the window watching the neon lights flash on and off. Justin moved behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist.

“I’m sorry Jace, I .. I didn’t mean to judge you.”

Josh didn’t seem to hear, he began talking again “The first time I was sold I was 17, a virgin, I’d never been with a male or female. Christian forced me on to a platform, I was made to strip, and they bid on me. He sold my innocence for 3000 measly bucks. I was pulled into a side room and raped. It didn’t matter to the bastard that I was too tight, he just forced his way in. When he had finished with me Christian sold me again and again. Eleven times in total every time is seared into my memory. I remember crying and then someone injected me in my arm. It didn’t hurt so much after that. I woke up in bed with another one of Christians whores, Carlos, Everything hurt, I could barely walk. Christian injected me again while Carlos held me still. He gave me a day to recover then he leashed me and put me on the streets. I work for him. He keeps me fed and clothed and he produces ‘dessert’ when we need it and if we have reached our quota.”

“Dessert?” Justin was confused.

JC lifted his arm and made an injecting motion.


“So still wanna fuck me?” JC asked bitterly Justin pulled him close and kissed his neck tenderly

“More than ever Jaycee.”

He lifted his lips to Josh’s brushing them lightly over JC’s soft pink ones before JC turned his head denying any further contact.

“No kissing.” He said bluntly “ I don’t kiss.”

“Ok Jace, can ... can I kiss your body?” The brunette nodded yes. “Lay on the bed Joshua.” JC obeyed “ Close your eyes.” Justin whispered “Relax baby, let me take care of you.”

Justin began to kiss softly down his old friends neck, sucking on the sensitive skin. He sucked on his adams apple licking and kissing suckling on the tender flesh earning Justin a small groan from the older man. “Shh It’s ok baby, You are so beautiful Josh, so very beautiful.” His mouth worked lower over JC’s body catching a hard brown nipple between his teeth playing gently on it with his tongue. A small hiss of pleasure escaped from JC’s lips as he rolled his head back into the damp pillow. He had never experienced anything like this before, It was always him giving pleasure to others. Never the other way round. He writhed and moaned loudly as Justin reached down and stroked his throbbing phallus. Sweet words were whispered in his ear as a wet probing tongue licked and sucked on his lobe. He wanted to touch, needed to touch only to have his hands pushed away.

“No Jaycee, This is for you not me.”

Soft full lips placed kisses down his sternum, fluttering over his abdomen. Hot breath wafted over his crotch as his solid member was engulfed by Justin’s hot wet mouth. JC resisted the urge to thrust allowing the shorn headed boy to control the pace and depth of each engulfment. He began to moan wildly as he neared his climax.

“Justin” he breathed “Justin , Yessss” He orgasmed fiercely thrusting deep into the younger mans throat. He collapsed back in the pillows panting and gasping for breath. Justin propped himself on one elbow grinning.

“ Can I assume you enjoyed that?”

“Oh god Justin, yes. But you ... you didn’t.”

“I told you Jace. this was for you.” He placed a kiss on the back of JC’s hand.

“Make love to me Justin.” JC almost pleaded “Make love to me like we were lovers, not a whore and his John.”

Justin leaned close to the almost weeping man JC turned his head away not allowing the coming kiss. “Josh look at me.” the brunette faced his young friend as light fingers danced down the side of his face encouraging him to close his eyes

“You said like lovers Jace. Lovers kiss.”

Soft warm lips claimed his, massaging against them as a hot wet tongue flicked in and out tasting his lips. Justin’s tongue pressed hard demanding and gaining entrance to Josh’s mouth, exploring and searching every surface and corner. He broke the kiss with a final swipe of his tongue. JC gasped

“Wow Justin. That was like wow.” He leaned forward this time initiating the kiss, pulling Justin into him desperate to taste his friend once more. He moaned long and low into Justin’s mouth. “Now, please Justin, take me now.” The blond spat on his hand and smoothed it over his cock using it a s lubricant. “Wait”

“What’s wrong JC, are you ok?” Justin began to worry.

“I’m fine. A condom, use a condom. In the drawer.” Justin looked puzzled

“Your safety not mine.” JC explained.

Justin reached into the drawer and retrieved a condom and a tube of lube, he pushed JC back on the bed attacking his mouth with his as he fumbled with the packet ripping it open almost dropping the soft rubber inside. He rolled it over his length. JC already had the lube open and had squeezed a good amount into Justin’s palm.

“Make me ready please.”

Justin reached between the brunettes legs, finding his opening he gently inserted on finger moving it in and out steadily. He added a second digit watching the face of his new lover closely careful not to cause him any pain.

“Now” JC breathed.

Justin positioned himself between the brunettes legs, rubbing the head of his cock against the puckered opening. He pushed firmly on the tight ring of muscle until he gained entry. Justin held still making sure JC was completely relaxed before he began to move sliding in and out as Josh clenched around him. The whore in JC used every trick he had ever learned, wrapping his legs around the younger man tightly, purring and growling in ecstasy as Justin hit his prostate over and over again. Both men screamed in climax, JC coating Justin and himself with hot sticky cum. Their mouths found each other again as they revelled in their new found closeness. They held each other tightly until a banging on the door told them their time was up. Time for JC to become the little bird again, his masters whore. He leaned down and kissed Justin lovingly.

“Thank you” he whispered into his mouth. “Thank you for making me feel human again.”

He jumped back as the door opened and Christian came in. “You had your time boy. Time for my little bird to go back in his cage.” The pimp leashed his whore dragging him from the room, not noticing the thrown kisses and promising looks.