Part 6

Justin wondered what happened to Josh during the day. Was he like a vampire condemned to live his life in darkness? Did Christian allow him to see the sun. Considering his pasty complexion Justin guessed no. How was he going to rescue his lover from the sordid existence he was imprisoned in. He needed help. He turned to Chris.

“You what?” Chris stared at him unbelievingly.

“I want to rescue him.” Justin ran his fingers over this shaven locks.

“Ok run it by me again, You met a whore, you fucked him and now you want a meaningful relationship with him.” Chris stifled a giggle “You really are something Justy.”

“He’s not a whore don’t call him that.”

“Reality check Justin. He sells his ass for money. HE .... IS ... A ... WHORE. Management are not going to like this J.” Justin pouted “Please Chris, He, he’s special.” Chris sighed “Ju, he is a male prostitute, he’s not special.”

“It’s JC.” Chris was stunned “What?”

“He’s Josh. Things went real bad for him after the mouseclub. He .... He fell in with the wrong kinda people. He’s forced Chris. He don’t want to do what he does. He wants out but this guy ... Christian.”

“His pimp?”

“Yeah.” Justin conceded “His pimp, He like owns Josh and he locks him up and keeps him on a leash like he was a dog. He cried man, Chris he cried when I made love to him.” Justin stopped briefly with his barrage to draw breath. “ I got to get him away. Please help me.” Chris rubbed his chin and twisted his beard horns

“We’ll need help” he said.

Joey sat in shock his mouth open. “JC’s a whore! I thought yeah he looked a little like him but ... Jesus ... JC is a whore.”

“Who exactly is this JC to you Justin? Lance snapped his laptop shut and took off his glasses. Chris, Joey and Justin exchanged glances then Joey said “ He’s the guy Alec replaced.”

Alex sat bolt upright “What?” His pale blue eyes flashed as he tossed his chin length blond hair. “I never fucking replaced anyone. It was just you, Justin and Chris when I joined the fold.” He pouted heavily.

“I hate to be the one to tell you this, but JC was Justin’s first choice only we couldn’t find him. Now we know why.” Chris gave Alec a sympathetic look.


Justin groaned “CHRIS! Look Alec you have no worries ok. Josh is not going to replace you. Chris is winding you up. Firstly we don’t know if JC can still sing.”

“And secondly” Joey interrupted “We’d have to change our name to Nsyna.”

He shot the guys a grin that would light up New York.

“Guy I just want to give Josh a chance you know. I feel like I ... I failed him. It’s like he’s in this situation because I didn’t do enough to find him.” Justin turned his big soulful blue eyes to his friends “Help me, help him. I love him.” The four members of Nsync looked at each other then at the rapidly filling eyes of the baby of the group. How could they say no?