Part 1

The shorn haired man looked at himself in the mirror, he ran his hand over his dark blond stubble, smoothed down his dark blue button down shirt and picked imagined lint off his indigo jeans. His mouth was dry with anticipation as he stared at into his own midnight blue eyes; he closed them squeezing the tightly together before opening them again as if hoping his reflection would have changed somehow with that simple act. He rolled his tongue round his mouth trying to encourage saliva to flow. Tonight was going to be the night that he admitted to his best friend of the past ten years that he was in love with him. His heart pounded like a bass drum in his chest, he wiped his sweating palms down his thighs then reached for the water bottle sitting on his nightstand. He took a swig and his eyes fell on the hotel rooms’ mini bar. He lowered the bottle and took a step towards it reaching out and pulling the door open, dropping into a crouch he examined the contents before lifting out a small shot bottle of Jack Daniels, he unscrewed the cap and lifted it to his parched lips only to have Chris’ annoying voice echo in his ears, a legacy from the conversation they had earlier.


“Don’t have any drink.”

“Why not, I just need a couple for Dutch courage.” Justin pouted.

Chris fiddled with his beard. “Because if you want Jaycee to take you seriously then you have to be stone cold sober.”

Justin groaned. “Maybe this is a really bad idea, you know Jace might not even be gay!”

“Oh please listen to yourself, JC not gay! That dude has been walking a narrow tightrope for years all he need is a push and the right guy ready to catch him when he falls.”


Chris rolled his eyes. “Duh! No Joey! Of course you! JC idolises you, he has for years man, dude did you hear what he said about you on the KIIS interview? He raved about you Justin, called you a superstar an icon.”

“But what if I he don’t feel the same, it could mean the end of Nsync?”

“Justin tonight, tell him tonight if you don’t then I will.”

****End flashback****

The blond sighed and dropped the miniature bottle back into its slot on the bar and closed the door taking instead another swig of water. 6.25 JC was expecting him at 6.30 he took another look at himself in the mirror shaking his head resigned that he couldn’t change now even if he wanted to, he finished his water and trotted down the corridor to his band mates room. He hesitated his hand poised to tap on the door. He took a deep breath and knocked.

“It’s open Justin.”

He cautiously opened the door and peered into the room, there was no sign of the lithe brunette. “Jace?”

JC’s head popped out of the bathroom his mouth full of toothpaste. “Oh I’m real sorry dude I fell asleep I’ll be a few, make yourself comfortable, feel free to raid the bar man.” he disappeared back into the bathroom.

“I’ll just have a bottle of water.”

JC’s head popped back out. “Water! Dude you feeling ok? I mean if you are sick you know we can do this some other time?”

Justin groaned, “I’m not sick ok. I just though I’d have water.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.” JC went back to cleaning his teeth. Justin draped himself over a chair and sucked on the bottles spout, at this rate he was going to be peeing all night and not get a chance to tell JC his true feelings.

“All done.”

Justin jumped to attention. “Wow JC… I mean …. cool man … you look…” Justin swallowed hard JC looked stunning; his long unruly curls had been blown straight and hung round his shoulders. He had opted to wear a classic black suit, but instead of a dress shirt he had put on a simple black tee shirt. “Cool” Justin managed to finish his sentence at last. “Shall we go?”

The brunette grinned “So where are you taking me?”

“I booked a table in the Italian bistro on the corner, the limo will pick us up about 8 from there for the charity gig, Joey Chris and Lance will meet us there.”

JC gave his friend a puzzled look. “They not eating with us?”

“No, Errm I thought just you and me, you know catch up.”

Another of those lopsided crinkly grins shot in his direction. “That will be cool.”

As the bistro was only three hundred yards down the road they decided to walk. Lonnie and Meaty tagged along behind just in case. The bistro was quiet the dinner rush not yet started. The waiter seated them in a secluded booth, smirking when he lit the candle. Justin couldn’t help be stare at the beautiful man opposite him, candlelight casting shadows over his face as he studied the menu. He looked up his eyes shining, “What cha having?”

“I thought I’d have the cheese pasta and salad.” the waiter jotted down his order and turned to JC.

“Sounds good, I’ll have the same.” he closed his menu and picked up the wine list. “Red or white?”

Justin shrugged “You choose.”

“Okay, we’ll have the Shiraz Cabernet please.” The waiter made a note then scurried off to place the order.

They sat in silence both looking round the almost deserted restaurant.


The slim man smiled.

“We need to talk.”

The smile slipped slightly as JC began to feel nervous, Justin looked serious, and serious and Justin was not usually a good thing. “Talk?” he asked “About what?” He’s going to tell me he doesn’t want Nsync to get back together I know it.

“About you.”


“You and me, Jace … I don’t know how to say this so I’m just going to say it, please don’t laugh or say anything till you thought about what I said.”

The brunette waited confusion written over his face as Justin took a deep breath. “Jayceei’minlovewithyouandIwannagiveusagoifyou’llhaveme. He gulped down a full glass of water the wine not having arrived yet and tried to read his best friends face.

“Excuse me?” JC stared wide eyed at his hands clasped and resting on the table. He jumped slightly as Justin’s big hands covered his. “I said I’m…”

“I know what you said J, just I … I don’t know what to say, it’s so sudden, I mean … “

The shorn haired man sighed. “You don’t feel the same do you?” He leaned his elbows on the table and hid his face in his hands. “I told Chris that this was a bad idea, that you weren’t gay, why did I let him convince me, now I lost you forever.”

Slender piano players fingers pulled his hands away and tilted his chin up. Bright sapphire blue eyes captured his. “I didn’t say no Justin, it’s a surprise that’s all. I didn’t know that you were into guys that’s all.”

“Well now you know my dirty little secret Jace, I like guys, I like you.”

A slow smile spread over JC’s lips. “I like you too.” They held hands tightly reluctantly letting go as the waiter returned with their food. They spent the rest of the meal in silence their hands clasped under the table out of view.

The limo arrived right on time; Lonnie opened the door for the two young men. “Want us to ride with you or shall we catch a cab?”

Justin gazed at JC “Can you get a cab? Jace and I got some talking to do.”

“No problem, see you at the venue.” Meaty had already secured them a cab while the big bodyguard had been talking to his young charges. “If you get there before us you stay in the limo till I come get you ok?”

JC nodded a little too enthusiastically “No problem, we’ll stay in the limo.”

As soon as the door had shut the flexible brunette straddled Justin’s lap He pressed his face into the shorthaired mans neck, licking softly at the stubble on Justin’s chin. “I never knew Justin.” He ground his groin against the blonde’s denim covered cock. “We could have had so much time together.”

Justin was beginning to sweat his cock throbbed under JC’s ministrations. Their heads tilted together till their lips met, sliding together as Justin’s moist tongue slipped between JC’s teeth, joining his tongue in a wild passion filled dance. Reluctantly they broke apart as the limo pulled to a halt outside the nightclub. JC crawled off his lovers lap and straightened himself up just as Lonnie opened the car door.