Part 2

They smiled secretly at each other as they made their way into the auditorium, their smiles slipping slightly when they were show to seats on the front row. Justin coughed and beckoned Chris out of the chair he had just sat down in that was next to JC. The bearded man opened his mouth to say something, then shut it again as he noticed the pleading look in the brunettes eyes. Rolling his eyes he got up and moved to the other side of Lance. Justin settled himself happily between his new boyfriend and the Mississippian leaning back in his seat with a satisfied smirk on his face. The show started ten minutes later, the lights dimmed and the two men pressed their legs against each other, the only contact they dared in such a public arena. Lights flashed up as the host for the night stepped out of the curtains. Justin groaned inwardly, as Brittany bounded across the stage, her fake smile plastered on her face.

“Hi y’all, and welcome to this variety gala in aid of world famine, all money made from tonight’s show will be donated to The world famine fund, so please give generously. We have a whole load of acts for y’all to see so lets get the ball rolling with four cute guys from England. Watch out Nsync Blue have arrived. Ladies and gentlemen BLUE.”

The four young men ran onto the stage bursting into a rousing rendition of their first hit single All Rise. A comedian, two more bands and an opera singer later a magician took to the stage. He flounced around doing the normal card tricks, producing rabbits out of hats and making milk turn into silk scarves, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like a volunteer from the audience” He walked up to JC and held out his hand. “Sir would you be kind enough?” JC blushed beetroot and shook his head, “No. No, no, Justin you go, go on.”

“I think the young man needs a little encouragement folks, lets give him a big hand of applause.” Everyone in the theatre began to clap, as he was shoved out of his seat by Joey and Justin who started clapping and stamping their feet as he was led to the stage.

“What’s your name young man?” The brunette blushed “JC.”

“A round of applause for JC folks.” The clapping started again. “Now you have all heard of the disappearing lady, well this is a new twist the disappearing pop star.” He opened a six-foot tall box. “If you would like to get inside.” JC got into the box and looked out onto the audience his heart beating a little faster, he hated being the centre of attention, why did the magician have to pick on him? “Now that my victim … er I mean assistant.” Everyone laughed at the deliberate slip of the tongue. “Cannot escape I will fasten him firmly thus.” He lifted JC’s writs to either side of his neck padlocking them into place he then dropped down and locked his ankles to the back of the box. He stood up “Now my victim … I mean assistant is helpless, Are you ticklish?” JC paled he wouldn’t! He hung helplessly in fits of laughter tears rolling down his face as he was tickled mercilessly. The magician stopped tickling and grinned at the audience who were rolling about laughing at JC’s plight and his infectious laugh. “Now if our lovely, lovely hostess would be good enough to come check the chains?” Brittany positively glowed from the complement as she minced across to JC and tugged at the bonds holding him in place. “Very tight” she announced totally seriously. JC caught Justin’s eyes and he blushed a deep crimson as the younger man made a O shape with his mouth and screwed up his eyes, before biting on his lip and slipping into his trademark lazy knowing grin. The box door was closed and JC heard another padlock click closed. Immediately he felt himself sinking through a trap door still chained to the box, the whole back panel was moveable. “Hah that’s how they do it, he was going to make Chris beg for this little tip-bit. His decent came to a halt in pitch-blackness. Without warning a bright spotlight was shone in his eyes, dazzling and blinding him. Something sprayed into his eyes and he screamed with pain as his eyes immediately started burning and watering. He felt a sharp prick in his arm and a soothing voice spoke as his hair was played with. “Don’t fight it sweetheart, just relax, just relax, just ….” JC lost consciousness. Back on the stage the magician opened the box showing that the brunette had indeed disappeared and bowed deeply to rousing applause. He ran from the stage and Brittany skipped happily on “Well that was the mysterious stranger now please welcome on stage Nelly with Kelly Rowland.”

Justin sat waiting for his boyfriend to return, three acts later he still hadn’t returned to his seat. The shorn haired man sweated apprehensively, he beckoned to his bodyguard, the big man crouched as low as he could and made his way to his client. Justin whispered in his ear and he got up indicating Lonnie to follow him the made their way backstage.

The show went to interval and the patrons left their seats to go to the bar or the bathroom. Four young men were left sitting in their seats waiting for news of their missing fifth member. The two bodyguards came back their worry painted on their faces.

“There is no sign of him.”

Lance raked his fingers through his hair and Justin jumped to his feet. “What do you mean no sign?” He demanded. “He has to be somewhere?”

The large man shook his head “That’s just it guys he’s not … he’s gone.”