Part 16

Justin and Chris sat on top of the wall and reached down pulling Lance up to join them Joey having boosted him towards them. Then the three of them pulled up Joey. One by one they dropped to the grass. They ran silently and low to the house peering through the windows. The house was in darkness.

“You sure they are in there?” Joey whispered.

“I saw them arrive, the only way out was past us. They are in there.”

The sound of glass breaking filled their ears. Joey, Justin and Lance stared at Chris.

“What?” He asked shrugging his shoulders he reached through the broken window and flicked the latch open. “Oops it looks like he left a window open, now that’s just inviting us to go in don’t you think?”

Lance shook his head in disbelief. Ok add breaking and entering to criminal damage charges, four maybe five years at the most. JC was worth that. He was the first through the window.

“They are not here!” Justin screamed.

“They have to be! We haven’t let the house out of our sight.

Joey stood his ear pressed against a door in the kitchen. “Guys, there’s a car running in the garage.”

“What!” Justin ran out the front door Chris and his crowbar close on his heels. “It’s locked! It’s fucking locked.” He tugged at the unyielding doors. Joey grabbed the crowbar and shoved it into the tight gap. Chris lent his weight to the iron bar and the wood began to give. Inside the garage the engine suddenly revved up. The two men jumped aside just as the doors splintered open with the force of the impact. Joey was sent flying; Lance dashed to his side making sure the Italian man was alright. Justin had taken off down the drive running full pelt to the car Chris hot on his heels. They leaped into the SUV and Justin pushed it into gear, driving at an alarming rate in pursuit.

David glanced over at his wild-eyed prisoner. “It’s alright sweetheart they won’t catch us. Soon we’ll be somewhere where they can never bother us again.”

JC whimpered behind his gag, terrified. The world sped past in a blur. Behind them Justin was flashing his lights rapidly gaining by the second. David looked over at his distraught husband. “I love you so much Jason. I’m doing this for you, you can’t survive without me and I won’t live without you.” He swerved suddenly and JC screamed the sound muffled by the thick tape. The car hit the water creating an almighty splash and immediately began to fill up, sinking fast in the murky depths.

The horrified brunette held his breath just as they sank completely, he was trapped, he struggled desperately trying to get free. He watched incredulously as David just leaned back not even attempting to escape. Realisation hit JC, this was the plan, David really meant to kill him.


Justin screamed in horror as the car sank. He ran to the lakes edge diving in. Chris ripped off his jacket quickly following. They dived looking all round them for the dark vehicle. Having to resurface and then re-dive before they spotted the submerged motorcar.


JC’s lungs were bursting. He was powerless. He was dying. His lungs gave way and water rushed in. Hands grabbed him, ripping at the seatbelt. Hauling him through the window. David grabbed at his leg hanging on determined that his obsession was going to die with him. JC kicked out again and again, catching the older man in the chin, snapping his head back. The hands dragged him upwards. JC broke the surface gasping for breath, coughing and spluttering as he was dragged towards the shore.

Lance and Joey arrived just in time to see Justin surface with JC in his arms. Joey ran into the water grabbing the limp body of his band mate and carrying him to the shore. He laid him down gently, removing what was left of his gag. Justin pushed Joey aside as lance ran back to his car for a blanket.

The blond cradled JC’s head crying as he rocked him back and forth. Chris struggled out of the water breathing heavily. “Scott’s dead, I couldn’t get him out.”

Justin carried on rocking his boyfriend “Good.” He said.