Part 4

JC giggled as Justin threw him over his shoulder in a fireman’s lift and carried him into the honeymoon suite. He spun him around a couple of times and then dropped him still giggling on the bed and dived on top of him.

The slim brunette stopped laughing and gazed lovingly into his husband’s eyes.

Justin smoothed his hair away from his eyes and leaned in kissing him tenderly on his lips. “You looked beautiful Mr. Timberlake.”

JC sniggered and then blushed. He lifted his hand and looked at the gold band that now sat under his sapphire engagement ring. “I can’t believe it,” he said turning his hand so that the stone caught the lights of the flickering candles.

“I remember the first time I saw you. You were so lost, so afraid.” Justin reminisced.

“But you found me.” JC tore his eyes from the shimmering gem stone and looked up at his husband.

“I thought I’d lost you forever,” Justin confided.

“Not lost, just misplaced,” JC reassured him. “There would never be anyone but you for me. You are my strength, my heart and my soul.”

“No you are wrong. It’s you that makes me the better man. You make everyone the better man. Not everyone would have been so forgiving that they would give their arch enemy good decent employment.” Justin weaved his fingers between JC’s and lifted his hand to his lips.

“Lance needed help, who else would give it to him?”


“Exactly,” JC said quietly. “Everyone deserves a new start.”

“Even Bass?”

“Especially Lance,” JC said kindly. “People turned on him like they did me. What he did was no different to what I did. He got drunk and made a bad choice.”

“Five mistakes JC.”

“He had no one to help him. He was looking for love that’s all, and he just snatched it when he could in hope that this time, this one would be the love of his life, and would love him back.”

“Still …”

“Not still,” JC said softly. “If his parents had stuck by him the way my daddy did or if Chris had been stronger and stood by him then who knows. He didn’t have anyone to turn to.”

Justin hovered over JC and caressed his face. “See what I mean? You have a heart bigger than the state of Texas.”

The two men kissed a long lingering kiss. “I love you Mr. Timberlake,” Justin whispered.

“I love you too,” JC whispered in reply.

Justin stroked down the side of JC’s face once more and let his hand trail down over his throat to the top button of his shirt. One by one he undid the small white mother of pearls until JC’s shirt hung open to his waist. He trailed his fingers over JC’s pectoral muscles and traced the shape of his six-pack.

“Your belly is so flat.”

JC sniggered as Justin's fingers tickled him. “I worked hard to get it that way.”

Justin leaned down and kissed the smooth flesh. “Does that mean you wouldn’t consider having a child?”

“Another child! “ JC sat up his eyes sparkling with excitement. “Do you mean it?”

“Another child JC, our child. Jamie has been an only child too long. It’s time he had a brother.”

Tears gathered in JC’s beautiful blue eyes. “I nearly cried when he stood up for me as my best man, he looked so handsome.”

“A trait he gets from his daddy, “Justin replied. He dragged his tongue up JC’s torso making him shudder. “I told you once I could wait, “he said with a cheeky glint in his eye. “I can’t wait anymore.” In one big tug he pulled JC’s pants down over his narrow hips and tossed them onto the floor.

JC chewed his lip nervously as his husband devoured his body with his eyes. “I can’t believe you are mine at last,” Justin whispered softly.

“I’m yours?” JC asked mischievously. “I thought you were mine.”

Justin laughed. “Yeah right.”

JC gasped as Justin began to stroke his cock, slowly sliding his hand up and down JC’s shaft. “You have a beautiful penis,” Justin said and he lowered his mouth to the head. He swirled his tongue over the top and under the rim making JC shudder with excitement.

“Oh lord,” JC gasped and then he cried out as Justin deep throated him. His fingers scrapped against Justin's scalp as he tried to get something to hold on to.

Justin released his cock with a loud smacking sound and looked up the length of JC’s body. The brunette was laying back, his eyes closed, his face flushed and his mouth open. Justin pulled himself up and covered JC’s mouth with a long open wet kiss.

“So beautiful,” he sighed.

JC’s breathing was rapid almost panted. “Make love to me,” he begged.

“I’ve waited nearly 14 years to hear those words fall from your lips,” Justin said, his eyes filling with moisture. “But I knew I would one day.”

They kissed again probing each others mouths with their tongues, exploring and tasting each other neither one wanting to rush. JC hooked his leg around Justin and began to grind slowly, rubbing their cocks together in a heated friction that made them both moan with pleasure.

The alpha propped himself up on his elbows and stared into the cobalt blue of his husband’s eyes before he reached out and picked up a jar of lube from the bedside table. He handed it to JC.

“Prepare me,” he prompted.

JC captured his top lip with his teeth, in that endearing way that made Justin shiver with love, and then unscrewed the jar and dipped his fingers inside. With a shaking hand he smoothed the gel over Justin's length. He looked nervously at his husband as the true size of his girth struck him.

“Don’t be scared, “Justin said reassuringly. “I will be really gentle.”

“Will it hurt?” JC asked, his teeth worrying his top lip once more.

Justin nodded. “A little, but then after a while it will begin to feel really good.” Justin parted JC’s legs and dipped his fingers into the jar of gel, scooping some of it out. “Now I’ll prepare you,” he explained.

JC shuddered as the cool gel made contact with his most private place and he whimpered as Justin's finger started to probe gently at his tightness.

“Relax darling,” Justin said softly. JC forced himself to breath and closed his eyes as his husband’s finger penetrated him for the first time. As soon as JC relaxed into the rhythm Justin added another finger, stretching the un-used opening and making JC squirm.

Justin kissed JC’s hip and drew lazy circles with his tongue, working his way to his husbands cock once more and taking it into his mouth. Distracted JC never noticed when Justin added yet another finger to his opening. Justin pulled his mouth up JC’s shaft and placed a small kiss on the leaking slit. He then positioned himself, hooking JC’s legs over his shoulders and gently rubbing his cock against the nicely stretched opening.

JC’s eyes snapped open and he took a deep breath, holding it in.

“Breath baby,” Justin said encouragingly and as JC released his breath Justin pushed in then waited.

Pain passed briefly over JC’s face and he gasped at the burning sensation shooting through his ass.

“Do you want me to stop? “Justin asked concerned that he had really hurt his lovely husband.

JC shook his head. “I’m fine,” he panted. “I’d just forgotten how much it hurts the first time.” Justin waited till JC’s feature smoothed out again and then he slowly rotated his hips.

“Yes, yes, yes,” JC sighed breathlessly as Justin increased his pace. He raked his fingers down the shorn-headed man’s back and Justin hissed but kept on thrusting, prodding JC’s sweet spot with every lunge. Before long the brunette was covered in sweat and whimpering madly as he came closer and closer to his orgasm. With a strangled scream JC came and he shuddered limply in Justin's arms while his husband continued to pump in and out of him. Justin came with an exhausted groan. He held his weight off JC long enough to roll to the side and then he gathered the slender brunette in his arms and kissed him sweetly.

“That was amazing,” he gasped. “I’m so, so glad that we waited until we were married before we did this. It makes it so much more … more.”

“Special,” JC finished Justin's sentence for him.

Justin brushed wet curls from JC’s eyes and leaned in kissing him on his mouth. “You are special JC. You have always been special.”

“Not always.” JC paused silently contemplating something and Justin lifted himself on to his elbow so he could better se his lovely husband.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Do you remember how we first met?”

Justin nodded. “You used the wrong bathroom.”

“You saved me from those alphas.”

“You were terrified anyone could see that.”

JC chewed his lip. “Did you know who I was?”

“Does it matter? “Justin asked.

JC nodded. “Yeah. It does.”

“Why?” Justin asked worried about where JC’s questions were leading.

JC lifted his eyes to look at his husband. “I need to know whether you knew who I was before you helped me.”

Justin frowned. “Yeah I knew. I also knew that you were frightened and that you didn’t want the attention that those alphas were giving you.”

“You knew I was the whore and you still helped me.”

Justin sat upright. “Whoa there. We are not doing this. Don’t you ever, ever refer to yourself in that way again. “Justin took JC by the shoulders, pulled him closer to him and stared deep into his eyes. “You my love were never a whore. You were a child that made a mistake. That’s it end of story.”

“I had a child at thirteen years of age.”

“And you will have another one before the end of the year that I guarantee.” Justin petted JC’s hair. “Darling where is this coming from and why now, after all these years?”

“I just wanted to know; needed to know. Are you sure that I’m who you want to spend the rest of your life with?”

“I’m sure, “Justin said seriously and he laid JC back on the bed and covered his body with his own. “Now I’m going to show you how sure, “he said as their lips collided again.