Part 6

“How are we going to do this?” Joey pulled up outside Goldham’s apartment building. “What makes you think he is going to tell us anything?”

Chris sat up straight. “Aha, corrupting the course of justice, that’s worth ohhhh let me think. Five years, ten if we get the right judge. The court isn’t hot on liars.”

“That’s if it’s him.” Justin said miserably.

Joey looked at Chris, “what’s up with him?” he mouthed.

Chris shook his head, cautioning the slightly younger man to silence. “Justin we knew before we left there was always that chance. But if we give up before we start how are you ever going to help JC and win fair maiden’s heart?”

Justin gave a tiny snigger, “he’s hardly a maiden.

“Pretty enough to be,” Chris laughed.

“And defiantly in distress.” Joey added.

“You two are crazy.” Justin picked at his fingers, his head lowering as his mind wandered a little. “What I don’t understand is why I care so much. You said it yourself Chris, I’ve never even spoken to him. He’s a whore for Christ’s sake. Hardly taking home to mommy material.”

“If what James, sorry Lance said is true then he’s not a whore. He’s a slave, a victim.” Chris dropped his arm around the blonds shoulder and gave him a small hug. “Lets go up and talk to Goldham.”

Justin nodded his curl-covered head and wiped his nose on a hanky that Joe handed to him, shoving it into his back pocket when he had finished. “Let’s do it then.”


James lie on his bed, a sheet entangled around his naked body. Gabriel finished knotting his tie. He sat beside the half sleeping man and smoothed his hair off his forehead bringing him completely awake. Utopia’s owner leaned down and kissed James’ mouth softly then reached into his wallet and took out $100. He placed it under the empty whiskey glass that was sitting on the bedside cabinet. “Same time tomorrow James. I’ll book you before I go.”

The blond whore fingered the two fifty dollar bills. “What’s that for?”

Gabriel laughed and pecked James’ lips once more. “For services rendered.”

“Utopia pays me.” James picked up the bills and offered them back.

“Take it. You won’t be paid for three weeks, you need every cent you can get if it offends you, think of it as a gift.” He tilted the blonds face up to his kissing him once more, then left. James rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling, letting the bills fall to the floor. He pressed his lips together and squeezed his eyes shut. In all the time he had been working in Utopia he had never felt like a paid slut. Utopia paid their boys just like any other company would pay their employees, money transferred into their checking account on the last Friday of every month. Now here he was, cold hard cash left on his bedside table. He was a whore now, no longer could he glamorise or shade his profession with grey. He pulled the sheet tighter around himself and cried.

Joshua sat cross-legged on his bed, his book open in his lap. He sighed and closed it. There was only so many times you could read a book before it became stale. He really wanted to ask for a new one, something thick, something that was in more than one volume so that he wouldn’t have to start reading it again as soon as he had finished it. He rolled off the bed and walked over to the big picture window that dominated his room. He leaned against the glass, watching the off-duty boys playing and laughing together in the private pool area that clients weren’t allowed to occupy. How he wished he could go down there and be a part of them, but he couldn’t. He wasn’t allowed to set foot out of his apartments without his owner.

As he watched two boys, still wet from swimming, curled up together on a sun bed. They gazed into each other’s eyes, stroking each other’s hair, their limbs entwined in the bright sunshine. Pangs of jealousy gripped Joshua’s heart as their faces closed in, their lips touching. Softly at first, no more than a peck. Then again deeper. Their mouths generating heat and passion as lips moved against lips. The pulled away from each other and one rested his head in the crook of the others neck, their fingers laced together, oblivious to all of those around them. The door behind him opened and Joshua closed his eyes; no one came into his room unless his owner had requested it.

“JC you have a telephone call. Mr. Johnson.”

His hands trembling JC took the offered handset. Johnson had never called him personally before. He had always had messages passed on.

He couldn’t hide the quiver in his voice. “Hello Sir.”

“Good afternoon JC, how are you today?”

“I’m fine. Thank you very much sir.”

“Is the master still there?”

JC looked up briefly to where the Utopia master stood waiting. “Yes sir.”

“Hand him back the phone for a minute I wish to instruct him before we finish our conversation.”

JC handed the phone back to the man waiting by the doorway. The master listened intently to what he was being told and then stepped outside the room closing the door behind him, returning a few minutes later and giving back the receiver to JC.

“JC,” Johnson’s voice had a cold edge to it. “I want you to follow my instructions precisely. Goran will remain in the room to observe you and ensure that you are obedient. Press the hands free key on the receiver so that he may hear the instructions I give you too.”

Frightened, JC did as he was told and placed the phone on the small night table.

Strip.” reluctantly JC slipped out of his clothes, letting the drop to the floor. The master that was now sitting in a chair beside the window licked his lips and gazed openly at the naked man.

“Go to the bed and lay down on your back, knees bent and legs open.” The brunette’s features hardened as did as he was told. “Open your eyes JC, I know they are closed.” Johnson chuckled and addressed the master that was now leering at the prone man. “JC thinks that if he closes his eyes that it’s not really happening. Make sure his eyes are open the whole time.”

Goran grinned, “Yes Mr. Johnson. It will be my pleasure, may I thank you for letting me watch this.”

Johnson chuckled again. “Enjoy it. I don’t like to share my ward; it will be the only chance you may ever get. JC,” Johnson snapped making the brunette prostitute jump. “Take the medium vibrator out of the drawer and insert it inside your ass.”

Numbly, with his eyes wide open JC obeyed, biting hard on his lip as he forced the cold un-lubricated rubber inside his anus. His breathing increased as he tried to ride through the pain. “All the way in JC, I know you can take it.”

The prostitute pushed harder, stifling a scream as the burn became almost too much to bare. “Switch it on slut.” JC twisted the vibrators base and it buzzed to life, sending waves shuddering through him. “Is it nice baby?”

JC writhed and twisted as the sensations began to overcome him. “Sir. Please sir, no more.”

“Fuck yourself JC, make sure you hit your prostate with every thrust. Goran, watch him carefully if he isn’t jabbing his prostate tell me.”

JC groaned and rammed the vibrator even deeper, hitting his sweet spot and causing lights to flash behind his eyes. Within minutes he was sweating his mouth hanging open as he was forced to assault himself over and over. The chastity device lock around his cock prevented him from achieving a relief giving erection and orgasm. He whimpered as he struck his prostate again.


The exhausted whore let his hand fall limply at his side, his chest raising and falling rapidly as the sweat rolled across his skin soaking the sheets beneath him. “Remove the vibrator and push it into your mouth, hold it there until I tell you, you may remove it.” JC’s eyes closed. He hadn’t been expecting this call. When he was to be used he always flushed himself out, making sure he was spotlessly clean. But Johnson had taken him completely by surprise and he knew that the vibrator would be dirty. He received a sharp slap across his right thigh. His eyes snapped back open as he sucked the soiled plastic into his mouth, gagging from the bitter taste of his own filth. “Open your drawer JC, take out the butt plug I bought you last month.” JC’s eyes closed once more and again he received a hard slap that made them snap open again.

“Do as you are told,” the Utopian master hissed nastily.

JC reached into the drawer, feeling around until he found what he had been told to find.

“He has it,” Goran said, informing Johnson or the situation.

“Insert it.” JC lifted his hips and rammed the plug inside himself.” Goran smirked. “He obeyed you Mr. Johnson.

“I’ll be by sometime tomorrow sweetness. Stay exactly as you are until then. Goran I expect you to keep an eye on him.”

The whoremaster dragged his fingertips down JC’s chest. “It will be my pleasure.”


Gabriel had just pushed inside James when he heard the tiny sound of his cell phone. He had turned the ringer off, switching it to single beep so that no one would know that he had it. It wasn’t that cell phones were forbidden they were just discouraged. The Utopia owner was so engrossed with fucking the pale prostitute that the sound had gone undetected by him.

James moaned feeling Gabriel’s cock jabbed hard into his sweet spot. The older man shuddered and spilt his seed inside him. He pulled out and rolled off the bed, and getting dressing. Again two fifty-dollar bills were left on the bedside table before he placed a quick peak on James’ lips and left.

James had to admit he had been surprised to open his door and find Gabriel back again. He wasn’t expecting him until the next day but the utopian manager had come back ‘for his watch.’ Funny James could have sworn that that was what the disc strapped around his wrist was.

His phone beeped again.

He hung over the side of the bed, reaching under to get his briefcase. Slipping further than he had meant to he fell off the bed and landed with an “Oomph.” rubbing his shoulder, he checked his calls.

“Lance, we found him. Call me when you get this.” Justin sounded excited. He could hear Joey praising Chris in the background, telling him how fucking amazing he was. James pressed redial.

“It’s me. I was with a client.” he hitched his ass backwards so he was sitting on the floor with his back against the bed.

“We found the guy that Johnson paid.” Justin was bursting with exuberance. “He admitted it.”

“You visited him in jail?”

“He’s not in jail. He only served six months, then Johnson paid for his appeal and he got off on self defence,” the anger of the injustice sounded in Justin’s voice. “That bastard has been holding JC under false pretences.”

“I got to tell him.” Lance wriggled into his boxers, pulling them over his hips one handed as he juggled with his cell.

“Lance don’t say anything to him yet. Just let him know that we found the fall guy and we’re dealing with it. If he tries to just walk out of there he could end up dead or worse.”

The prostitutes grunted, “What could be worse than death?”

Justin’s voice went low, “Johnson could spirit him off somewhere where he will never be found. The guy almost certainly has some perverted attraction to JC, or why would he have gone to such an elaborate length to have him imprisoned?”

James went quiet, uninvited thoughts running through his head. “Justin you don’t think JC was set up do you. He knew Johnson before all this happened. You don’t think that Johnson planned this from the start do you?”

The only sound coming over the phone was of Justin breathing, and then he said, “That’s exactly what we think. Tell JC we are getting him out of there. We’re on our way home now to formulate a plan.”

“I’ll tell him.”

“One more thing Lance what are you going to do? If JC escapes what’s stopping Johnson from moving on to you? You already said he has noticed you.”

“I don’t know. I’m under house arrest right now.”

“I thought you said that Utopia didn’t own you?” Justin said concerned.

“It doesn’t but I’m under contract. I broke that contract by meeting you on Saturday. I was caught sneaking back in and pulled in front of the owner’s panel. They put me under three weeks house arrest and docked me three weeks wages.”

“Are you okay?” Justin asked worriedly.

“I’m fine. I’ll think of something. When are you going to come back to Utopia?”

James heard a smattering of whispers. “Saturday nigh. Can you book me in to see you?”

“Yeah, 9:30 ok?”

“I’ll see you then. Take care.”

James turned off his phone and pushed it back into the front pocket of his case, slipping the whole thing back in its hiding place. He pulled a sweater over his head and slipped a pair of loose blue jeans over his legs. It was still too early to pay JC a visit; the best time was when everyone had settled down for the night. Then the clients that were in Utopia would have chosen their whores and bedded down for the night. James got out his journal and began to write.


The corridor was dark and silent when James ventured outside of his rooms. His heart pounding he crept down to JC’s door. He placed his ear against the wood, listening. Certain that the young man was alone, he crouched down and opened the door. James crawled inside closing the door behind him. He strained to remember the angle the security camera had captured when he had last visited JC uninvited. In the darkness he could see the shape of the man laying on the bed and moved noiselessly to his side, keeping low.

“JC,” James’ whisper sounded more like a shout to his ears, as he expected he got no reply. “JC, I know you can’t answer me, if you can hear me tap the side of the table once.”

The prostitute knocked once.

“We’re going to get you out. We just needed to let you know. Be ready for anything.” the sound of JC’s door being opened had James scrambling under the bed. He lay breathing heavily as the light flashed on.

“Well hello baby.” James didn’t recognise the voice as he stared at the pair of shoes that were now standing next to JC’s bed.

“Do you know how fucking hot you look laying there with a plug up your ass and a dildo thrust in your mouth?”

JC whimpered as uninvited hands reached between his legs and stroked his balls. “Mr. Johnson will be pleased to know that you are obeying him.” The master rubbed the palm of his hand over the end of the vibrator that protruded from JC’s mouth. He closed his fingers around it and began to fuck the helpless mans mouth with the plastic. JC whimpered louder as his already aching jaw was abused further. The master stopped. “Such a pretty kitty, maybe I should just pull that plug out and plug you with something else.”

“What are you doing in here?” Goran came into the room and shoved the first man making him stumble back. “Are you alright JC? Nod if you are.” the brunette whore nodded best he could. The Utopian whoremaster turned his attention back to the intruder. “This room is off limits what are you doing in here?“

“Just checking on the whore.“

“Well don’t, JC is my responsibility. If I find you in here again I’ll have you sacked. Now get out.” Goran waited until the intruder had gone then he stroked the helpless prostitutes face kindly. “Try to sleep JC, I’ll check on you later.” he turned off the light and left.

James waited until he was sure he wasn’t coming back then wriggled out of his hiding place. Keeping his head low he looked over the edge of the bed at his friend.

“Oh Jace!” he met the brunette’s sad eyes. “I won’t desert you Jace, Justin won’t desert you.” JC’s eyes closed and his mouth trembled making the vibrator shake.

James’ fingers laced with his, squeezing and offering support and love. Then they were gone and JC was alone again in the dark.