Part 7

“I wish we could get Lance in on this, he knows the lay out of this place much better than we do.” Joey said as he paced back and forth, pausing to look over Chris’ shoulder at the plans that they were writing out.

“He said that getting out was no problem, getting JC out of his room was the biggest problem.” Justin pulled a rough drawing from the bottom of the pile. “These are a rough plan that he managed to email me,” he pointed to points in the room that was marked JC’s. “Here, here and here are cameras. Even in his bathroom. He’s watched almost twenty four hours a day.”

“Well that’s that then.” Joe sat down heavily in a chair. “Unless we can get into the surveillance room he’s stuck.”

Chris studied the plans. “According to these JC is totally alone and unobserved on two separate occasions.”

“Joey peered again at the plans. “And how do you work that out Einstein.”

Justin squinted at the plans, concentrating hard on the dark pencil lines. This face smoothed and a wry smile graced his lips. “Chris is right!”

Joey huffed “I can’t fucking see where. There’s cameras in his room, camera’s in the lobby even camera’s pointing at the elevator.”

Justin grinned. “Exactly Joe, the camera’s are everywhere except the one place JC will be alone at least twice.”

The big bearded man shook his head still not seeing the window of opportunity that had presented itself.

“The elevator Joey. There’s no camera’s in the elevator.” Justin and Chris slapped hands in a high five and started chanting, “Who’s the man, I’m the man, are you the man, no I‘m the man.”

Joey studied the plans again. “I don’t like to put a damper on this exuberance but that helps us how?”

“We take JC when he gets into the elevator,” Chris explained.

“They will miss him.”

“Not if we wait till Sunday morning. Lance said JC is always made to walk Johnson down to the lobby, no matter what state he is in.” Justin carried on talking. “You and Chris take the back stairs to the maintenance room and open the elevator shaft. I will be waiting beside the elevator in the lobby, when JC and Johnson step out I step in and close the door, hiding with my back against the wall.”

“They’ll see you.”

“No they won’t, there’s no mirrors in there, when JC opens the door to go back upstairs the carriage will look empty to him.”

“Still that just gets you and him alone together.” Joey was still struggling to understand this great plan of Justin’s.

“It would really be too bad that the elevator breaks down, trapping JC inside, all alone.”

A slow smile of understanding spread across Joey’s face, lighting up his eyes with mirth. “We take him out through the top!”

Justin grinned back. “ You got it big guy. I stop the lift between floors. Open the trap in the elevators ceiling. You in the mean time lower a harness and between you haul JC up to you.”

“What about you? Chris asked.

“I can climb, we need to pull JC up because we don’t know what state he will be in. Once we are in the maintenance room we go onto the roof and climb down the fire escape. We jump in Joe’s truck and head for the hills.” Justin lifted his hands holding them palm up level with his shoulders. “Simple,” he said.

“What if he won’t go? What if he is too scared, if he don’t believe that he will be safe?” Joey asked.

Justin thought for a minute. “He’ll go.”

“You can’t be sure of that Jup.”

“I’ll call James, he can make sure that JC knows that it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.”

“Well I guess we had better sort out the finer points.” Joe pulled his chair over closer to the table and they began to make the final plans.


James’ words echoed in JC’s ears. “We’re getting you out.” Who were we? And getting me where? The questions rolled around JC’s mind while he lie on his bed forbidden to move. He dare not think, believe that his nightmare was going to end. He still had four years left. Four long years of torment, a plaything, a non-entity. He wondered if he had been missed. Did his parents notice he had disappeared? Did they care? He doubted it. They would just say that the lord punishes sinners and he was a sinner. His mother had screamed at him and told him he’d be damned to burn in hell, and he had been. He knew what it felt like to burn. He couldn’t think of a place on his body where the flame hadn’t licked and caressed at one time or another.

God punished the sinner. Did he waste his time when he prayed? Was god listening to him? Did he care?

JC shifted his jaw cramping around the dildo that was still in his mouth. How long had he laid there, his body displayed and his ass violated? He wasn’t bound to the bed, the vibrator wasn’t taped in place, his hands weren’t tied to stop him from removing the butt plug. So why was he still lying there? .. Fear - that’s what held him ridged. The fear of what Johnson would do to him if he dared to disobey. So he lay still in the pitch black, his bladder aching and his balls swollen from the assault that he had been forced to endure.

At intervals during the night his door opened and Goran peered inside then left again, each time JC wanted to ask for permission to use the bathroom but knew he would be punished if he took the vibrator from his mouth. Unable to hold himself any longer he released his bladder, his face burning with the humiliation of wetting himself. Still he didn’t move, but lay in the warm wet patch that spread out around him.

It was light when Goran came back again. He sneered down at the whore and produced a phone. He dialled slowly, watching as JC squirmed uncomfortable in the wet sheets.

“Mr. Johnson, you wanted me to let you know if JC soiled himself, well he has.”

Goran nodded and made agreeable noises before he hung up. “Mr. Johnson is on his way over. He will sort out a suitable punishment for your lack of control.” Goran walked over to the window and looked down to the play area, only one boy was in the pool, swimming lazy lengths up and down in the early morning sunshine. He walked back over to the bed and looked down at the brunette. “When he gets here I’ll send him up.” The Utopia master picked up an apple from the bowl of fruit that was on the table and bit into it, then left JC to considered the punishment that he was now to expect.

Johnson stood over JC, “tut, tut, tut. You are a naughty little boy aren’t you?”

The whore looked up at his owner, his eyes large, round and full of fear. “Turn onto your belly JC.”

He rolled over, his cock now pressed into the wet patch. “Spread your legs sweetness.”

JC obeyed. He heard the swish before the pain bit into his buttocks. The vibrator stifled most of his cry, but not enough that Johnson didn’t smirk with pleasure. He brought the walking stick down again and again. Spacing the welts widely, then striking in between. The next barrage was placed crossways. Angry red stripes covered JC’s ass by the time Johnson stopped his attack. The businessman leaned down, twisting his wards face to his using his hair as leverage.

“Cry Joshua, cry and I might take pity on you.” The brunette stared blankly at his owner, the pain bottled up inside him. He blinked rapidly, ‘don’t cry, never cry.’

“Why JC? Why do you put yourself through this? All I want is a tear and for you to ask me for mercy.” Johnson pulled the vibrator out of JC’s mouth and kissed him softly on his lips. “Take a shower sweetness and clean yourself. I never want to see this again.” He reached down and twisted the butt plug before pulling it out and thrusting it under JC’s nose. “I should make you lick it clean.”

JC met his owner’s eyes and with a trembling mouth said. “If it pleases you sir I will.”

“Dirty whore,” Johnson pulled back his hand and struck his slave across the face, snapping his head to the side. “Filthy slut, you would, you would really suck your own filth.” Again JC’s face felt the burning handprint of his benefactor.

The brunette lifted his head meeting Johnson’s eyes once more. “I will if it pleases you master.” Infuriated Johnson grasped JC around the throat and squeezed making the whores eyes bulge as he tore frantically at the tightening fingers. Panic filled JC, now the moment was here he didn’t want to die. He struggled to breath, unable to do anything but look his attacker in his eyes till the world faded to black.